What is a Multi Zone Amplifier?

What is a Multi Zone Amplifier?
multi zone amplifier

A multi zone (or multi room) amplifier is often ideal for residential audio system that requires different volume levels in different rooms, allowing different or same audio sources to be played in different rooms simultaneously and able to remotely control amplifiers in different rooms. To achieve this, you will need to use wireless streaming amplifiers that provides multi zone receiver or multi room function.


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For multi zone amplification, each zone (room) will require its own independent control. A single multi room amplifier is designed to be used in a single zone and it can then wirelessly synchronize with other amplifiers of the same kind to cover multiple zones in the area. So, if you want to install speakers in different rooms such as living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen and want to have possibility to play and control music for each room separately, then your best option is to use a single zone amplifier (such as Arylic A50) in each room. This is especially convenient if you only want some of your rooms to have build-in speakers and it is very easy to add in more amplifiers to expand your audio system in the future.


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You will be able to control all the amplifiers over WiFi or Ethernet connection though a mobile application. You can control the audio source (streaming from your mobile, online music services, USB drive or network storage), control the EQ and volume of each zone individually or you can group multiple zones together so they can play the same music at the same time. Other than the mobile application, you can also use the remote controller to direct control the amplifier if you are in the same room.


The main reason why multiple single zone amplifiers is more ideal choice than a single multi zone amplifier that deals with all the zones in your home is because sometimes it is hard to find a single multi zone amplifier that can fit your requirement perfectly. For example, a six zone amplifier won’t be useful if you require eight zones of amplification, and if you want a four zone model you would not want to buy a six zone amplifier as you would not be happy to pay for the additional two zones of amplification that you don’t require. Also these single multi zone amplifier usually is very big and do require you to connect everything by cable, so you will need to wire all your speakers cable in different room to where you position the single multi zone amplifier, which will be a mess and no one will like their home full of cables running around.


Here are our most popular Amplifiers:

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These multi zone amplifiers are very compact in size and can be located beside the speaker they connected to which makes installation very easy. A30 has a speaker power of 30W x2 and very small in size (only 11.6cm x 6.4cm x 2.3cm). A50 has a speaker power of 50W x2, has a rich selection of connectors for you to use. If you need to wall mount your device, you can also try our SA100 which is designed for easy installation on wall and ceiling, it can provide 50W x2 speaker power and it also has a subwoofer output for you to connect to a active subwoofer speaker.


Since they are control over the local network, they can be put any where or even hidden and still works without any problem. They are both WiFi and Bluetooth enabled, and supports streaming from various online steaming services like spotify, deezer, qobuz, tidal, internet radio, iheart radio, napster and tunein. You can also stream music from your mobile, PC (windows & Mac), NAS or play local music store in a USB drive. They also supports Airplay, UPnP, DLNA, spotify connect, Qplay protocols. They are the ideal amplifiers to add to your home audio system.


You can find out more about multi zone amplifiers and ceiling speakers in our Arylic website.

Hope this can help you to get a better understanding about multi zone amplifiers and if you have any further questions or info you would like to know, please keep in touch with us.

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