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BK501/651 2 Way Bookshelf Speakers

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-100W, HiFi sound.
- High-end Heil AMT Tweeter.
- Treble up to 40khz, feel detailed treble clarity and brightness.
- 180° Wide soundstage, enjoy high quality pure vocals and instruments in every corner.
-Innovative design of 5"/6.5" Fiber glass Mid-woofer with outstanding heat dissipation and no distortion.
-FSC Environmental Certification
- 15mm (BK501) - 18mm (BK651) super thick MDF cabinet design.


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BK501/651 2 Way Bookshelf Speakers
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Your Brilliant HiFi Bookshelf Speakers at Home

BK501/651 is a passive speaker that built for HiFi stereo sound system. You can feel the surprising crystal clear and bright treble, full midrange, fantastic deep bass and dynamic sound.

With our sonically engineering construction design, you can hear every details from the original sound.

best hifi bookshelf speaker
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High-end Heil AMT Tweeter

Compared to other tweeters, Arylic bookshelf speakers Heil AMT tweeter uses a folded Kapton ribbon diaphragm in addition to a high-grade black diaphragm.

Due to the advanced craftsmanship that makes the vibration area is larger, appearance is better and makes the sound clearer and brighter.

Enjoy Pure Sound Of Vocals and Instruments

The treble high-frequency can go up to 40Khz, which delivers clean, detailed, and highly dynamic output.

It also can wider treble soundstage to 180°, makes you listening to high quality music in any corner. Enjoy immersive concert in your rooms.

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Powerful HiFi Mid-Woofer

The 6.5" mid-woofer of BK501/651 bookshelf speaker uses glass fibre cone, S-type paper cone and air permeability design. Which can enhance the sound transmission much longer, lower the attenuation and have better heat dissipation.

Let you enjoy the full and revealing midrange and powerful bass in your home theater system. No longer have to worry about putting too loud bass will have the problem of distortion.

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Scientific Speaker Cabinet Design

BK501/651's cabinet is made of thickened 15-18mm MDF and scientific inverted phase tube, which is developed by experienced acoustic engineers after more than 900 days of research and development with professional acoustic tools.

Precisely calculated volume and cabinet design can reduce resonance and slant vibration noise, brings you incredible sound enjoyments.

hifi bookshelf speakers

Sonically Engineering Design

Classic Never Goes Out Of Style

Perfect Match In Your Rooms

The compact size and design make it easy to drive and perfect to put in any rooms at your home. Like living room, dining room, bedroom, garage etc.

Focus On Every Details

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FSC Eco-friendly Certification

Handcrafted eco-friendly wood veneer.

Removable magnetic dust cover
Removable Magnetic Dust Cover

Classic aesthetic look and protective.

Pure copper crystal terminal
Pure Copper Crystal Terminal

Anti-oxidation, easy to install.

Stereo Speaker
Transparent UV paint

Drop-proof, moisture-proof, moth-proof

Strong Protected Package

Bookshelf speakers packageHiFi Speaker Package
Bookshelf speakers packageHiFi Speaker Package
* Subject to technical change.


Arylic bookshelf speakers can handle maximum 100W power, which can satisfy a room of 15 square meters. Please use it to meet your needs fully.

The bookshelf speakers have a three-band balance, the treble is transparent and not harsh, the midrange is full, and the bass is deep and powerful. For most music, there are good results. Suitable for the following types of music: Classical, Pop, Jazz, Hip-Hop&Rap, Country, Folk, R&B, Rock, Soul, Gospel, New Age, Electronic Dance, Musical, etc.

The Arylic bookshelf speakers can dramatically improve sound quality of your computer and TV. However, these bookshelf speakers are passive and must be used with a separate stereo amplifier. Arylic A30+ and A50+ are good choices.

Soundbars tend to be more feature-rich than bookshelf speakers, especially regarding connectivity and surround sound capabilities. Bookshelf speakers cost more and sound better than soundbars.

This bookshelf speaker is passive; it does not have Bluetooth or wifi functions. However, you can buy a stereo amplifier with Bluetooth and wifi functions to connect via Bluetooth or even SPDIF interface, network cable, and u disk. Arylic A50+ and A30+ stereo amplifiers can fit your needs.

A great pair of bookshelf speakers is one of the best investments a music lover can make. With proper use and storage, it should last for many years. And it has better performance than the popular all-in-one Bluetooth, wifi speakers, and soundbars.

Arylic's bookshelf speakers include a 6.5-inch mid-wooder with great bass. Which is enough for usuall playing, but if you are looking for a more striking feeling like party music. Buying an additional subwoofer is a option for better entertainment.

Yes, very suitable. We have made a special optimization for the high frequency of the human voice. The bookshelf speakers use Heil AMT Tweeter. The treble high-frequency can go up to 40Khz, which delivers clean, detailed, and highly dynamic output.
It also can wider treble soundstage to 180°, making you listen to high-quality music in any corner. Enjoy an immersive concert in your rooms.

For more questions you can refer to our FAQ page or mail us at or use the online chat. We'd like to hear from you!


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