A30+ 30W x 2 WiFi Mini Stereo Amplifier

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A30+ WiFi mini stereo amplifier perfectly suited for your passive desktop stereo system and smaller space. The compact stereo amplifier and easy to use design makes it easy for everyone to get started quickly.

Play online music service, online radio, local music files to your passive speakers by WiFi, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, anytime in every rooms. 

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stereo amplifier for desktop system
desktop amplifier

Mini Stereo Amplifier

Small But Complete In Every Detail

A30+ mini stereo amplifier packs 30 watts per channel which is perfect to your desktop stereo system.

Enjoy the full functionality with wireless streaming: WiFi, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Qplay, DLNA, UPnP, Bluetooth 5.0 and full features of our 4STREAM App: Online music, Online Radio, EQ Settings, alarm clock and more.

So does includes the ACPWokbench tuning tool features. The compact stereo amplifier and sliver surface makes your desktop looks more clear and premium.

amplifier for desktop

Amplifier For Desktop

Best For Your First WiFi Stereo Amplifier

Our wireless streaming system is designed to be very simple, even for people who are not familiar with the electronics can quickly get started. There is clear step by step instructions in the app.

After the first setup of A30+ small stereo amplifier, you can stream directly from iPhone, iPad or Mac by Airplay or stream directly from Spotify both without app. The whole family can easily get started.

mini stereo amplifier

Play High Quality Audio Without The Hassle

Streaming by WiFi has stronger range signal and high quality audio transmission.

With A30+ mini speaker amp, you can stream anytime, anywhere with far distance from the device. Upgrade your listening experience far from Bluetooth streaming before.

multiroom audio system

Hook Up Whole House Audio

A30+ mini audio amplifier can play a different song in different rooms, or the same track in every room, or play some rocky music for whole house party!

Bring Hi-end music to every rooms and controlled by one single device.

Music service

Versatile Playing

Play from Amazon Music, Spotify, TIDAL, Qobuz, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Napster, phone storage, NAS, USB stick,line in source, bluetooth source and more.

Stream any audio you want all in one A30+ small audio amplifier.

mini stereo amp

Personalize Your Sounds

A30+ mini stereo amplifier supports ACPWorkbench tuning tool which allows you do specific EQ adjustment, L/R balance, dynamic range and more.

Set your favorite tune with different type of music.

Package Includes

A30+ WiFi Audio Amplifier, User Manual, Remote, 18V 4A DC Power Adapter, External Antennas (Bluetooth & WiFi), 2-1 RCA Cable, Screw Driver, 4 Pin Phoenix Connector (for speakers).

best mini stereo amplifier


Newest Firmware Version



IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4G

5.0 SBC/AAC, 15M, BT Receiver

Wired Network:
Ethernet Single 10/100M RJ45

Power Input

12V-18V/DC in

Audio Input

AUX (1Vrms)

Micro USB Input

Audio Output

AUX (1Vrms)
Speaker Out


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Wireless Capability

WiFi, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth 5.0

WiFi, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth 5.0

Max Power Output

30W x 2

50W x 2

Analog Input

Line In


Analog Output

Speaker Out

Sub Out
Speaker Out

Digital Input

Micro USB In

Optical In
Micro USB In


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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Dade L.
2 were great, 4 are unusable

I started my system with 2x S10s and was very impressed. (Nearly) everything worked great.

Then I added a third S10 and an A30. They seem to work fine when using 1 at a time, but when linked, even just 2 units, they constantly cut out and sometimes create a painful "static" sound before going completely silent. Sometimes taking as long as 5-10 minutes to come back again (with no interaction). More bugs occur when linking all 4 units. There is terrible lag (playing music and in the UI), volume controls arent responsive nor consistent. The WiFi strength is excellent on all units ( > 80%). This is a small space with 4 rooms. WiFi coverage in the entire house is excellent.

I am curious if the units are connected to each other using their own wifi hotspots instead of the existing Wifi? What is the backhaul for these devices? Can they be hardwired using the eth ports for the backhaul?

After lots of troubleshooting (I have been in IT for 25 years and am an audio engineer, I know my stuff), the problem didnt improve. I tried factory resetting everything, placing all on static IPs, pairing in different orders, different input sources, etc...

I hope there is some resolution to this. Perhaps you can tell me what would cause this static cutout? seems like signaling problem to me...

John Wilson
Effortless streaming

We had tried other solutions and by far this is the best

E J M van Vlijmen
100% as aspected

With the wide assortment from DIY to plug and play Arylic provides the total solution for home project audio.

Glenn Davis
Great little box will buy more

Bought for an outside patio but tested on the ceiling speakers in family room. Great sound easy setup and clear sound. I bought the 30W which was about right for the room but if you want more punch go for the 50W.

Gopinath Thayyil

Easy ordering, support in documentation, trouble-free shipping and very fast

Great little device

So I needed a small do-it-all device to drive bookshelf speakers. I have not found anything better at this price point. Has everything I need, is easy enough for others at home to use. I won't go into sound quality (which seems to be decent) because the setup I have is not prioritizing sound quality (speaker placement), so it wouldn't do the device justice. Overall very happy with the purchase.

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