Up2Stream Amp Sub - Multiroom Wireless Subwoofer Amplifier Board

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  • Turn your passive subwoofer into a wireless subwoofer,get deep bass without wires.
  • Powerful, Booming 100W Bass, adjustable crossover frequency range of 10Hz - 300Hz.
  • Position your Subwoofer Anywhere.
  • Group multiple Subs in One System.
  • Turn your existing stereo system into a 2.1 channel system.
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Package: Up2stream Amp Sub
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subwoofer amplifier board

Up2stream AMP Sub

The Up2stream Amp Sub is designed to seamlessly integrate with other Up2Stream audio boards, this powerful subwoofer amplifier board can deliver a maximum output of 100W to your passive subwoofer, bringing deep and immersive bass to your music and movies.

With the Up2Stream AMP SUB board, you have complete control over your sound settings. Simply adjust the crossover frequency and maximum volume level using the convenient rotary knobs. Tailor the audio output to suit your preferences and create the perfect balance between low-frequency power and overall room-filling sound.

But that's not all! If you're craving even more bass power, you can expand your audio system by adding multiple subwoofer boards. Imagine the exhilarating effect of multiple subwoofers working together to produce a booming sound that shakes the very foundations of your room!

Upgrade your audio setup and unlock a new level of immersive sound with the Up2Stream AMP SUB board. Whether you're a music lover or a movie enthusiast, this subwoofer amplifier is the perfect addition to enhance your listening experience and bring your entertainment to life. Don't settle for ordinary sound – immerse yourself in the rich, deep tones that only a quality subwoofer amplifier can provide.


Get Deep Bass Without Wires

Up2Stream Amp Sub allows you to turn your passive subwoofer into a wireless subwoofer. Pair with any other Arylic stereo system and you can pass the deep bass wirelessly. Enjoy the powerful bass anywhere you want!

Powerful, Booming 100W Bass

Hear and feel powerful 100 Watts of booming bass with an adjustable crossover frequency range of 10Hz - 300Hz.

Position your Subwoofer Anywhere

You can place your subwoofer anywhere in your house and wirelessly stream deep bass throughout the house.

Plug and Play

With the ready-to-use interfaces, streaming music is as simple as plugging in the power and connecting to a passive subwoofer. Unlike other audio boards, there's no need for soldering of pins before you can get started. This makes it incredibly easy and user-friendly for anyone to use.

Multiple Interfaces

The Up2stream Amp Sub comes with a range of ready-to-use interfaces, including a Aux in audio input, switch jumper, subwoofer output and a plug for power input. Which enables you to create a flexible system according to your specific needs. With these features, you can easily connect your audio devices and enjoy high-quality sound without any complicated setup.

Multiple Subs in One System

There is no limit on how many subwoofers you can add to the system. Wirelessly group multiple Up2Stream Amp Sub units with any Arylic stereo device when you need exceptional bass, or just use one when you listen to relaxing music. You have the control.

Upgrade your Stereo System to 2.1 Channel

Get a passive subwoofer and you can easily turn your existing stereo system into a 2.1 channel system to enjoy music with powerful booming bass.

DIY Subwoofer Accessory Kit

For DIY lovers, we offer a metal front plate and a collection of useful components in our DIY Subwoofer Accessory Kit.This kit will makes it convenient to either integrate an Up2Stream Amp Sub with your current passive subwoofer or build one from scratch. You also can find the other good DIY Bluetooth amp kit in accessories.

Functional Knob Control

The Up2stream AMP Sub features 2 rotary knobs that enable effortless adjustment of treble, and bass. However, these knobs also facilitate adjustments to the crossover frequency. In addition to controlling sound characteristics, the Up2stream AMP Sub provides versatile functionality for a customized listening experience.


Newest Firmware Version



IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4G

Power Input

12V-24V/DC in
12V-24V 2 Pin Connector

Audio Input

3.5mm Line Input (1 Vrms)

Audio output

Subwoofer Out

Other I/O Interface

Power switch jumper

Speaker Power

100W @ 2Qlad at 24V
60W @ 4Qload at 24V
30W @ 8Qload at 24V

Speaker Impedance


Frequency response

10Hz to 300Hz




Which Audio Amplifier Board Are Made For You ?

②Up2stream Amp2.1 need ACPWorkbench tuning tool to switch the spdif configuration from spdif in to spdif out.

Wireless Capability


WiFi, Airplay , Spotify Connect, Qplay, Bluetooth 5.0, UPnP, DLNA

Wired Network


Ethernet RJ45




Audio Channel



Music Service

Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, TuneIn, Tidal, Qobuz, Napster, Internet Radio, iHeartRadio, QQ Music, QQFM

Maximum Speaker Power(24V, 4ohm/Sub, 2ohm)


2 x 50W + 100W

Analog Audio Input

Aux In(3.5mm Jack & Pin)

Aux In(3.5mm Jack & Pin)

Digital Audio Input


Spdif In(Pin)

Analog Audio Output

Subwoofer Out

Speaker Out

Digital Audio Output



Amplifier Chip



Audio Format(Up To)



USB Playback






Web Control






Knob Control

Yes(Volume, Bass)

Yes(Volume, Treble, Bass)

Expansion Boards


Spdif In Board
*②Spdif Out Board
Button Board
IR Sensor Board


For Wireless Subwoofer

For Boombox

Compatible Accessories

24V adapter24V adapter EU
Sale priceFrom $5.00
front panelfront panel of subwoofer amplifier board


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jefta R
Best products audio audio streamer

Very satisfied with Arylic streamer.
We had own a few item by this brand.

Boris Borisov
Exellent product...

Excellent product. Work fine. As all your products, there are a problem with chip cooling radiator. Spacers are missing between PCB and cooling radiator. Radiator did not contact properly with chip surface. After simple repair everything is OK now. Highly recommended to use a proper spacers and double-sided heat transfer tape....

wenig Leistung und starkes Brummen im Betrieb

Positiv: Sehr klein
Negativ: Im Vergleich zum Mivoc AM80 lächerlich wenig Leistung und bei Ansteuerung über 3,5mm Klinke starkes Brummen im Betrieb.
LED im ausgeschalteten Zustand sehr ****.

Claus Hansen

Perfect , fast delivery

Stephen Cohrs
First Arylic Purchase

this is the first acrylic product. I have bought it took a long time to arrive, but when it finally did, it was well packaged and in good shape. I have not had a chance to install them into my speakers yet, but that’s my next step. I’m looking forward to it, so far so good.

Sven Schlicher
Nice subwoofer amp for the money

For the money it's okay. But there are major issues with the amp as time delay. It's not possible to snych it wirelessy with an arylic streaming amp and watch TV. The auid signal will be delayed heavily and is no more synchronous to the TV picture, but about a second too late. That doesn't bother listening to music but not accetable to watch TV.
The adjustment for the crossover frequency is to rugh. The lowest frequency is about 200Hz. If you want to drive a serious setup below 100Hz is mandatory. And some smaller points which I already sent vie email.
Thank you anyway to develop such nice products!