ACPWorkbench Audio Effect Tool
ACPWorkbench Audio Effect Tool
ACPWorkbench Audio Effect Tool
ACPWorkbench Audio Effect Tool
ACPWorkbench Audio Effect Tool
ACPWorkbench Audio Effect Tool

ACPWorkbench Audio Effect Tool

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Customize your Fovorite Tune

Customize your Fovorite Tune

The ACPWorkbench Audio Effect Tool is a program developed by Arylic for adjust : L/R balance, EQ for separate channel, system settings, redefine pin usage and more. You can customize multiple music style to your whole house audio with different units. Discover your best sound taste just by easy sliding!

  • EQ Control
  • Precise EQ Control

    Except mono channels settings, ACPWorkbench can set different EQ settings for left and right channel. There is f1-f9 options available to change your frequency settings, you can make a big range of the adjustment to meet your taste.

  • Premium Volume Control

    Now you can adjust the left and right channel balance with ACPWorkbench Audio Effect Tool. For louder volume needs, the tool allow to adjust the gain and pre-gain with the tool.

  • volume control
  • system settings
  • A Useful Technical Tool

    Not only is an audio effect tool, but also is a helpful technical tool which can help you redefine pin settings(spdif in/out, GPIO,Key), install firmware upgrade and more.

  • Audio effect tool
  • Hear the Dynamic Changes Instantly

    Real time adjustment, lets you hear the difference when you adjust the parameters. So you can hear and finds out your favorite music style easly.

Suitable Products

Up2stream Mini V3/ Up2stream Pro V3/Up2stream Amp V4/Up2stream Amp Mono/ Up2stream Amp 2.1/Up2stream Plate Amp/A30+ Amplifier/A50 + Amplifier/S10 Preamp/SA100 Amplifier

products with EQ control

How to Active ACPWorkbench Audio Effect Tool?

tuning tool


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Ask a Question
  • Hello. is the Software runnable with Linux Ubuntu?
    Sorry it only support windows currently.
  • Apparently the ACPWorkbench Audio Effect Tool only works on the Wintel platform. When will it appear on the MacOS and iOS? There must be a huge quite demand for that app out there. When it comes, that will make my day!
    Sorry we don't have this plan currently, but we already add a note. We will check the possibility.
  • Is it possible to run the software via VMWare on Windows 10 on the MacBook? Is the board then still recognized in the software?
    No, please use windows PC.

  • How do i upload acp setting to the board (a30+). Currently it lost everything one the amp is turned off. Need to reconnect with usb to reapply the setting.
    You can refer to the video.
  • Does this software run under Windows 7
  • Is the software for Windows or MAC Computers?
    For Windows ONLY
  • I now have 2 up2stream boards (back yard and office) and plan to expand further in the future in my home. Is there any way to share BT or aux in to multiple amps over wifi, or only NAS and internet audio?
    Yes, there is available.
    On master units, you can input any audio source, then stream to other units under multiroom mode.

  • Can you import Room EQ wizard files for the EQ settings?
    Sorry we only support the files with our tool.
  • Can this software connect to amp board over wifi, or do you need to connect with usb cable?
    Need to connect with micro USB cable that available for data transfer.
  • What is included in the package?
    After place the order, you will get a software, a license key and manual.
    We will maintain and add features for lifetime.
  • Hello, Can I programm the right and left channel individually? For example to build a 2 way speaker (one channel for tweeter and other one for woofer) using a crossover in the program (hi pass and low pass filter) ?
           you can program the right and  left individually  through  acpworkbench  ,but you can't  build one channel  for tweeter  and one for woofer , you can select  to  all change  to stereo  or all to mono, but using crossover in the program are working for all two channels
    with  best  regards
  • Can i configure the new S50pro+ with ACP Bench? I bought the S50, but i didnt find any connection to pc. in the S50pro is working a dsp?
    Sorry ,we don't reserve the micro USB for s50 pro+ , we will support the s50's crossover and frequency adjust by internet way  in future
  • Can this program be installed and work from within a virtual machine?
    if you are using the Linux or macOS, you can try to install wine to resolve the problem
  • is it possible to update the firmware on the board?. i've bought 2 x 2.1 amp boards but i cant change the EQ options for the channels individually on DSP, but my collegue who has the ecsact same boards is able to do it on he's board from the same pc, with the same software.
    You can contact our customer support
    to get new software and key, but first please check your firmware in board, because  the  lower version could cause the functions lose, the last version in board is 4.2.8826.21
  • Can I raise the sub volume output only? My sub/bass sounds too low. I don’t want to increase the master volume, just the bass output.
    acpworkbench can adjust the bass volume, you can increase gain
  • Is It possible to save different eq sets for different headphones and upload the proper set to V3 pro each time I change the headphones? Is It possible to upload to the software already existing presenta in TXT format?
    You can save different EQ sets,  A—J different sets you can save, but you must change manually can't upload TXT format
  • Can I use this app to set the board to a static IP address?
    No, our APP doesn't support the function currently, but you can realize it by your IP route manager, you can specify IP according to mac address
  • Can I run ACPWorkbench on macOS?
    Sorry,it only can be used in WINDOWS now
  • I would like to purchase the ACPWorkbench Audio Effect Tool, however I'm located in Europe and the product lists as 'Asia Stock Available ONLY'. Does this mean I can't purchase the software?
    You can purchase it, after you purchase ACPWorkbench, we will send you a download link and a activation key by email.
  • Comment se fait la liason entre le pc et un up2stream 2.1? Merci.
    Si vous souhaitez avoir une connexion directe pour diffuser de la musique à partir d'un PC, branchez l'alimentation sur AMP2.1 puis connectez l'AMP2.1 au PC à l'aide d'un câble micro USB.
    Votre PC doit le reconnaître comme une carte son externe, vous pouvez le choisir comme sortie audio pour votre PC.

    If you want to have a direct connection to stream music from PC, plugin the power to AMP2.1 then connect the AMP2.1 to PC using a micro USB cable.
    Your PC should recongize it as a external soundcard, you can choose it as audio output for your PC.
  • How many EQ's can i set? 8 or more?
    10 filters for each unit, and can set mainEQ, and seperated EQ for each channel.
  • Does the ACP workbench support the A50 amplifier and the S10 preamplifier ?
    S10 yes, A50 not .we plan on A50 upgrade vereison ,once released ,it will support .
  • Is there a way to limit the power output of the up2stream amp v3 to 30w per chanel with acp workbench ? Also, is the EQ capable of removing entirely the low frequencies in order to avoid excessive cone excursion ?
    with acpworkbench, yes you can change the input gain to adjust the output power. And also you can set the parameter eq for the output, like cut the low frequency etc
  • Are the settings saved in the board (Up2stream Pro V3) so that I can disconnect the PC? Or does it need permanent connection?
    The acpbench tool have upload option ,once onload ,it will save forever. then you don't need your PC to work with it .
  • Is it possible to set the GPIO-Pins active, as soon as music is being played? I am thinking about adding an automatic ON/OFF feature for my speaker, so this would make things much easier.
    yes, with the latest tool, you can assign one free pin for this feature. and it will output HIGH when audio input detected, and LOW when no audio for 1 minutes.
  • Can I program two Up2Stream Amp V3 (one board for each two way speaker) so to make left channel low-pass and right channel hi-pass? This way I also should send left signal to a board and right signal to the other board, can I?
  • What happens if i have to reinstall Windows? Can I reuse the key in this case?
    It will not work if reinstall windows,but you can send email to us with your order, we will send you one more key for this case.
  • For the Amp 2.1 board, these EQ filters are applied to all three amplifier outputs? Not each channel individually, correct? And, does each channel get independent high-pass and low-pass (for making a 3-way) or only the stereo channels and subwoofer channel?
    Yes, with our tool acpbench .
  • Can this be used on the A50 as well?
    NO ,only up2stream V3 series. We may update A50 in future ,on updated model it will support usb dac and acpbench .
  • Does this tool also allow for crossovers (low-pass and high-pass filters)?
  • Can I programm the right and left channel individually? For example to build a 2 way speaker.
    We will launch a 4CH amp board with DSP for this scenrio .
  • Can I install and use one license on 2 different computers e.g. Notebook and PC ?
    No, each activation key only works for 1 PC.
  • Will it also work with the Wireless 2.1 Channel Stereo Amplifier Board Up2stream Amp 2.1 ?
    Yes, ACPWorkbench Audio Effect Tool also works with Up2Stream Amp2.1.
    It supports Up2sttream Mini v3, Pro v3, Amp 2.0 v3 and Amp 2.1.
  • This looks great,. Will the new settings show up in the 4stream app I use on my phone and iPad?
    no. this is more for deep user to tune their favorite sound and save it ,no need to change all the time ,so far ,we only have windows version to tune with our V3 series board .



●It is extendable by expansion boards.

*5G WiFi compatiable means users could control our system when your smartphone connected to your router's 5G channel.

* About Spidif Pins, Up2stream Mini/Pro is default as Spdif out. Up2stream Amp/Mono is default as Spdif in. You can switch to Spdif In/Out by ACPWorkbench Tool. The 2 spdif pins are the same funtion, can't change seperately.

*Up2stream Amp SUB and S50 Pro+ Preamp is our coming up new products.

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I`M trying arylic products with my sound systems proyects and i´m very happy with, I would like to be in straight contact and colaboration with you.

Victor L.
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ACP work bench

I'm pretty new to digital eq and this was my first hands on experience , over all it's been very user friendly and the changes was in real time no delays etc so it's been highly useful especially for those much more experienced personal it will able to do wonders.