How it Works

How our Wireless Audio System Works?

Our Wireless Audio System-Setup

-First setup-

1. Download 4stream app. (Available in Google Play and App Store)

2. Go to your phone settings>Wifi>find the SSID Soundsystem_XXXX and connect.

3. Back to 4stream app>choose your home wifi you want to setup with(must be 2.4G wifi)

4. Enter the WiFi password

5. Name your device>Done!

*Direct mode: After you Download 4stream app and connect with Lan connection, you can find the device in app directly.

For graphic tutorial, please check here.

- Network streaming-

The best advantage of our audio system is Wi-Fi streaming. You can stream online music and local music easily by wifi without quality compression and distance limitation. We supports many online audio services like sportify, deezer, tunein, Pandora and many more. We also support USB/NAS storage which allows you to play your favorite music you have been collected. For NAS, we support DLNA, UPnP protocols. For Apple fans, Airplay is available. If you worried about the signal issue, Lan connection would be a good choice for stable network.

-Audio sources Input-

You may have some traditional devices like CD player, Vinyl& Radio. These devices can easily connect with our wireless audio system by line in input. With this, you can enjoy the high quality music in a modern way. Don’t restricted yourself by the old method. Preamp and TV are compatible as well. The work principle is input the audio source to our device and play through the network

-Bluetooth 5.0-

Our system supported Bluetooth 5.0, which provide you another easy way to stream your Music wirelessly. And also lets you connect to other system such as Google Assistant as a Bluetooth audio device.

-Multiroom Setup-

-What is Multiroom/Multizone-

With our Multiroom/Multizone features, you can sync the music or stream different music at the same time to different zones with only 1 step.

-How to do Multiroom/Multizone-

Install a unit to each zone you want to stream music and connect them to the same Wifi. Then in 4stream App you will see all connected devices. Next, press and hold the device you want to set as slave and drag it on the device you want to set as the master. When the process is done, they will be linked together. Now whenever you play music with the master device, the slave devices will also play the same music at the same time. There is no device limitation to setup Multiroom/Multizone, but we recommend 10 devices in a single zones will remain with the best performance.