Our Wireless Streaming System

Our wireless streaming system allow you to stream your online music, local music, or any audio sourses to your any kind of speakers in your rooms via WiFiAirplay or Bluetooth. Sync Audio or play different music at the same time to your rooms with Arylic units set into the rooms.

Easy Setup, Easy Start

home stereo system

1. Power On

Wire our wireless stereo amplifier or wireless music streamer to your passive speakers or active speakers, and power on.

home audio system

2. Setup Network

Open 4STREAM APP> Find Device> Input Your WiFi Password>Done

Reject complicated progress and system, our app is easy and friendly to new users.

multiroom system

3. Start Streaming

Enjoy Streaming throught the house.Playing with Phone, Tablet, PC and Remote Controland more.

Why WiFi Streaming?

Compare to Bluetooth traditional streaming, WiFi streaming solve the annoying distance issue when you want to play music and walk around.

What's more, WiFi streaming keeps the playback quality and stability from playing cuts, clicks, and hissing.













Audio Compression




Why Arylic System

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More Stable, More Enjoyments

Different to other wireless streaming system use the virtual access point to build the communication between devices, we use the router mode which lets devices pass through the signal via your router directly. Make your listening experience more stable and more smoothly.

More Flexible

You can easily switch between WiFi, Airplay and Bluetooth modes in one system for different scenario. Wired Lan connection for super easy and stable direct connection. For professional players, we offer DLNA/UPNP protocols and API for you to discover and develop your smart system.

More Streaming Options

We accept multiple audio sources in one system, like online music, online radio, local music, NAS, USB Stick, Vinyl, CD Player, Radio, AV Receiver, Audio Amplifier and more correspond audio input sources.

Advanced System

We contiuosly to receive the feedback from our customers to develop the software features to meet your needs, like our 4STREAM app for all controls features, ACPWorkbench tool for specific audio adjustment and Web control tool for more simple playing on the web.

whole house audio system

Stream Music In Every Room

Upgrade your audio experience throughout your home. Turn any audio device into a high quality wireless audio system.

multizone audio

Synchronize Streaming

Playing the song that you want to sync on the master unit and choose the rooms you want to stream with. Then the song will sync playing through out the rooms you have selected.

You can adjust the group volume directly or adjust the devices volume saparately in our 4stream app.

DIY multiroom audio

Multiroom Streaming

Playing different songs in each rooms at the same time. Enjoy the happenies with your family or friends together.

Stream From Any Sounds

No matter playing with the online source, local source or Audio device like, Vinyl, CD player, Radio, TV. All are supported to stream throughout the rooms.

DIY Audio

Customize Your System

Make your Arylic system more personality with our DIY product line.

Wireless Streaming Tips

As we mentioned, the WiFi router is playing a big role in our system. The router is one of the main points to make the streaming more stable. For Normal home routers, we recommend you use 5-10 devices at the same time. For Commercial Routers, we suggest 10-30 devices at the same time.

Of course, this is based on the performance of different routers. For example, our office can connect about 60 units at the same time. For a better streaming experience, we advise you to connect by Lan when need to connect over 5 devices to improve your network stability.