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Model: DAC Board
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Up2Stream DAC Board

Upgrade the sound quality of your Up2Stream board with the famous ESS 9023 Sabre chip found in the Up2Stream DAC Board.

Compatible Products: Up2Stream Mini, Up2Stream Pro

Up2Stream Button Board

This Button board is an external board that contains multiple control buttons including play/pause, volume up, volume down, previous song, next song, standby and switch mode, plus an on board IR receiver, connector for IR Extension Board and 4 mode indicator LED including WiFi, BT, AUX and USB.

It is perfect to use as the control panel for your DIY device.

Compatible Products: Up2Stream Mini, Up2Stream Pro, Up2Stream Amp, Up2Stream Amp Mono, Up2Stream Amp 2.1

*Up2stream Plate Amp, Up2stream Plate Amp 2.1, Up2stream HD DAC need to wiring yourself.

Up2Stream S/PDIF In Board

Lacking a digital input for your DIY board but want an easy solution?

The S/PDIF input board lets you easily add S/PDIF input to your device. It contains both an Optical input and Coaxial input jack. With this board, you can connect any device with S/PDIF output as a digital audio input source.

Compatible Products: Up2Stream Mini, Up2Stream Pro, Up2Stream Amp, Up2Stream Amp Mono, Up2Stream Amp 2.1

*Up2stream Plate Amp need to wiring yourself.

Up2Stream S/PDIF Out Board

This SPDIF output board can add digital output to your device, which contains an optical output and coaxial output jack. With this board, you can output digital audio data to other devices like a DAC or digital amplifier.

Compatible Products: Up2Stream Mini, Up2Stream Pro, Up2Stream Amp, Up2Stream Amp Mono, Up2Stream Amp 2.1

*Up2stream Plate Amp need to wiring yourself.

Up2Stream IR Extension Board

Does the onboard IR receiver not fit your DIY case? Do you need to position it somewhere else?

This IR extension board lets you connect an external IR receiver and position it to fit your DIY needs.

*Requires Up2Stream Button Board or Up2stream Pro, Up2stream Amp, Stereo, Up2stream Amp Mono, Up2stream Plate Amp, Up2stream Plate Amp 2.1, Up2stream HD DAC need to wiring yourself.

*Up2stream Mini requires Up2stream Button board.

Up2Stream Volume Knob Board

Need a volume knob on your DIY project? Then this is perfect for you! U

se this Volume Knob Board to add a volume knob to your device. It is a combined rotary encoder and momentary switch you can use it to turn volume up or down, and for Up2stream Mini, switch input mode with a press.

Compatible Products: Up2Stream Mini, Up2Stream Pro, Up2Stream Amp stereo, Up2Stream Amp Mono.



Up2stream DAC Board

Up2stream Button Board

Up2stream SPDIF In Board





Sample Rate

up to 24bit/192KHz

up to 16bit/176.4MHz

Audio Output

44.1khz/16bits, CD quality

44.1khz/16bits, CD quality

Dynamic Range


Interchannel Isolation



0dB FS 0.002%

Power supply

3.3V ± 5%, 23mA 5.0V ± 5%, 31 mA


Up2stream SPDIF Out Board

Up2stream Volume Knob Board

Up2stream IR Extension Board





Sample Rate

Sample Rate is same as the connected board

Audio Output

44.1khz/16bits, CD quality


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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews

Works fine with Up2stream mini V3

Marvin Ochieng
Hit and miss at the same time

I primarily bought this device to simply my audio experience.

I mostly listen to internet radio and stream from youtube (audio mostly) and this looked like the device that would help me find the balance between good audio as well as streaming device.

The audio part works well without a problem. The only problem is the stability of the hardware in relation to streaming. The device doesn't play all streams consistently. There are some which are unfortunately my favourite that will play depending on moods I guess. There are days when it can go an hour without cutting off otherwise I normally get max of 20 minutes before having to restart.

This has made me almost go back to my previous set-up where I play the audio through bluetooth which kind of beats the purpose and the main reason why I went for this in the first place. In future versions, it would be good if emphasis was put on reliability other than anything else.

Another problem the device has is obvious lack of documentation. This pours cold water on the overall experience of having it as a DIY speaker as all you can do is play, pause, etc.. the simple functions you can do with your normal bluetooth speaker.

The API response is also another problem. Because there's no way to put it on standby through the HTTP API, I am forced to power it off since I'm running it off battery. There's no guarantee it will connect back to the home wifi. When it doesn't, using the HTTP API to configure connectivity again is trial and error so today I gave up. moved it permanently to a place where it can be connected to wired LAN .

Overall, this device can be a good bluetooth, USB player but not-so-relialble internet-streamer. This has made me start scouting for a more hackable and reliable adruino or PI set-up.

Per Anders Hansson

Expansion Boards

Inderjit Singh Bhurji
Performance VS Price

Up2stream 2.1 is excellent product for 2x50 plus 100 watt sub. Control app should upgraded to have complete remote function. Price is very high.

Nigel Bond

I bought two Up2Stream Minis, one with a DAC board and the other with an optical line-out board. I thought that they would need a bit for work, which I was happy to do. They were both up and running in 5 minutes! They are reliable and stable unlike much of their far more expensive competition. They even tell you when they are connected to your wi-fi network. I have used Amazon Music, Apple Airplay, and Spotify, all with no issues. Now, Arylic, all I need is some nice cases!

Rasmus Simon-Riegel

Works perfect!

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