HA400 4 Zone Amplifier with AirPlay 2 and Network

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The HA400 is a 400 watts 4 zone network streaming amplifier that integrates Hi-res amplification, a network player with AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, and advanced preamplifier technologies.

Power up and connect to your home network by Ethernet, wire each zona to your passive speakers, and you are ready to go. This AirPlay2 amplifier lets you play any audio sources in different rooms and provides convenient wireless control of all zones in one 4STREAM APP.

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Whole House Audio System

The HA400 allows you to stream audio to up to 4 different zones or rooms simultaneously.

Synchronized Playback

Play different songs in different rooms or same song in every room, offering versatile audio distribution for whole-home or commercial setups.

Individual Control

HA400 allows precise control over each zone's name, audio sources, EQ, and volume levels, granting the flexibility to personalize the audio experience for each area according to your preferences.

Expandable Zone Configuration

The HA400 4 Zone network Amplifier is expandable, allowing to add more zones beyond the initial 4 zones.

Group each HA400 with connecting network in/out ports, providing scalability for future expansions or larger installations.

4 zone amplifier with Airplay 2

Convenient Wireless Control

Built-in AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and Tidal Connect, HA400 allows easy wireless audio streaming from your phone, tablet, and laptop.

Convenient wireless control in any corner with your favorite APP, even when you are away from the installation site.

4 zone stereo amplifier

High-fidelity Sound Quality

The amplifier is designed to deliver outstanding audio performance with high-quality 4 pics ESS ES9023P DAC built inside, ensuring clear, rich, and immersive sound reproduction in each zone.

Upgrading your home entertainment experience with music, movie, dance, workout, and party time.

4 zone power amplifier

400Watts 8-channel Amplifier

HA400 build with 8 channels class d digital amplification with 50 watts per channel under the stereo mode and can switch to Bridged mode for 100 watts per channel.

Which can power 4 pairs of passive stereo speakers or 4 mono passive speakers at the same time.

Connect All Audio Gears In One System

4 zone speaker amplifier

Stream From Your Favorite Music

Powerful 4STREAM APP

  • Control all zones in one APP.
  • Multi-room/Multi-zone Control
  • Manage all music services in one APP.
  • Manage all audio sources in one APP.
  • Play local music: NAS, USB playlist, phone storage.
  • Custom EQ in each zones.
  • Rename devices.
  • Preset favorite playlist.
4 zone home audio amplifier

Integration with Smart Home Systems

Integration with Smart Home Systems HA400 comes with an RS232 port for connecting smart home control units to control HA400, such as Fibaro and Elan.

You can use the Pass-Through port to connect to another HA400 for group control.

4 zone audio amplifier

Compatible Home Installation

HA400 AirPlay amplifier uses 2U size chassis and comes with an attachable rack mount, allowing you to easily place it in a 2U size rack.

Package Includes

8 channel amplifier


Newest Firmware Version


Streaming Protocol

Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Airplay2, DLNA, UPnP, Qplay

Power Input

115-230V AC 50/60Hz


RJ45 Ethernet In
RJ45 Ethernet Out

Audio Input

4 Zone Audio I/O:

Optical Input(PCM, Max 192kHz/24bit sample rate decode)

Master Audio I/O:

Optical Input(PCM, Max 192kHz/24bit sample rate decode)
Coaxial Input(PCM, Max 192kHz/24bit sample rate decode)

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