Wireless Audio Preamplifiers

Why do I need a Wireless Preamp?

When you think of preamps, you think of phono preamp and guitar preamp, these are the types of preamps we often hear about. But why should we install a wireless preamp in our home audio system as well?

Use of wireless preamp

A preamp is used to handle almost any sound source. However, this does not have to be an external device. Most audio interfaces already have preamplifiers built into them. Usually, they're enough to get you started. It's worth noting that as technology advances, preamps now include the ability to stream music wirelessly, which can be used as a preamplifier or as a stand-alone device. The preamplifier is mainly used to connect your amplifiers, active speakers, Vinyl, Radio, CD player, etc. While each audio device has its own area of expertise, adding an additional preamp to your home audio system has many more benefits and will take your music listening experience to the next level.

What are the advantages of an external wireless preamplifier?

Better sound

Let's take our S50 Pro Preamp as an example, S50 Pro comes with ESS Sabre Dac & AKM ADC. As you know, for an audio system, the DAC and the ADC are the most important factors in determining the sound performance. The DAC is responsible for converting the digital signal into an analog signal, and the ADC converts analog signals to digital signals. Your audio source is transmitted through these chips with little or no distortion, which is so slight that the human ear cannot hear the difference.

Upgrade your wireless experience

You don't have to spend a lot of money to enjoy the benefits of modern preamplifiers, as with the S10 Mini Stereo Preamp. The Stereo Preamp is very tiny and inexpensive, but it can also be a great way to take your home audio experience to the next level. 


The S10 Mini Stereo Preamp comes with Bluetooth 5.0, compared to the previous 4.2 version, it has been upgraded in terms of sound performance and distance. The great thing about Bluetooth design is that you can play a lot of different media, as long as it is available on your device (phone, tablet, computer). However, It is not the most advanced option, if you have high sound quality requirements and are accustomed to using Bluetooth for media playback. AptX HD will be your premium choice, with less compression and less loss of sound quality. Our S50 Pro comes with the AptX HD  chip which you can refer to.

Wifi Streaming

Stream music over wifi, you can use online streaming media, home shared playlists or your NAS storage as an audio source. These are features traditional preamplifiers and Bluetooth can not do. The wi-fi signal can play music wherever it can be reached, which perfectly complements the Bluetooth technology with the distance limitation. Not only that, but streaming music over wi-fi will not compress the sound quality or delay the playback, which is even better! It makes up for the shortcomings of Bluetooth playback. If you're using an iOS system, you can also play music via Airplay, but in general Wifi is the best way to play music. Sound performance is still a long way off, and signal stability is still the best experience.

Multiroom Feature

However, the points above may not be enough for your experience. Our system also has a powerful feature called "Multi-room". By enabling the multi-room feature, you can control the music from anywhere in your house where there is wifi coverage. With music playing in each room, you can synchronize the music playing in each room, or have different music playing in different rooms at the same time. Let's take a concrete example, if you are working in your study at night, all you need is a mobile phone, open our 4stream App, and you can play a love song  for your wife who is cleaning up in the kitchen, plays a storytelling station for the child who is in his room, and a classical music for your  mom and dad in the bedroom. You can also set up a weekend party where each room plays a dance song at the same time, to get the mood up to the highest level!

What kind of wireless preamplifier should you purchase?

We believe that by now, you have a good understanding of preamplifiers and have some initial ideas of what you need. Here is some more info to help you pick the right amplifier for the job.

  • Who to Buy S10 2 Channel Preamp?                                                      
  1. Not very demanding in terms of sound quality
  2. First to meet wireless audio streaming
  3. You like to save more space

*1. For the S10 preamp sound performance is similar to CD. So, if CD quality can meet your needs, S10 preamp is your good option.

  • Advantage
  1. Compact Size
  2. Easy Control and Setup
  3. Price Friendly, not expensive but have the same software features as other products.
  • Quick Spec
  1. THD- 0.03%
  2. Connectivity-Wifi/BT 5.0/Airplay/DLNA/UpNp
  3. Decode- up to 24bit/192kHz
  4. Dimensions-116.2mm*64mm*22.6mm(4.57*2.52*0.89in)
  5. Interface- RJ45/USB 2.0/AUX In/AUX Out/ Micro USB 5V1A Input
  • Who to Buy S50 AptX HD Wireless Preamp?                                                      
  1. Want to stream TV Audio
  2. Need Coax in/OPT Out
  3. Seeking a better listening experience
  • Advantage
  1. More Interface 
  2. High Spec ( AptX HD, ESS Sabre Dac,AKM ADC)
  3. Brilliant Sound
  • Quick Spec
  1. Connectivity-Wifi/AptX HD/Airplay/DLNA/UpNp
  2. THD-0.03%
  3. Decode- up to 24bit/192kHz
  4. Interface- RCA Line In and out /COAX In/Opt out/ RJ 45/USB 2.0/ Micro USB 5V1A Input

If your speaker is a passive speaker, then you need audio amplifier products.

And you can find accessories pages for audio preamplifiers, like cables, remote, power adapter and cases etc.


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