Setup Arylic System

-Play different music at the same time:
Click the device and choose the song or playlist you want to play with. Same for other devices.

-Play In Sync:
Click the + on the right top of the device which you want to be the master. Then choose the devices your want to group with and click done.

Click the power button 3 times, then the LED indicator will turn to fast flashing.(White)

This means the device is under rebooting. After the LED indicator turn into slow flashing(White) you can repair your WiFi.

For older model, please push the power button until the LED indicator turn to fast flashing. The rest of the steps are the same.

Open 4STREAM App, then click the device(the one for configuration) settings.
Device Settings> Speaker Info> Restore To Factory Settings.

4STREAM App will push the update prompt automatically if your device is available to update.

If you can't upgrade please contact our support :info@arylic.com.

You can check the newest update news and update log in ourforum.

Fix an Issue

Please refer to this post.

3rd-Party Service Support

Up2stream HD DAC support Qobuz HD and Tidal HiFi. Others models don't support the features currently, this is a hardware limitation.

We support Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz, TuneIn, Internet Radio, iHeartRadio, Napster etc.

Up2stream HD DAC support Airplay 2. Other models only support Airplay 1 due to hardware limitations.

Yes we support Spotify Connect, so you can stream from Spotify App directly.

Only Up2stream HD DAC supported, for other models you can stream Tidal through our 4STREAM App.

You need to use at least Spotify premium account for streaming.


There is no limitation actually, but we advice 10 units at once in standard situation.

As long as your WiFi router can cover, no matter how many units you connect at once. Or we suggested you can wire by Lan to your WiFi router for stability.

Yes, the newest firmware version already support gapless.

When playing music, the delay is very micro that hard to be heard with human. When stream from TV, there will have 1S delay between TV and speaker.

Our system supports decode up to 192khz/24bits, the audio output is 44.1khz/16bits CD quality. Only Up2stream HD DAC support 192khz/24bits Hi-Res Audio output.


Yes, you can configure different EQ settings in each channel.

Sorry no, this is a windows software.

lt will not work if reinstall windows, but you cansend email to uswith your order, we will send you one more key for this case.

No, each activation key only works for 1 PC.

104 KEY has been used.
105 KEY is not correct.


We ship to worldwide, you can refer to our shipping policy for the time and delivery method we use.

You can check our shipping policy for correspond tracking page.

We have local delivery to Europe, United States and Russia. For other region, we declare the lower value in custom if no specific requirement.

You can refer to our shipping policy.

You can refer to our shipping policy.