Midbass Speakers with Glass Fiber Cone 4 ohm

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  • 50W/60W4ohm powerful midbass speakers for your house party, movie time.
  • 39-5KHzdeep bass, natural and rich bass, effortlessly reproducing delicate midrange and bass.
  • The S-type paper cone enhances rigidity and minimizes acoustic losses, makes sound waves travel farther.
  • Easy to install and full sealing with already mounted EVA.
  • New optimized Glass Fiber Cone Design for Low Distortion and High Efficiency.
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Model: GFWB-50(Single)
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Main Features

50W/60W 4-ohm powerful midbass speakers for your house party or movie time.

39Hz-5KHz deep, natural, and rich bass that effortlessly reproduces delicate midrange and bass.

- Optional 5" and 6.5" big midbass speakers to meet your different design needs.

- The S-type paper cone enhances rigidity and minimizes acoustic losses, making sound waves travel farther.

- Easy to install and fully sealed with already mounted EVA.

- New optimized Glass Fiber Cone Design for low distortion and high efficiency.

- Our innovative vent design for the mid-bass speakers enhances heat dissipation, improves efficiency, and prolongs the speaker's lifespan.

- Rigid steel chassis with extensive venting for lower air flow speed, reducing audible distortion.

- Vented center pole with dual flares for reduced noise levels at large cone excursions.

- Heavy-duty fiberglass voice coil former to reduce mechanical losses, resulting in better dynamic performance and low-level details.

- Large motor structure for better control and power handling.

- Built-in aluminum field-stabilizing ring for reduced distortion.

The well-rounded designed of the midbass speakers can be easily applied to your new 4 ohm speaker project, use with Bluetooth amplifier for wired speakers replace old midbass speakers, or upgrade your speaker components.

Whether you're watching a movie or having a house party, it can bring you a stunning midbass experience.

We have also made many innovative designs in terms of sound: such as glass fiber cone, rigid chassis, S-type paper cone, vented center pole, and more.

These designs reduce distortion and attenuation of sound, make sound waves travel farther,improve sound performance, and increase the speaker's lifespan.

You can enjoy stunning bass without worrying about harsh sounds, and even low-volume playback can deliver clear and delicate sound.





Dome material

Glass fiber+ rubber

Glass fiber+ rubber

Nominal Impedance

4.0±15% Ω

4.0±15% Ω

DCR Impedance

3.1±10% Ω

3.1±10% Ω

Sensitivity 1W/1M

84.5±3 dB

85.0±3 dB

Frequency Range

46-6K Hz

39-5K Hz

Free Air Resonance

46±20% Hz

39±20% Hz

Voice Coil Diameter

32 mm

32 mm

Rated Power Input

30 W

30 W

Maximum Power Input

50 W

60 W











11.171 L

23.4071 L

Mounting Depth

66 mm

73 mm

Mounting Diameter

119 mm

143 mm

Magnet Material



Build Your New speakers or Revive Your Old Speakers

Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf Speakers

Desktop Speakers

Desktop Speakers

Center Speakers

Center Speakers

car audio

Car Audio

Magnitude of electric impedance Z(f)

midbass speaker
6.5 iches midbass

Fundamental + Harmonic distortion components

5 inches midbass
6.5 inches midwoofer

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