WiFi Audio Receiver Module Up2Stream Mini V3
WiFi Audio Receiver Module Up2Stream Mini V3
WiFi Audio Receiver Module Up2Stream Mini V3
WiFi Audio Receiver Module Up2Stream Mini V3
WiFi Audio Receiver Module Up2Stream Mini V3
WiFi Audio Receiver Module Up2Stream Mini V3
WiFi Audio Receiver Module Up2Stream Mini V3

WiFi Audio Receiver Module Up2Stream Mini V3

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Wireless Audio Receiver Board

TV sound, Online Music, Gaming Audio. All sounds of your home entertainment can be streamed wirelessly by Up2stream audio receiver board. Compatible with your latest control device constant use phone, PC, and Tablet. Meet your needs and give you different music enjoyment.

New Upgrade

Up2stream Mini V3

What is the new features differ from Up2stream Mini V2?

  • Micro USB Sound Card

    Up2stream V3 Series can work as an USB DAC, you can directly connect it to a PC and stream PC audio digitally.

  • Customize your Name

    Support changing device WIFI SSID and bluetooth name by mobile app and save it forever.

  • Bluetooth 5.0

    Now you can Stream your audio all the way by Wifi, Bluetooth 5.0, DLNA, UPnP, Airplay, Spotify Connect with Up2stream Mini V3.

  • More Space, More Creativity

    The compact design of our receiver will leave you with more space for your wild & creative ideas, so you can DIY more freely and add features of your choice to make your stereo speaker more powerful.

  • All Musics you like

    Huge music resources supported like Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz, Internet Radio, iheart Radio, Napster etc. Except online music, you also can play local music by NAS, USB storage where you have collected your favorite song for years.

  • DIY Rookie Friendly

    If you are a DIY rookie and don't understand complicated ports. Don't worry! On our receiver, the ports we use are common ports and simple to use, our app is user friendly as well. Using our remote control is another convenient option for your streaming music needs.

  • Streaming your Music Everywhere

    No matter where you are in your house, you can always take out your phone to play a song for you or your family. Like play a Bedtime Story for your Children, a love song for your wife, easy and wirelessly.

  • Free iOS & Android App

    Our App called “4stream” that is compatible to your iOS & Android system. All the features can be simply controlled by App. And you also can receive the notification for our regular online firmware update automatically in our App.


Wireless network IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4G
Bluetooth 5.0, SBC/AAC
Power Input * 5V-1A/2 pin connector
5V-1A micro USB input
Audio output Analog 3.5mm/4 pin connector
Digital I2S, SPDIF(44.1KHz)
Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz
SNR 100dB @ 0dBFS, 1KHz
THD 0.03% @ 0dBFS, 1KHz
Decoding Up to 24bit/192kHz
Protocols AirPlay, DLNA, UPnP, Spotify Connect, Qplay
NAS Support NAS with DLNA support
Dimensions 55*45*12mm
Accessory 7Pin 220mm PH2.0 Cable
4Pin 220mm PH2.0 Cable
2Pin 220mm Power Cable
User Manual

* Warning: Up2Stream Mini must use 5V-1A DC input, higher voltage power supply may damage the board.

Package Included


Ask a Question
  • Does the Up2Stream Mini V3 have a DSP integrated or is it only in the larger amplifier board? How is this DSP adjusted using a computer interface to set and forget or is it set manually on the app every time it is turned on?
    Up2Sream V3 series works with our dsp tool ACPWORKBENCH, in the tool, you also have the option to upload your EQ to flash and save it .
  • Is this Airplay 2 or the older original Airplay standard?

    We support airplay1 only,airplay2 will increase the cost quite much. airplay2 support multiroom control,which is supported by our app 4STREAM. What's more we can do multizone streaming .That means you can play different music from different source(such as usb,bluetooth,line in )in different rooms or same music in sync in all rooms,or you can group several rooms into Zone A ,some other rooms into Zone B, you can play different music in different zone as well

  • I want to use this to make a portable speaker, I can use it with Bluetooth only it I am away from my home network? Will this bridge to third-party Bluetooth or airplay speakers? This would be a very useful feature to link to existing speakers I own for an integrated experience.
    Hi, yes the board can work in Bluetooth mode when you're away from home network, but you better switch to Bluetooth mode first before you leave, and the device will remember the last input source for next booting. And if you've forgot and also you don't have a remote control, and also don't exported the button to change source. You can long press the button on board to trigger the WIFI pairing mode, and then connect to the AP of device with phone, and then in 4STREAM APP, you select the 'DIRECT MODE" and then change the source to bluetooth, and then you can connect to the device with bluetooth. Also, you can stream the music on your phone to the device via WIFI (but not the online musics, as there's no internet).
  • Does the App work for phone-local music playback if i only allow it in my firewall for LAN IP-Adresses? I want a privacy friendly multi room solution, thats why im asking.
  • Can stream your tv sound (Line in) on another AirPlay device ?
  • If I use the WiFi/LAN connection will Roon find this and stream through it?
    Our device also can be a DLNA render ,if roon can stream to any DLNA render, then should works.
  • I want to put the mini into the metal enclosure of an existing hifi amp and fit an external stub antenna on the back panel. What connector is on board the mini and will both BLE and wifi work through that antenna?

    What you need is just get 2 external antenna sets from us ,which include everything you need . 

    You need 2 becasue one for wifi ,one for blueooth ,the connector is IPEX type .

  • Can I connect a speaker directly to it or I need amplifier ? Does it support free as?
    If you speaker is an active one ,then you don't need an amp .
  • Does the device have an API? If so, can you link to the documentation?
    You can find our API files from the download section, which is locate at the bottom of our web site.
    Here is the link for you: https://www.arylic.com/pages/download
  • can i connect YouTube ?
    I suggest you use bluetooth connection if you want to stream audio from YouTube.
  • Hi, you need to have an Spotify premium account to connect with this device?
    Yes, you will need to have an Spotify premium account in order to stream from Spotify.
  • My unit only flashes blue which I have read means it is trying to do bluetooth. How do I switch it so it boots into wifi? I can't connect to the unit in any way.
    Please press and hold the power button before you plugin the usb power. After you plug in, keep on holding the button for 5 secs, this way it will force the device to go to wifi mode.
  • Do you always need to use the app once the setup is complete or can I choose multi room speakers from iOS phone menu and in Spotify app?
    Yes, you can use in the way you mentioned, no need app all the time .
  • After putting the unit into bluetooth mode, how do I switch back to WiFi/AirPlay? After switching into bluetooth in the app, there does not appear to be a way to turn off bluetooth or "prefer" WiFi. Is this what the ADC "Mode" key does?
    You just need to play anything from wifi source ,then it will come back .or you can use remote to swtich it back .
  • How do I put into bluetooth pairing mode? I want to connect my PC but I can't ever find the bluetooth device
    You have use app switching to bluetooth mode firslty ,then bluetooth will work ,then you can go setting to pair it.
  • Is this board able to play internet radio without streaming from your smartphone? Like Chromecast but for audio...without the need to keep phone connected.
    All sources played from interenet via wifi , no need of cellphone all the time ,all device will grab content from the interent directly and keep playing it .
  • Will there be a version with Dab+ integration ?
    Yes, technically ,we can do it .we will think about to make accessory for DAB,FM source in 2021.
  • ACP Workbench - can't find on arylic.com.
    It will be on sale within July .
  • What are the keys „NUM1“ until „NUM4“ meant for?
    NUM1 to NUM4, short press to play the preset playlist #1 to #4, and long press to set current playing playlist to the preset.
  • hello can I use one module only to have stereo sound, and interface with my stereo amplifier thanks
    Yes, one module can support stereo output in analog or stereo .
  • Hi, how do i connect to a dac via spdif?
    yes, you can wire GND+SPDIF to your DAC board according to our board words indicate .
  • Would it be possible in v3 pro series to change the name in the board? so the user only see the device as the new name?
    Yes, V3 can change wifi and bluetooth name by app .
  • Hi, are planning on support for soundcloud over WiFi?
    If we can get their API, we will make it .I can only say we will try our best .
  • Using I2S audio output, can the volume be controlled by the remote device while streaming through WiFi?
    Yes. All source can be controlled by our app and remote controller.
  • Is there an amp v3 version comming soon? What can we expect in the DSP? Multiband eq and time alignment?
    Yes, Expect to launch in June . an very easy and powerful DSP tool will launch together .
  • Hi, great to finally have bluetooth available on mini v3! does it support TWS (True Wireless Stereo) or can you only acheive stereo pairing through wifi on app ? It would also be great to add a master volume control as well as independent volume controls for groups on the app. Are you working on this ?
    TWS features is under developing ,once ready ,will inform all our users . Another big news we do not share much is ,there is a very power DSP audio tool realease soon ,will work with all V3 series .
  • Hi, is it possible to customize the name of the board? I mean when i look to the device with me phone can i change the name that I see from eg: arylic to the one that I prefer? Thanks
    Our App can change the name of each device to the name you want .
  • Hallo I have received your news on Mini V3.0. May we have the manual? Difference from 2.0? What do you mean with KeyBoard Board? Is it an optional? Regards. Max

    There should be manual inside, if not ,pls send mail to info@arylic.com .

    Keyboard board will be our accessory itmes in future .

  • I'm looking into setting up a DLNA server, can you recommend software that would setup well with this?
    You can try using foobar2000 with their UPnP/DLNA plugin, which is a freeware and works with our products.
    There is also Serviio media streaming server that will work with our products. They have a free version and a Pro version.
  • Can spotify play on more than one device at a time? Can you explain briefly how it is configured to support this.

    For spotify to do that ,it require family account, then you can stream like that. 

    It's multiroom technology builit in ,similar to SONOS technology. 

  • Are there plans to have native integration to support YouTube Music without using Bluetooth the same way you have support for Spotify?
    Yes, it's on the plan .but maybe Q3,Q4 of this year .
  • If I purchase two can I use them to create a stereo pair with good synchronization? If yes how good is the synchronization?
    yes, you can. You can set one as left one as the right channel very simple in our app.
    Almost no latency with wifi streaming when playing the music.
  • Does it work with airfoil?
    We just test and it can work with our system.
  • How can I stream music from site like https://moov.hk/intro/index.jsp ?

    You can only do that via bluetooth or airplay .

    if it's radio link ,you can stream via web browser with command below : 

  • Hi, can it play stream from Plex server?
    Sir not ,our system support streaming from our android,ios app ,bluetooth ,external input source ,such as line in . You can also used ituenes or 3rd party app support DLNA and UPNP.
  • I like to listen to radio stations that are not in apps. I like to listen to URLs directly, such as https://80s80s.hoerradar.de/80s80s-mweb-aac-mq. Is there a way to enter these streaming radio URLs directly into the app in order to get the music stream without using Tunein or another service to find these stations?

    you can use this command to play your own radio :


    URL is the link for the radio .

  • Is it compatible with the new Airplay 2 protocol (successor of Airplay)?
    our system only support airplay1 right now ,by itunes, you can still do multiroom control .for mobile device, pls use our android or ios app .
    Airplay2 will add the cost 100~200+ ,we may think about add it in future highend products .
  • 3.5mm line out also functions as line in?
    no .Pls check pro ,it have line in and line out .
  • Do this board could also work as a squeezebox server client.
    No .but we will check .we have apps integrate lot of streaming services already .
    Besides that ,support airplay,dlna, upnp ,spotify connect ,bluetooth .
  • Can a Google Home stream to this over wifi?
    Currently ,connecting google home to us via bluetooth ,you can make it work .
  • Hi, i recently purchased two Up2Stream Pro modules, and they are working wonderful up to about 45 feet inside the house with lot of obstructions. Due to the very long size of my house, i am not able to get the range at the last point. So i want to use an Up2Stream mini (v2) as an intermediate receiver-transmitter in between the existing two Up2Stream Pro modules. Also Is it possible to use these two differently types of modules with same 4stream app. Or is there any other way i can do it.
    Our system is similar to SONOS, all device is connecting to your home router including your cellphone .so the place you control with your cellphone ,if your cellphone is connecting to router well and our device is connected with router well ,then you can control . the only issue ,if somewhere ,the wifi signal is not well there ,you just need to buy some network device ,such wireless AP to cover there well .
    Then you can control well. 

    One app support control all units to play music. 
  • Can I use it with HEOS? I have Denon axr2400 with HEOS out. will this allow remote wireless speaker from Denon HEOS?
    Our system is not compatiable with HEOS wireless control ,but if you using our system as an input source to their system ,it's ok .
    We 're working on home assistant right now .
  • Its work with Deezer on android?
    Yes, both our android&iOS intergrated deezer inside. you can use it right away .
    Pls note Cobblestone is not available for this feature right now .
  • Can I cast youtube music through it ?
    For youtube, you have to buy our models with bluetooth ,using BT to stream that .
  • Is there any plan on adding google cast support?
    Googlecast ,google require using very expensive chipset, so we do not have plan to implement googlecast yet.
    But you can control by Google home with voice through BT connection(up2stream pro have BT Mini doesn't),you can account for this video:https://youtu.be/n7uFCqxQh00
  • Hi, This module is good to integrate a Hifi stereo system connect to the AUX and/or connect for example to a 2.1 sound system? Thanks
    yes,we support line in(3.5mm),bluetooth,lan.
    And our system is 2.1stereo pair sound system.
  • Hi, do you have a complete documentation ? a technical documentation, for pinout, perhaps add a button. I don't see in dropbox. Thanks
    pls download the manula or read the product page pictures, we have full description there. We already upload the manual to the dropbox.

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