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  • Acrylic case
  • amplifier case
  • audio receiver case
  • DIY audio Board kit
  • Diy audio board case
  • case for audio receiver board
  • case for audio amplifier board
  • case for streamer board
  • mini acrylic case
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Case of Up2stream Series

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Easy Setup & Protect Your Device: Only 5 minutes for setting up, even kids can easily realize and DIY and prevent your device for damage.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Daniel Kohn
Great little Wifi & Bluetooth Audio interface

Anyway, if you're looking for an affordable connector that does wifi rather than just bluetooth, this little device fits the bill. It's fairly easy to connect with the app and works reliably as well. AND if you don't want the onboard DAC and its 2.5mm socket you can add an upgraded DAC. Mix and match to fit your needs and budget.

John M
Good cover for Up2stream

It worked for my needs. It is just two rectangles of plexiglass with four standoffs. Pretty basic. It works though. Make sure your sequence it (starting from the bottom) screw, plexiglass without logo, Up2stream board, standoff, plexiglass with logo, screw.

Bill B
Up2Stream Case

I bought 2 Up2Stream boards, 2 cases and on DAC board. THe case is two clear pieces of plastic (lexan?) with screws and standoffs, and a company logo etched on one piece. It works just fine for protecting the circuit board in an indoor situation. I was hoping that the case would also hold the small DAC add-on board but it doesn't. Either way, the case is good value for the cost.

Iury Abelev
Great service and support

I had a great experience using the product and also support and warranty services.

Alexander Schmidt

Case of Up2stream Series