WBC65 6.5" Wireless Multiroom Ceiling Speakers

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Perfect Wireless Audio Solution: WBC65 enables you to enjoy high-quality wireless streaming with WiFi, Direct Streaming, Airplay, Spotify Connect, and Bluetooth 5.0. Feel and hear the incredible sound performance of our wireless ceiling speakers without the clutter of messy wires.

Multiroom Audio System: Mix and match any combination of Arylic Streamers and WBC65 wireless ceiling speakers to create a custom whole house audio system. Play the same music throughout your home, send different tunes to each room simultaneously, or create your own custom-defined multiroom zones. All these features are controlled via our 4stream App, making it easy to manage your wireless ceiling speakers from anywhere.

Powerful Wireless Amplifier Built-in: With the WBC65 wireless ceiling speakers, you can easily switch between mono and stereo mode depending on your needs. These speakers deliver a powerful 50W*2 output at 24V in stereo mode. If you only use a single speaker, you can switch to mono output to mix the L & R channel audio, ensuring optimal sound quality. *Accepts 12V-24V power input.

Brilliant Sound Streamed Directly From Your Favorite Providers: Enjoy Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Napster, TuneIn, Internet Radio, iHeart Radio, QQ Music, and QQ FM directly through your WBC65 wireless ceiling speakers. These speakers connect directly to your online streaming providers to play high-quality audio, avoiding the common bottlenecks and compression of Bluetooth streaming.

Easy Installation: Set up your wireless ceiling speakers in minutes with just a hole saw, a drill, and a screwdriver. Once the speaker is placed into the ceiling, simply push the taps, and you are done.

High Performance Hardware: The WBC65 wireless ceiling speakers feature a 6.5-inch woofer with a Kevlar bass cone and a rubber overhang for exceptional responsiveness and dynamic range. The 1-inch tweeter uses an aluminum dome driver with an EOS waveguide design, offering a broader sound range and higher sound penetration. Both components are designed to resist indirect weather effects, ensuring years of high clarity enjoyment.

Powerful 4STREAM App: Control your wireless ceiling speakers with our 4STREAM App, available for iOS & Android. Choose your music source, control playback, set EQ, manage multiroom or independent playback, create playlists, and much more, all from your mobile device.

Web & PC Control: Manage your wireless ceiling speakers via any web browser from a PC, tablet, or other device—no app required. Or stream music using any software that supports Airplay, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, UPNP, or DLNA protocols, including iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Musicbee, and more.


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Variants: 1 Pair (Master + Slave)
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Perfect All-in-one System

WBC65 AP2 = In-ceiling Speaker + Audio Amplifier+ Muisc Streamer

wireless in-ceiling speaker

High Performance Speaker

WBC65 utilizes 6.5 inches kevlar bass cone driver rubber overhang woofer that delivers outstanding responsiveness and extraordinary dynamic carrying capacity.

While it also adopts 1 inch aluminum dome driver EOS waveguide design tweeter which has broader sound range and higher penetration, with both offering resistance to indirect weather for years of high clarity enjoyment.

Wireless Amlifier Built-in

WBC65 AP2 is a 2-way 6.5” ceiling speaker with 50W WiFi and Bluetooth amplifier built-in. You can stream
music from your smart devices, NAS or music services and others by 4STREAM APP, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth 5.0 or other DLNA apps.

Experience the convenience of wireless audio playback without any visible wires in your living room, kitchen, home office, businesses or retail installations.

Plug and Play

Get quick network access without the WiFi pairing by connecting a Lan cable to your WiFi router.

While having faster and more stable network streaming, ensuring uninterrupted playback of your favorite music.

Stereo and Mono Mode

You can use WBC65 AP2 as a single speaker, switching to mono output to mix the L & R channel audio. Or hook up a slave speaker to become stereo speakers.

You will get 50W*2 maximum output at 24V on the stereo and 100W maximum output at 24V on the mono.

Switching between stereo and mono modes is a breeze with just a simple click, providing a versatile solution to your various needs. *Accept 12V-24V power input.




Play From Your Favorite Music

Music services, Online Radio, NAS and more.

Multiroom Audio System

Mix and match any combination of Arylic Streamers and WBC65 wireless ceiling speaker to create a custom whole house audio system and play the same music throughout your home.

Send different music to each room at the same time, or create your own custom-defined multiroom zones... All controlled via our 4STREAM App.

Easy Installation

Only 3 steps.

No screws, no screwdrivers.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Say goodbye to cables and messy wires. WBC65 AP2 in-ceiling speaker save your space and maintain a clean, clutter-free appearance.

Enjoy a seamless audio experience without sacrificing the visual integrity of your space. Say hello to pristine sound and aesthetically pleasing rooms.

Package Includes

WBC65(Master+Slave), 24V 4.16A DC Power Adapter, Screw Driver, 4 Pin Phoenix Connector x2, User Manual, Mounting Template x2, White Metal Grill x2.

wireless stereo speaker



Master Speaker (Stereo set / Mono)

Slave Speaker (Stereo set only)

Firmware Version


Power Supply



2.4G/5G、AirPlay 2

5.0 SBC/AAC, 15M, BT Receiver

Wired Network:
Ethernet Single 10/100M RJ45

Audio Format

Decoding up to 192khz/24bits
Output up to 44.1khz/16bits CD quality.


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You can tell these pos’s were made in China

Craig Yamauchi

You have the weakest website. How can you not include specifications of speaker dimensions? Seriously, I challenge you to find one website in the world that does not provide speaker dimensions. Hire a new employee in your documentation and website development team.

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