WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier Board Up2Stream amp V3
WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier Board Up2Stream amp V3
WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier Board Up2Stream amp V3
WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier Board Up2Stream amp V3
WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier Board Up2Stream amp V3
WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier Board Up2Stream amp V3
WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier Board Up2Stream amp V3

WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier Board Up2Stream amp V3

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Your DIY Amplifier Kit, Make your Wired Speakers into Wireless System

TV sound, Online Music, Gaming Audio. All sounds of your home entertainment can be streamed wirelessly by the Up2stream DIY Amplifier kit. Compatible with your constant use phone, PC, and Tablet. Meet your needs and give you different music enjoyment.

New Upgrade

Up2stream Amp V3

What is the new features differ from Up2stream Amp 2.0?

  • Micro USB Sound Card

    Up2stream V3 Series can work as an USB DAC, you can directly connect it to a PC and stream PC audio digitally.

  • Customize your Name

    Support changing device WIFI SSID and bluetooth name by mobile app and save it forever.

  • More Extension

    SPDIF out, ADC KEY for buttons use, 2 I/O for extension, such as volume knobs. Give you more creativity with DIY projects.

  • Brilliant Sound

    Up2stream Amp V3 designed with 50W*2, 2.0 Stereo pair , support up to 192khz/24bits Hi-res audio and EQ control . Low budget can make an outstanding acoustic sound system either.

  • All Musics you like

    Huge music resources supported like Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz, Internet Radio, iheart Radio, Napster etc. Except online music, you also can play local music by NAS, USB storage where you have collected your favorite song for years.

  • Wireless Connectivity

    Streaming your audio all the way by Wifi, Bluetooth 5.0, DLNA, UpPnP, Airplay, Spotify Connect.

  • Streaming your Music Everywhere

    No matter where you are in your house, you can always take out your phone to play a song for youryou or your family. Like play a Bedtime Story for your Children, a love song for your wife, easy and wirelessly.

  • Free iOS & Android App

    Our App called “4stream” that is compatible to your iOS & Android system. All the features can be simply controlled by App. And you also can receive the notification for our regular online firmware update automatically in our App.


Wireless network IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4G
Ethernet Single 10/100M RJ45
Bluetooth 5.0, SBS/AAC
USB Host Play USB music
Bluetooth Distance 10M
Power Input DC 12V - 26V
Audio Input Analog 3.5mm/4pin connector/Micro USB
Audio output Analog Speaker out
(PIN SPACE-5.0mm)
Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz
Speaker Power 2×50-W into a 4-Ω BTL Load at 21V
2×30-W into a 8-Ω BTL Load at 24V
2×15-W into a 8-Ω BTL Load at 15V
THD 0.03%, @1kHz 50W+50W 24V-4Ω
Speaker Impedance 4-8ohms
Decoding Up to 24bit/192kHz
Protocols AirPlay, DLNA, UPnP, Spotify Connect, Qplay
Dimensions 110*80*22m
IR Remote Controller Optional

Package Included


Ask a Question
  • Hi, is it compatible Airplay 2 ? Thanks

    We support airplay1 only,airplay2 will increase the cost quite much. airplay2 support multiroom control,which is supported by our app 4STREAM. What's more we can do multizone streaming .That means you can play different music from different source(such as usb,bluetooth,line in )in different rooms or same music in sync in all rooms,or you can group several rooms into Zone A ,some other rooms into Zone B, you can play different music in different zone as well

  • If I have all boards/zones in one place, how long can the cables to the speakers be. Do I need special cable for 30 meters or ordinary spreader cable good enough?
    30 meters with normal cable is ok .
  • What is the internal audio sampling rate for the DSP (ADC/DAC) ? For example the standard miniDSP is 48khz.
    The internal system sample rate is 44.1KHz.
  • Does Up2stream Amp V2 or V3 support Airplay2 And the Amp 2.1 also?
    No they only support aireplay, not airplay2.
  • I've tried playing youtube video using Up2stream Amp V3 and found that there is slightly out of sync between audio and video. Is there any way to eliminate this out-of-sync problem?

    hi Sir, We already optimize the latency to best of our bluetooth .If you try other bluetooth except aptx ,which will have more latency .

    That's the best we can do already .

  • Do you have any plans about an amplifier board with HDMI input? It could be a really useful variant especially if it was possible to control volume via HDMI-CEC commands from a TV. I could really use such a board for a DIY TV-soundbar.
    That's a great idea.  For current diy board ,we may do a accessory board .Our future all in one model with add this kind of ports there.
  • Is there documentation for "More Extension" port? Can be place an OLED/LCD on IIC interface to display ARTIST/TRACKNAME?
    We will make an accessory board for this ,have all info displayed . Target mid of Nov .
  • Is there any way to apply an equaliser to the amp? I'd rather not go to the expense and complication of using crossovers if possible.
    We have EQ control in the app .
  • Does the unit have spdif input anywhere
    We will launch an spdif in board as accessory within Sep .
  • What is the latency when using the audio line input and playing back from the local unit only? I ask this, because I would like to connect a TV set to the speakers using Up2stream Amp V3 when I'm watching TV, and use use it as a networked audio system when not watching TV. This kind of set-up does not tolerate latency.
    With line in ,there is no latency .btw, we will launch a spdif in board accessory in Sep .Hope this helps.
  • Hi, Can we adapt to drive a single speaker (kind of mono out) ? thanks
    Currently ,not ,will make a mono boad in future.
  • Hi, I have only one good speaker at the moment. I guess Up2Stream Amp is designed for stereo and to be used with 2 speakers How can I connect stereo music to a single speaker ?
    Please wait our mono board ,should be released around end of Oct .
  • Hello, can i control the WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier Board Up2Stream amp V3 with buttons, if so, how
    Currently ,by remote . Or pls wait our button board ,which will be launced in Sep.
  • this board uses a „hybrid“ TI3116 power amp. are you planing a version with a fully digital STA326 power amp again? (like you did in v1.0)
    We have a 4CH AMP board under design ,that one using digital chipset .
  • Hi there! I wanted to ask - What is the use of the "More Extension" pins? And what are the future extension capabilities? I mean some future accessories like an extension button board? I really like your products (I don't have any though thinking of buying) Thanks
    Yes, the extension pins is for connect to some external boards, which can add new functions to our device or let you customize your own device more easily.
    We will release some external board in the near future(most likely will be release at late Sep.), including a button board (basic controls like play/pause, vol up/down, etc), a SPDIF coaxial and optical output board, a DAC board, IR extension board and volume knob board.
  • Does Up2Stream amp V3 have line out? Is there a way to get line out? Would like the option to connect speakers or amp or both like in Up2Stream amp V2.0. This would be good as if amp is not powerful enough for stereo system I can attach external amplifier.
    yes, there is line out pin on the board .You have to do a little DIY by yourself :)
  • Does Up2stream Amp V2 or V3 support open.fm internet radio service?

    There is an update soon will support input radio url link. If you have the link ,then it will work .

  • Which devices can play back directly from USB meaning from a USB stick or similar? My plan is to keep the device built into a robot mower able to play back music, either from spotify or internal storage (fully app controlled). Is that also possible with the Mini?
    All models with USB port can do that .
  • Are you going to release a 2.1 version of this amp?

    Yes, it will be in pre-order soon ,plan to ship within July . 

    It will be a spec 50W+50W+100W(passive sub support )

  • Hello, what is the diffrent between Up2stream Amp V2 and V3? Thank you.
    1. support USB audio in via micro usb port .
    2. support wifi and bluetooth name change .
    3. support DSP audio effect tool, which will sell seperately soon .
  • Hi, what is the power consumption of this amp. Is there a standby function? What is the power consumption during standby?
    it will go to power saving model ,if no music playback .shut down the amp and other uncessary function unit .
  • how many boards I can combine? mean how many rooms ore zone your system can handle?
    20 rooms with 20pcs is the number we recommend .
  • in a multi zone setup do you need to have a upstream board and a amp in ever zone to play different music in each zone?. how would this setup work..4 zone system. also will any wifi speakers work with this setup?...thanks
    one board means one zone ,which can control music played in this zone .so if you plan 4 zone or 4 room play with different music or same music, you need 4 boards from us .
    For other speaker used Linkplay technology can work together,there is a long list for that ,but i don't have it .
    We will also launch our own speaker this year. but schedule not fixed yet .
  • Hi, can I connect a vinyl/record player to this? If so, how?
    If you vinyl player is amplified ,yes, you can connect to our system and use it right away .
  • How do I pair a new bluetooth device?
    You can turn off the old phone bluetooth ,then new one can connect .
  • I bought 7 of these boards to make a multi zone home audio system. All 7 boards will be together next to my tv reciver. Is it possible to use the receiver's speakers together with the pcb's line in without the latency being noticed? If I want to play the sound of the receiver on all 7 boards, is it better for me to split the áudio output to all the boards line in instead of restreaming to get a lower latency? Is there a better way for me to do this? Thanks.
    If you don't restream ,line in is latency is unnoticable . But if you want to play receiver audio to all 7 zone , your planning seems ok if you can but a spliter like that .
  • Does the 4STREAM app's bass/treble control work for all sources (bluetooth, line-in, spotify, etc) ? Will it allow/remember different bass/treble settings for each source?
    All sources . Can not set different EQ for different source .
  • Does the wifi network require an active internet connection to use Spotify? I.E. can I use Spotify in offline-mode to play songs that are synced to my phone's spotify app. I would like to use this in my camping RV with a wifi router which will NOT have an active internet connection.
    Then you have use our bluetooth mode.
  • Can this be used as a spotify connect client without connecting through the 4STREAM phone app? I.E. connect via spotify-connect from the spotify app on a friend's phone who doesn't have the 4STREAM app installed?
    yes. you can use in that way .
  • How many watts output @ 12v w/ 4-ohm load?
    12V 8WX2CH
  • Can I get 12 zones together in a rack mountable box/case?
    Yes, that's how our system work and why customer buy this for .
  • Hello, Is the amp capable playing in bridge mode or even in tri- mode? I want to use it with a passive 3 way crossover in a single bookschelve speaker , one board each channel (L/R)
    Currently ,we don't have that feature, will think about that in future models.
  • Hi I'm very interested by the up2stream amp 2.0 but I have a question could this be controlled by Google home app ? Thanks
    no. we may support home assistant ,Fibaro soon .
  • When it goes on standby after 10 mins. of inactivity. If it receives a Spotify Connect signal, does it play music at the previous volume level?
    If no music playing ,it will go to standby and save power ,but keep wifi/network connected ,once signal back, it will play right away with your formal setting .
  • Hello, I want to build the box with up2stream AMP 2.0 with additional controls (not remote control). I wonder what GPIO does? Is there any option to add physical buttons like play/pause, next, prev, volume, mute? Also feature like ability to connect touchscreen (with embeded app) would be great :) something like kiosk mode...
    Our extension I/O port support screen ,keyboard, IR ,I2S ,but we do not those accessory products ready yet .There 're some of that will be launched in May and June .
    For touch app ,our ios/android app can run on any tablet with touch support.
  • Can the line out pins and the Speaker output be used to setup 2 different "zones" or does the line out simply play whatever is on the output but in a line level form only?
    It's same sources .Current system is alwasy play one source only ,from wifi ,bluetooth ,usb or line in .
  • The AMP2.0 can decode 192kH sampling, however Frequency response only grantee up to 20kHz. I would like to know actual frequency response upper limit.
    Frequency range is 20HZ to 20kHz
  • Will iOS, Spotify app etc see this device without using the third party app? Also is this or will it ever be Alexa compatible?
    Yes, you can see the device when using Airplay or Spotify app.
    For Alexa, we can connect it with bluetooth and line in now.
  • What current draw can I expect? I'm trying to pair a portable battery and controller. What is the max amperage draw? I'm most likely going to be feed 12-13V
    For this support, pls contact our email .staff people will help you on that.
  • When to expect a 2.1 version? (it was said begin 2020 which passed already, i'm interested in how much delay there will be) When to expect real DSP implementation? (sadly, the EQ in the 4stream app is extremely basic)
    Up2stream Amp2.1 should be available within May. Development is done ,waiting for mass production .
    As i know ,there will be no delay .
    For DSP, i'd like to announce we will launch a DSP tool to work with our V3 series via micro usb port and windows PC. 
    The tool is very very very powerful ,you can adjust everything you want to and very easy to use .
    lastly ,the DSP tool will sell seperately .
  • Is it possible to turn off through the app? Total device shutdown. Can it be turned off through http api? 2.8.5 shutdownhttp: // does not work
    Without using our device exceed 10 mins, our device will close automatically.
    For next time, just do any operation on App or remote and it will be triggered.
  • Does the Up2stream Amp 2.0 have the same analog outputs (low level) as the mini or pro? or something different entirely? Which unit has the best low level sound quality?

    Amp2.0 have line out pin on the board. it's whole system line out ,no matter which source is playing .

    same as pro or mini. 

    For sound quality ,surely S50 pro is the best .

  • What type of power connector do I need for the board if I want to use an existing power supply?
    We sell the power supply, you can refer to:

  • How is it possible to reset the board, or the wifi connection? I lost Wifi connection and cannot get it running - it worked initially. In addition: where can I adjus tthe EQ?
    Reset is in the hole on line in . Click that and wifi ssid will be out again .EQ in app setting is available .
  • Hi, When do you plan to have a higher powered amp with this module maybe 2*50W or 2*75W 8ohms ? Thank you as I would like one
    Plan to launch a model with that spec around end of April
  • 2 points. 1) Just a note for you. On the web page is written 2X50W into a 4ohm Load at 21V - 2X30W into a 4ohm Load at 24V; probably 50W are at 24 Volts. 2) May I use this amp to drive 2.3 OHM load (JBL tipically)? Regards.
    if you use an 12V 4A or above power supply ,3OHM is ok .
  • Could i stream audio with line in to other speakers ? and how big or long is the delay ? I Would like to stream audio to other speakers.. Other systems have a delay of 1-2 seconds...

    Yes, our system can do that .Latency via network is also 1-2 secs .

    If just swtich line in to current output device, almost no latency .

  • I want to use two amp boards in two speakers, making them active speakers. I want to set those speakers up as a stereo pair. Is this possible and how should I wire them?
    Yes, Up2stream amp2.0 can meet your needs.
    For how to wire up the speakers, you can refer to the videos.
  • How can I use the GPIO port? Is there any way to program functionallity?

    we already programmed and support lots of command already. We keep this for future accessory use .

    If you are busienss buyer ,pls contact us via email to get more info .

  • Are there plans to add support for Google Play Music or Youtube Music when it replaces GPM? Are there plans for a slightly more powerful amp, maybe 2x 75W to give those that will use 8ohm speakers a little more head room? How is volume controlled when the Aux In is used? Is it always controlled by the app? (i will try a record play connected to a pre-amp, then that will be connected to your amp, just trying to figure out where I will get volume control for when I play records) How do you change inputs without the remote? Primarily I'd like to know how to select the aux input when I start playing a record. Thank you,

    Yes, have plan for bigger power amp and new streaming services. 

    Line in and all other sources can be swtich via our remote controller or app .same for volume control 

  • Can you program the name of the Bluetooth connection that shows up during pairing?
    For MASS order ,we can make the firmware with the bluetooth customer want .
  • Is there any chance to access the EQ settings for permanent adjustment including all sources? I know CSR chips are capable of basic DSP stuff like Compressor, EQ, etc.. Would be great, since it is way more complex to do it with passive components. If not, is there any solution where you can get a proper DSP (for example ADAU1701) inbetween the preamp unit and the Amp itself?
    We have an MCU on board, which includes DSP there .On app and remote controller, you can adjust EQ setting for all sources. You may check if it is enough for you .For ADAU1701,we may used it on future productcs .
  • Is it possible to use the Amp without the APP? Pair the Bluetooth device etc.
    For 1st time setup ,app is required ,after that ,if you don't want to use app ,you can use bluetooth ,airplay ,DLNA or remote controller ,which is not required to use with our app .
  • Is there a particular enclosure you would recommend for this board?
    You can choose the material that won't interfere with the signal.
  • I'm wanting to use 3-6 of these, each with a hardwired ethernet connection to my router/LAN, to create a multiroom system that is controlled from iPhone / iPad that connects to the network by WIFI. Spotify / Pandora / Amazon / similar streaming services will primarily be used, but will also hook one up to an existing stereo receiver (line in, line out connections) to have the ability to push legacy media (LP's, CD's, etc.) through the system. Doable? Also, what power supply do you recommend for this unit?
    It sound like a smart and mature idea. Luckily ,our system fit all demands well. 
    For receiver, i recommend you our S50 Pro .
    For power ,you may use our power supply or you can check if some in-wall central power suitable or not  ,such as meanwell .
    All our amp need is DC from 12-21V .
  • Is there any integration with Alexa to turn streams off or automatically play based on voice command?
    no .we would suggest you use our remote ,i think it's even easier than alexa ,which still need to do by several step and wait for around 30secs . our system is more designed to use with apps ,you can browser music and find the music easily .and you can also preset the content ,click one button to play the playlist you want .
  • Can you buy a larger power supply and share it amount a couple of the amps? If you get a 15 amp supply could it support 3 boards shared?
    if there is any central power ,can generate multiple 15V power suppply ,then you can make this work .we have customer project ,installed 20 pcs in a case .
  • Hi, Is this board capable to play the stream from rj45 interface(if this is connected în the same LAN with the audio server) ? Thank you!
    Sure. that's why RJ45 is there .you can also call our system network audio streaming system .
  • ís the 4-pins speak-out plug included in the package? if not, how to order it?
    Yes, it's included .You can use it right away when you get it ,if you have right power adapter.
  • What should be the current value in the DC power adapter ?
  • I'm wanting to setup a multi-room soundsystem using speakers I already have that's sourced from a pc and router. Can I connect this board to my network without using a phone app?
    Yes. it support bluetooth ,dlna ,airplay .all of these do not require our app to work with ,except for the 1st setup . For pc, you can use bluetooth or itunes 's airplay or dlna streaming to our system . or footbar is another option .

  • hi, i am planning to use this amp for in ceiling installation and thus i will not be able to turn power on and off everytime i start or quit listening to music. has the amp the ability to notice when the mobile app trys to connect to the amp and then switch power on or off? i can imagine that this problem could be easy solved via the remote control for ONE amp, but i will have around 6 amps in my house's ceilings because i wanna do multiroom. do i have to switch power on for every single amp via its remote control then?
    Our amp has power saving technology ,when there is no music playback ,it will go to power saving automatically and very low power consumption ,only keep the wifi running .When music coming back ,all system will come back right away .So you don't need to worry the power consumption and turn them off and in this way ,you can enojoy music rightaway everytime you play something .
  • Is it possible to set this board up as mono out? I want to build an active speaker where the tweeter i driven by one chanel and the woofer by the other.
    We will design MONO products in the future. It should launch Q1,2020.
  • What Amp/Chip does this use?
    This one using TI3116 works with our DSP together.  amp1.0 using STA326.
  • Hello there, Your products seems ideal for lots of projects. The earlier question was answered my half question. I hope if you make your amp board with 2.1 (subwoofer) speaker out would be more ideal for lots of projects. What is your solution for that now. Please. Thank you.
    Current Up2stream amp 2.0 board got line pin on the board, but required a little hardware DIY skill to use it .It can be used with active subwoofer.  For passive amp support ,we will have future model support that around beginning of 2020. 

  • Do you have an available remote control?
    Yes, Up2Stream Amp 2.0 and A50 both support remote controller . For board product ,remote is only available in pacakge price .
  • Does it have a volume knob? Or can you add one?
    Our system support remote controller and app controller .so we don't have volume knob.
  • Hello. Do you have a mounting plate for this amp board? It would be very difficult to install it in DIY project.
    We may launch plate amp in 2020. Currently ,you can try with some of small items firstly :)
  • The Up2Stream Amp 2.0 is nice product! Keep the high end specs, and this module will sell very well. Does the Bluetooth 5.0 possibly have CSR9675 decoding for HD audio? Thanks very kindly, Perry
    we will have complete model with those features soon !
  • Does the multiroom and stereo left/right pairing stay presistent in blueooth mode? My idea is, once I configure my home setup over wifi and connect to one up2stream module over BT will the other modules in other rooms also play and stay in sync or does that feature only work in wifi mode?
    Yes, all music played in our system can be restream to other unit , even in stereo pair mode.
  • Can I purchase all the multi-pin cables from you and at what cost? These are a real pain to find. Thank you.
    yes. we will list the pin cables soon ,those cable normally 1-2 dollars per pcs .
  • Can I purchase the 4-pin line-out from you to drive my subwoofer amplifier in parallel to this amp (driving the mid & tweeters), and at what cost? Thanks kindly.
    If you see our line out pin and know how to use it ,and your subwoofer with filter function ,then it will work .
  • Can it airplay peer to peer like in apple tv without a need for wifi router. I wish to use it in car.
    Yes, our system need a router to work with ,but the router without internet is ok to do airplay .
  • Hi, does this amp sync for multiroom over airplay with appletv or other airplay products? Thx.
    yes .any source our system is playing can be re streamed to other unit in sync
  • multiroom -how many rooms speckers connected with this amplifier
    We have no limit about multiroom connection numbers ,but for play in sync ,we suggest at most 10 rooms
  • Hello, I am interested in building a portable speaker, I have 2 bass of 40w, 2 medium of 20w and 2 twetter of 15w, it is possible to connect everything to the board
    Yes, you can set up them together and our power  output is 50W*2
  • Hello I bought the amplifier without the DC power adapter can I used any DC power adapter with 24 volt? any recommendation? Thank you.
    Yes, 12-26V is fine .
  • I want to build a 2.1 audio system for my deck. I have two sets of speakers and a subwoofer. I've read that timing is everything, and I'm looking for a DIY build where I can control everything digitally. I want to experiment with the 'crossover' frequency between the speakers and the subwoofer (80-100Hz has been recommended). Is this something I can do with your components? If so, what do I need?
    you can try up2stream amp board with line out ,not 2.0 version .
    speaker out connect to your 2.0 stereo system ,and line out to your subwoofer.

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