How To Control


-Free Android and iOS application to download from Google Play and App Store.

-To stream and control music from streaming services and local files from the app.


-For Mac users can stream music from iTunes.

-For Windows users can stream music via Foobar 2000, Serviio.

-Spotify Connect and other software which support UPnP, DLNA are also supported.

Direct Mode

-If you setup with Lan connection, you don’t need to setup with Wifi.

You can stream music by network directly.


-After switch to Bluetooth mode in App, you can pair the device with your phone using Bluetooth conneciton.

Then you can stream music or video sound via Bluetooth.

IR Remote

-The IR remote controller has most of the application funtions, including volume up/down, previous/next, switch mode(WiFi/Bluetooth/Line in/USB/OPT), treble/bass adjustment, preset keys for your favorite channels.