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Good vibrations

Super nice amp whith a lot of apps on the phone
the remote works good too
only lacking the youtube music app then 5 stars :)

My new go to.

Definitely comparable to most wireless amps and streams but at a fraction of the cost.

Great quality and fast shipping!

I was considering buying an already manufactured AMT or assembling a set myself. In the end, I'm very pleased that I decided to buy these from Arylic. The sound has improved a lot. What I was lacking in my Q Acoustics setup is the crispiness of the high frequencies. As much as I enjoy the Q Acoustics setup, the sound is a bit too soft for my taste, especially paired with the Denon amplifier. Yamaha sounds a bit harsher, but again, the lack in the high diapason was quite noticeable, especially when reproducing acoustic pieces. These tweeters are not only of high quality, but they also sound incredible. The sound is clear and at the same time not annoying as with cheaper tweeters. All you need to do is get the right high-quality crossovers to be able to enjoy these at full capacity.

B50 working great but support has not been stellar

I have had the device for 3 weeks and it works great except it locks up in ARC Standby mode and cannot be started without turning remote on/off. Received first response within two days with some good questions. Responded twice over two weeks and have not heard back. Love the device but if I need to turn it off to make it work not what I paid for>

For the price, it's a great product!

This is a great little box for what it does. I'm using it basically as a preamp for bluetooth.

The phono pre amp is decent. No, it's not a really expensive preamp, but I return the Art DJ II since it really didn't make too much difference. That's probably due to the DAC, which is the next point.

The DAC to ADC isn't wonderful. I wish there was a pure analog pass through. Since it's not great, I have my turntable going to a manual switch so I can use my other preamp for the main system - because running it through the Arylic greatly reduces quality.

So, I enjoy for bluetooth listening, but that's about it. They advertise the DAC model and all, but that's probably it's week point.

I got mine for 15% off and at that price, very much worth it.

Order not moving

I ordered and paid two weeks ago...still nothing.


Hello.Unfortunately the thing does not satisfy me,my library on the SSD it's the quality of the sound is not very loud and it jerks at all... The pity did not fit,although everything works,for a simpler user is designed.

A30+ 30W x 2 WiFi Mini Stereo Amplifier

Up2Stream HD DAC support

Well, the unit arrived and I immediately found a defective digital output. I opened a chat and it really needed several days to get the RMA. I shipped back and it arrived at the service point after one day. Now another week passed by, I heard nowthing from Arylic, neither facts about the defective board nor about a new one to get shipped to me - what do you thing about this service, now?

Fast delivery and good product. I like it

As Promised

Works great. Find some used, good quality speakers on Marketplace and make your own budget Sonos system.

Great device!

Works great, brought another dimension to my music!

Arylic and Apogees

I have now connected my Arylic S-50 Sreamer Preamp to my system with an Adcom 555 and a pair of Apogee Ribbons--the wall mount Auriga's. This is a second system at my sky house, and was looking to not go overboard, and the Arylic sounds very nice. My wife even commented. My home system is a pair of Apogee Scintillas with Krell and Meridian, so we know what a reference system can do. The imaging with the Arylic is quite good, and country music, and Eric Clapton sound very nice.

Hisses and pops

Hisses and pops and not in a good way. Low volumes there is a loud hissing. Large nasty pooing sound on channel change on TV optical input. And popping when changing source. Shame because seams like a good product otherwise. Will be sending back

Super streamer for the price

I have 4 Bluesound streamers but wanted something cheaper for the bedroom. So diverted to Arylic S50 Pro+.
This streamer was nearly 25% of the costs of the Bluesound with the additional benefit of the remote controller.
Sound quality wise, the BlueSounds are a bit more balanced but these differences are subtle. The wireless streaming is a bit more erratic though and not as stable as the BlueSounds. But looking to hardwire this one so it shouldn’t be a problem.

A50+ 50W x 2 Streaming Amplifier
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A50+ 50W x 2 Streaming Amplifier

Up2Stream Amp

If volume **** extension board is installed, push function would be nice if doubling on/off/input-selector button on amp board. So I can select input and power off the amp with volume button.

Amp + Preamp/streamer

I have purchased two products. Both are excellent. Clear and dynamic DA converter, excellent sound, variable adjustment via software.


Hello, You have great products but I have a few suggestions: 1. When can I connect the display to other boards? 2. why are there no ID3 tags on the free internet channels? 3. After a reboot or start from standby, the last station should always start automatically I've asked this question before... and didn't get an answer... Maybe I'll get a positive answer now
Best regards
Joerg Fink

Up2Stream HD DAC - Airplay 2 High-Res Wireless aptx HD Audio Streaming Board(No Amp)

IR Remote Control
Silvano Nájera

IR Remote Control

Why I returned Arylic S10

I should have checked more carefully. The S10 cannot connect to the Sonos speakers I own.
I liked the unit and I hope they will add Sonos soon.

Great little amp!

Purchased this to power some Bose in ground speakers. Works great for less than half of most amps

Solid streaming

The board is easy to work with and the Wi-Fi connection is pretty stable. Sadly, the Bluetooth connection is weak, even if transmitter and receiver are right next to each other. Therefore, listening to SoundCloud or YouTube can be frustrating, as the audio will stutter. This could be solved by an in-app integration for those services.