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It doesn't work.

It just plain doesnt work on windows 10 even in compatibility mode. At least I got my money back.

Up2Stream Board - first experience

The Arylic Up2Stream 2.1 amplifier board is an excellent value for the money, offering a wide range of features that make it a standout choice in its category. One of its standout features is the compatibility with the ACPWorkbench Tuning Tool, which takes the amplifier's capabilities to the next level.

With the ACPWorkbench Tuning Tool, users can unlock a host of outstanding features, including low- and high-pass filters, speaker frequency correction, room correction, and more. This tool adds a level of customization and fine-tuning that is typically not found in amplifiers at this price point.

One of the strengths of the Arylic Up2Stream 2.1 amplifier board is its comprehensive documentation. It provides users with clear and helpful guidance on installation and operation. However, while the documentation for the board itself is top-notch, the documentation for the ACPWorkbench software could benefit from some improvement. Specifically, the extensive features found in the 'Audio Module' tab could be explained in more detail for a more user-friendly experience.

In terms of user support, the Arylic team shines. When faced with an issue regarding software installation limitations, their responsive and effective support team quickly resolved the problem within a day. This level of customer service adds significant value to the overall package.

In summary, the Arylic Up2Stream 2.1 amplifier board is an exceptional choice for those looking to enhance their audio setup without breaking the bank. Its compatibility with the ACPWorkbench Tuning Tool, combined with its excellent documentation and stellar customer support, make it a solid investment for audio enthusiasts looking to fine-tune their sound system to perfection.

no support

I had bluetooth synchronization problems in BP50 and I asked you for help by the chat to solve it, I'm still waiting for your support I will not recommend Arylic anyone

positively surprised

great product, fast delivery and good customer service

Arylic B50

Amp is good enough. Maby little power boost be nice, but enough was is . Maybe more powerful power brick be helpful. Only one thing - when you power up amp , buzz noise come from speakers , after is on to some input , noise is gone. Speakers are Infinity INTERMEZZO 2.6 and INTERMEZZO 1.2S sub. Turntable input still not used, i will try it whit my old unit soon. Bluetooth streaming work fine. Be useful have second line in.

B50 Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier With Audio Transmitter

BK651 tear down and review

I received a delivery of the new Arylic BK651 loudspeakers, they were very well packaged and would need seriously bad freight handling to damage the contents.
Upon opening and on first inspection I see that the cabinet design is very minimalistic in its approach an in my view I think that speaker's physical dimensions fall toward the larger side of what I'd consider as bookshelf-sized speakers.
The light oak timber veneer finished enclosures appear to be well constructed and the magnetically attached fascia grille is nice.
The two drivers are recessed flush with the veneer, upon removal of these and looking inside the cabinet the only internal stiffening is a small single MDF cross brace. As the Arylic documentation shows the MDF is 18mm thick and there are 20mm thick ‘polyfil’ type synthetic dampening material pads on the side walls of the enclosure.
The woofer/mid driver has a pressed steel chassis, the air motion transformer tweeter has cast alloy frame, the full driver specs are published in the DIY section of the Arylic website. There are no signs of a OEM on either driver.
The crossover is mounted to the base of the enclosure, it’s a basic crossover with air core inductors, wire wound resistor, a ceramic, a polyester film and a bipolar capacitor.
Looking at the rear of the enclosure there are the speaker connectors and a port. The plated brass binding posts are similar to ones that I have used previously with no issues, weird though, the ones in these speakers had steel nuts.
The port is 50mm diameter, it is a cardboard tube with flared moulded plastic ends, I can only assume that the cardboard tube has been trimmed for bass tuning upon assembly. Using a port length calculator it appears that this port is tuned to appropriately 48hz
Listening. After extensively sampling numerous and varied music genres, my impression is that these speakers are enjoyable, but like most fairly compact speakers they have limited bass depth, a somewhat exaggerated midrange and in this particular model, lively, bright and slightly piercing high frequencies. This is my first time listening with this type of air motion transformer tweeters so I can only compare with more conventional units.
They were very easy speakers to drive to loud listening levels with low apparent distortion, the low end frequency appears to drop off a little under about, I’d say around 70hz, so combining with a subwoofer would improve the listening experience.
The listening (or dispersion) area appears to be fairly narrow, although as the speakers are not really suitable for critical listening, I wasn’t overly concerned with this.
As the ports are rear facing, I would suggest that the speakers are placed at least 150mm away from a wall behind them for the ports to function properly extending the bass response.
There are a few giveaways that the speakers have been built to a budget or price point, a cast alloy frame on the woofer/mid range would have been nice and the use of a bipolar cap when a film cap could have been used for very little more.
So, are they considered reference quality? No, but I would recommend them as excellent “everyday speakers” for playing background music on a regular basis and they do offer very good value for the price.

S10 WiFi Music Streamer
William Soundis
WiFi Music without the headache.

The Aryic S10 WiFi Music Streamer is everything I ever expected. Setup was breeze and the system worked perfectly evern with only 40% WiFi Strength due to the distance located away from our WiFi Souce. Would recommend to anyone.

A mixed bag

Sound of the S10 is quite good for a cost effective device, but the 4stream app is glitchy. Out of the several android devices in the house, only 2 of them will connect to the S10 over wifi. Some of the music apps that will connect will connect to the S10 will not connect to the S10 on wifi at all, only on bluetooth, which defeats the purpose of owning the S10.
I will have to try to sort this out with Arylic, but these types of issues shouldn't happen in the first place on a device which has been on the market for some.
If not resolved, i will have to send the device back for a refund.

Case for Up2stream HD DAC

Good case for the product. Helps to organize the board.

Good, but requires refinement of details.

The sound with Dali Spektor 2 is satisfactory. Streaming possibilities are great. However, this could be improved: - iPad application with horizontal orientation (none for now) - ability to wake up via WiFi, - smooth volume control with remote control, step by 1, not 3 scales.

Very good

Very good small streaming board which is very easy to install and manage. Some improvements i see forwad to is creating virtual speaker groups in the app.


A really good preamplifier in a nicely made box with a simple design. I especially like the new android app. The sound is better than on UpStream pro, which I also have.

A well-designed product

Well-designed and with a good app and remote controller. Excellent performer and good value.

Up2Stream Mini - Multiroom Wi-Fi Streamer Board (No Amp)

Expansion Boards
paul baggio
Super fast shipping

Well i have not test to unit yet, except to make sure it works… which it does. The unit came much faster than i expected which is great. The unit will be used in a project im working on.

I think it will be good

Display well usable. Only in my configuration not possible to connect this.
That is to be found only in a Dukument, if all were already searched.
No direct indication that this works ONLY imt a spezillem board.

Expansion Boards
Paul Bezbakh

Expansion Boards

Wifi a must

Wifi connection makes it much easier to move around as opposed to Bluetooth connection. So far no issues with the amp

Great streaming amp with multiple functions

It's the sixth amp I bought and used for homemade premium Boomboxes. Sounds quality ist very good. The possibility to squeeze the speaker's frequency response with the software used great. For the first time I used it to programme a 2 way crossover.

aún no recibo mi compra

Philipp Gumplmayr


Power Adapters
Rene Carriere
Great product

Works well