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WiFi & Bluetooth HiFi Stereo MultiRoom Amplifier With Spotify,Airplay,DLNA,Upnp A50
Arylic A50 WiFi & Bluetooth MultiRoom/Multizone Full Digital HiFi Stereo Amplifier with Spotify,Airplay,DLNA and Free iOS&Android App - arylic
Arylic A50 WiFi & Bluetooth MultiRoom/Multizone Full Digital HiFi Stereo Amplifier with Spotify,Airplay,DLNA and Free iOS&Android App - arylic
Arylic A50 WiFi & Bluetooth MultiRoom/Multizone Full Digital HiFi Stereo Amplifier with Spotify,Airplay,DLNA and Free iOS&Android App - arylic
Arylic A50 WiFi & Bluetooth MultiRoom/Multizone Full Digital HiFi Stereo Amplifier with Spotify,Airplay,DLNA and Free iOS&Android App - arylic

WiFi & Bluetooth HiFi Stereo MultiRoom Amplifier With Spotify,Airplay,DLNA,Upnp A50HiFi Stereo Amp A50

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WiFi & Bluetooth MultiRoom/Multizone Full Digital HiFi Stereo Amplifier with Spotify, Airplay, DLNA, Upnp and Free iOS&Android App

WiFi&Bluetooth MultiRoom HiFi Stereo Amp

Arylic StreamAmp A50-WiFi and Bluetooth HiFi Stereo Amplifier

StreamAmp A50 support streaming from all kinds of music sources from Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz, DLNA, NAS and phone storage.

This WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2 HiFi stereo amplifier can support music play from Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, Tidal, AirPlay, DLNA, NAS and phone storage. Music can be wirelessly streamed from all kinds of sources without distance limitation in high audio quality. The remote controller can switch the sources of WiFi, Bluetooth, Aux and adjust the bass and treble.

- 24bit, 192kHz decoding

- RCA Line in x1 ,RCA Pre-out x1

- 24bit, 192kHz decoding

- Audio formats: FLAC, WAV, APE, AAC, MP3, etc

- Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, Tidal, Napster, TuneIn and iHeartRadio etc

- All music sources can be retransmitted to other unit and play in sync

- EQ Adjustable in app

- Free Android and iOS application

- Global online firmware update

- Power input: 24V

- Network: WiFi and Ethernet RJ45

- Bluetooth 4.2

- Speaker power:50Wx2

- Speaker Impedance: 4Ω

- Dimensions: 114.7x107.5mm

- Protocols: Spotify connect, AirPlay, DLNA and UPnP

- App name: 4STREAM

- Remote controller


Stream Music via Network or Bluetooth

Stream music via network by WiFi or LAN with the app without distance limitation.

Stream Music Without Compression

Stream music file up to 24bit,192kHz without compression via network. flac, ape, wave files supported.

Spotify, Airplay, DLNA

Besides using apps, you can also stream by Spotify, Airplay or DLNA.

Massive Streaming Music

Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz, Internet Radio and more by online update.

Big Power and Great Sound

50W X 2 Class D Amplification

Multiroom & Multizone

Multiroom and Multizone features is supported if using with multiple units. Play same or different music in each room.

A50 Specifications

Connectivity WiFi IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4G
LAN RJ45 single 10/100m
Bluetooth 4.2
Freqneucy Response 20Hz-20kHz
Power Input DC 12V-26V
Speaker Output 2X50W@4ohm, 2x30W@8ohm load at 24v
Impendance 4-8Ω/ohms
Audio Output RCA Line out (0dB @ 1Vrms)
Audio Input RCA Line in (0dB @ 2Vrms)
USB 2.0 host
THD+N 0.03%, @1kHZ 50W+50W 24V 4ohm
Sample Rate Decoding upto 24bit, 192kHZ
Protocol Airplay, DLNA, Spotify Connect, Qplay, UPnP
Streaming Sources Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz, iHeartRadio, Napster, Internet Radio
App 4STREAM available in App Store and Google Play store
Control Devices iOS and Android based devices, PC(iTunes or Foobar2000), Remote Controller
Key Software Features Multiroom & Multizone streaming supported
All sources support restream to other unit in sync
Stereo Pair
Network Reset Button inside aux in port
LED LED indicator for work status
Accessory remote controller, user manual, phoenix speaker connector, power adapter, 3.5mm mini jack aux to 2 RCA cable, 2 RCA to 2 RCA cable, Antennas for WiFi and Bluetooth, screw driver
Dimension 120 * 110 * 40mm
Weight 1.2kg
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Ask a Question
  • Can I play music in three to four different rooms using one a50 and a four zone speaker selector?
    You need 1 units for each zones. 4 zones need 4 units.
    You can refer to the page to see how our system works:
  • How many A50 devices are required for livingroom and a bedroom to have the multiroom capability, each room will have a left snd right speaker (rooms are no more than 125 sq ft)? Can you connect a smart tv wireless to the A50? Can you play the tv in the livingroom and separate music in at the same time using one A50 device?
    One room need one amp ,one amp can wire with one pair of stereo speaker .  For TV, we recommend you use SA100 ,which has OPT in ,just swtiching to opt in source when watch TV.  All your other demand is ok .For the whole network setup ,we suggest you use LAN, which is more stable .
  • Hello, does the A50support Bluetooth aptX? Kind regards, Ralf
    No .just bluetooth 5.0 .S50 pro support aptxhd .
  • Can I add up to 8 devices as a multi room
    hi Sir, yes ,we support even more, for play same music in sync in all room ,we recomend 10~20 depending your network infracture. if do not play in sync ,no number limits .
  • I have my music stored on an external, portable Hard Drive. Can this be connected directly to the A50 thru the USB Port or does this need to be connected to my computer and streamed to the A50?
    Play from HDD, recommend using NAS or PC . You can stream wirelessly from your pc via itunes to our device or from NAS by our app .
  • how many sets of headphones/ earbuds could be used at the same time with this?
    It's a receiver ,if using network for streaming ,all your phones at home installed our apps can control our device. If bluetooth ,it can only controlled by one device .
  • If my speakers require 100W then I can not use the AMP2.0 correct? What are my options for in ceiling speakers that require 100W?
    Surely ,you can use AMP2.0. Normally ,in-ceiling speaker power stated there is peak power output . AMP2.0 can regular output 50WX2CH, peak power can go to even higher. I'm sure it will already give you a big loudness :)
  • is this device also Ariplay 2 combatible?
    Airplay2 will add cost more than $100 ,so we don't have plan to add that now . our apps support multiroom control ,also easy to use .
    for PC system ,you can use itunes to multiroom control as well.
  • Ciao a me serviva per trasmettere l'uscita analogica di un microfono in una stanza remota dove c'e' un'impianto di diffusione audio analogico entrambi i luoghi sono presenti la stessa wifi. qualcosa del genere ho trovato https://www.futurashop.it/filo-diffusione-audio-su-rete-ethernet-7100-ft1185m ma mi serve che usa la mia wifi grazie
    We can do the function as your described ,but will be some delay for the micphone voice ,if you 're ok ,then you can use it .
  • Which DAC chip used for A50? If it could't specify chip, just short performance specs(eg. 32-Bit, 192kHz) would ok. And What is difference A50 and SA100 ? I know SA100 has bigger amp power and more input(optical), output(subwoofer). As for me, I prefer SA100. But, A50 is much better in terms of shape, design. Do you have further plan for SA100?
    Most of our customer may hide this kind of device in the desk .
    But if you like A50 ,it's a good for a try .

    the DAC used inside is not a famous one ,all i can tell you is it can decoding 24bit,192khz and sound quality to CD quality .
  • What is the wattage of builtin amplifier (Speaker's Out) ?
    50*50W 4ohm
    30*30W 8ohm
  • Does the unit play MQA master tracks from Tidal?
    No, our future high end model may support that. Plan to launch in 2020 .
  • Hi, is the Arylic A50 airplay 2 compatible? Regards
    No,our system only support airpay 1 .
    My advice is to use our 4stream app because airplay will compress sound quality,our app won't.

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