New Brilliant Smart Home Control: Fibaro HC3 & Arylic

New Brilliant Smart Home Control: Fibaro HC3 & Arylic

Many users may not know, Arylic has been working with some brilliant smart home control brands, such as Fibaro, Control 4(under building), Elan and more. By installing plugins on Fibaro Home Center 3, our products can immediately integrate with your smart home system. So you can wirelessly control our wireless streaming devices directly from your Elan or Fibaro's control system, which makes your life more convenient and simple! 

However, since Fibaro released their new smart home control device Home Center 3 (HC3), it brings a new life to the smart home control system. Last month, we secretly released our integration with HC3. So now you can control our devices directly from HC3 and have wireless audio entertainment time at home! Follow our footsteps, let us take you to explore the new fun of the New brilliant smart home control system“Fibaro Home Center 3 with Arylic!

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How the New Brilliant Smart Home Control System Works?

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Before integrating with Fibaro Home Center 3, you must have at least one Fibaro Home Center 3 and one of our devices in your home. The integration process is very simple, just install the plugin available in Fibaro's marketplace then you can finish the docking of the two systems. Once you have finished bridging with the smart home system, your Home Center 3 will be able to send commands over the  network to control our devices. And once our device receives the commands, it will operate and pass the signal to speakers. This needs to be done under the same  network segment. You can use  Arylic Player in the Fibaro app to ask our device to do multiple actions, like play, pause and more without using 4stream app. So you can control your whole house smart devices all by Fibaro app.

Install Arylic to Fibaro Home Center 3

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If you are already a Fibaro Home Center 3 user, just go to Fibaro's marketplace and find "ARYLIC Player for HC3 ( player-for-hc3)" plug-in to download and install, this player is available for the following Fibaro models

  • FIBARO HC3-Lite
  • FIBARO Yubii Home

For previous generations of Fibaro models, you can search for "Rakoit Player.("

This is available for all Arylic models being sold, as long as your firmware version is higher than v4.2.xxxx or newer.

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What can I do with the Integrated Smart Control System?

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There are multiple powerful functions that Arylic Player can do.


  • Complete playback status and AlbumArt
  • Playback control (Play/Pause/Next/Prev)
  • Volume and mute control
  • Source selector (USB/BT/AUX-IN)
  • 10 presets access buttons (links to TuneIn, UPnP, USB, Spotify, Tidal and more)
  • Playback custom URL stream (ex. shoutcast radio)
  • Shuffle/Repeat modes
  • Multiroom buttons  to link other ARYLIC devices
  • Solo mode switch disconnects from master/slaves
  • Sleep timer settings and status
  • Fanart on-off switch 
  • Implementation of Player class for easy use in block scenes for playback  and volume control
  • Easy configuration of multiroom configurations via block scenes
  • Additional set of public functions to set presets, sleep timer and sources from LUA code

Not only control by App, that many of users like to control on web by custom URL. By this you can stream your favorite music or radio within the web control option. This is not available for the current Arylic controller.

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In Summary, this is a big milestone for us to have more options with smart home control systems. Are you a smart home control system user already? Now it is the trend for all in one system that controls all your smart devices in one system. Feel free to share your smart home control system below and discuss with others!

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james Lequesne

james Lequesne

Have you thought about getting the system into samsung smartthings app. I’ve tried fibaro but would’nt use it again.

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