Our Brand

Arylic is founded by groups of expert people with different skills from home audio and lifestyle new technology products. With more than 10 years of experience designing the product behind the scenes, we made the decision to make some products of our own team with our specialty, to make them good, value for money, good quality, maintain and update.

Why Choose Us?

Excellent Network Audio System with Amazing Price

We Always Try Our Best To Make You Satisfied

Excellent Team Behind The Technology

Ryan, our CEO, has more than 10 years experience in consumer electronics market, he is very sensitive to new technology and love to listen and reply our user's email about their questions, dissatisfaction and help them.

Frank, our CTO, has more than 10 years experience in embedded system development, knowing everything about software. He helped lots of our geek users and is considered as a friend by many of our users.

Landon, our chief hardware engineer, has 20 years experience in high-end audio hardware engineering, served more than 10 global top brands before, now he firmly believing that through Arylic, he can perform all his skill and brilliant ideas to our products and share to global users. The most glory moment is hearing from our users, i love this !

Joy and Victoria, they keep standby once they wake up and have all the time to serve you.

There're also lots of other many talent people behind, doing the same thing - to make you happy !

Continuous Surprise About New Product and Software Update

Choose The Right One For Your Home Audio System

There's More, Try to Stay With Us To See and Feel

Smart Home Integration

Our audio system can also be integrated with many smart home integration or control. For anyone who want to program and integrate themselves, you can download our HTTP API commands to do it. For anyone who have no idea, our team or our community design the controller software for all kinds of brands. Right now we have Fibaro, Elan, Home Assistant control ready, and will do more in the future.

Our Team

Hardware Development Department

Software Development Department

Operating Department

Marketing Department

Customer Service Department