Up2Stream Mini V2 and Up2Stream Pro V2 is Available Now

Up2stream Mini V2Up2stream Pro V2Thanks to all fans,giving us a lot of feedback about up2stream mini and up2stream pro, new mini and pro v2 version launch in mid of December and available in our official Arylic store now .

There are quite much improvements on both items. To know more , users can check the product page ,here are small summary about updates for both updated products .


Up2Stream Mini V2 VS Up2Stream Mini V1

- Add IIS pin connector on the mainboard .

- Add IR sensor on the mainboard 

- Add 3.5mm aux out for entry users 

- Add micro-usb power supply port for entry users 

- Change 2 pin power in pin connector to green power connector 

- Add more accessory cables 

- Software also updated with latest version 


Up2Stream Pro V2 VS Up2Stream Pro V1

- Change one LED to 4 LED to show different input audio sources.

- Add serial port for extension use (Provide customized SW service for OEM/ODM)

- Add line in and line out pin connector 

- Update with latest software 

All these modification and updates could give our users more choice to do their own extension and a better users experience with new software ,which is updated all the time with our user feedback .


Forecast News: 

Next update will more streaming services ,such as global internet radio ,amazon music, Pandora.
and important thing is all these will be free and available over online update just by one click .

Won't you be excited :)


Arylic Team 


  • Arylic

    Hi Marco, yes.
    Now our H50 Amplifier is available works with Alexa:

  • Arylic

    Hi Chris, thanks for your sincerely comments.
    For Roon, we will support on our futures products.

    About Tidal and Qubuz, you already can streaming from our 4STREAM APP!

  • Smith

    I got my up2stream pro v2 few weeks back. I paired it with my DIY amp and surprisingly, the sound quality was great. I’m enjoying this device and would get more in the future as I plan to build portable speakers. Though one thing I noticed is the flaw in its wifi connectivity. This device connects only to 2.4GHz while my Iphone connects on the same WIFI router but on the 5GHz. I cant find the device only if I downgrade my iphone wifi connection to 2.4GHz of the same router. Hope this problem be resolved in the next software update. Nevertheless, this product is great and made my DIY amp at par with the latest stereo receivers in the market.

  • dr.kung

    looking for corperate (i looking for barebone straming )board for assemble in my audio product

  • Marco

    Excellent products! Congrats.
    I wonder if you plan to make the system compatible with Alexa an Amazon Echo devices?

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