Wireless 2.1 Amplifier Board - Up2stream Amp 2.1

Wireless 2.1 Amplifier Board

2.1 amplifier board

Up2Stream AMP 2.1 is the latest model in Up2Stream series, it is a wireless stereo amplifier board with subwoofer output. This Class D amplifier outputs a maximum of 50W+50W+100W and can deliver excellent performance from low impedance speakers. With built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, it enables you to stream music wirelessly throughout your home. With Up2Stream AMP 2.1, you can build your perfect wireless stereo amplifier with multi-room audio functionality. Pair with your existing stereo speakers and subwoofer and you can relax and enjoy room-filling music.

Easy to build your custom make a wireless audio amplifier

Bluetooth 2.1 amplifier board

You can use Up2Stream Amp 2.1 to build your own wireless audio amplifier. It comes with a 3 volume knob that lets you easily change volume, treble, and bass level. It has 4 onboard LED lights for different input sources and also has a corresponding extension pin if you want to put the LED elsewhere. It comes with speaker output for L channel & R channel & subwoofer, a LAN port for Ethernet, USB host for playing songs from the USB storage device, a micro USB port to connect to PC and act as an external soundcard. There is also an analog line-in port for you to connect external music sources like CD or DVD player, turntable, vinyl, or any audio source that has analog RCA output. Everything is ready out of the box, you just need to put it into a case or box and cut out some connector holes and you have to build your very own wireless audio amplifier!

Streaming your favorite songs

Bluetooth amplifier board

With Up2Stream AMP2.1, you are able to stream your favorite music and control the amp with our free mobile 4Stream app, it is available in both Android and iOS. With the 4Stream app, you can choose to stream music from your mobile phone, tablet, NAS, online music services, internet radio stations, and local storage like USB storage or directly from PC. There are a lot of online music services for you to choose from, including Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Napster, Deezer, Ximalaya, QQMusic, Amazon Music (only available in the US) and radio stations like Tunein and iHeartradio. Just login to your account and you can choose the AMP as the output device and stream your favorite song list wirelessly. You can also set up 10 preset buttons to store your favorite song list or station for easy access. If you have multiple devices in different rooms, you can choose different songs for each room or you can stream the same song to all the rooms. The song will be synchronized and play at the same time. You can also change the subwoofer crossover frequency using the treble and bass knob, you can set the range from 80Hz – 200Hz.

So overall, Up2Stream AMP 2.1 is the perfect device for DIYers who wants to build a wireless stereo audio amplifier with subwoofer output. It has powerful yet easy to use functions you will need and the output power is good enough for home-usage.

You can check more details from our website, and you should order one today and enjoy your favorite music at ease.

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