The Best DIY Speaker Kit To Build Your Own Wireless Speaker On a Budget

DIY Speaker Kit

DIY Speaker Kit

Unless you're an enthusiast or advanced users, much of what goes into creating your speaker system will sound like technical jargon. Not to mention choosing what DIY speaker kits to buy. And building a standard speaker is no longer a surprising thing. In 2024, you must have a customized wireless speaker!

Does it sound more complicated?

What if I told you that you could create your own wireless speakers at home without complicated technical skills and knowledge? Everything you need to have is the basic soldering skills.

In 2024, the DIY Speaker Kit design will already become another new world. Some easy-to-use DIY speaker kits may give you the most direct experience building your own speaker. 

You must assemble these kits by following a handbook, and they come in puzzle form. Sounds like fun. You might, however, purchase a DIY speaker kit and begin working on your first DIY speaker project!

Best DIY Speaker Kits/DIY Bluetooth speaker kit For Wireless Speaker

It is hard to find qualified wireless speaker kits on the market. Finally, we found that Arylic has a great series of wireless DIY audio boards. We split some application segments for you to pick up the best speaker kits and diy subwoofer kit for your wireless speaker project.

1. Best WiFi/Bluetooth Speaker Kit For Budget DIY Wireless Audio

Up2stream Mini Wireless Audio Receiver Board $49.99

diy audio receiver

The Up2stream Mini V3 is a powerful little device that can stream and play music from your phone or tablet to your stereo. It's a great way to upgrade your sound system without spending much money. 

The small piece of the module can do almost the job across all Arylic systems. All software features like the stream from online music, online Radio, and all App features from 4STREAM. It also owns the multiroom, WiFi streaming, Airplay, and Bluetooth connectivity features. That's why I called it a powerful little device with an excellent price ratio.

The most exciting part is the easy-to-use design(kid friendly also); standard stereo connectors are on the board, allowing me to connect to my existing audio equipment directly. As for the DIY connector, all are designed with a ready-to-use connector, and DIY cables are included. Effortlessly connect to your speaker or amplifier board without a complicated line structure.


One For All Wireless Capability

Easy Setup & Ready To Use Connection

Small Size Fit In Any Speaker Projects


Without Common Analog & Digital Source Input

Without Lan Port

2. Best For Budget High-Quality Sound DIY Wireless Audio

Up2stream Pro Wireless Stereo Receiver Board $59.99 & Up2stream DAC Board $25

stereo receiver board

The Up2stream Pro is a plus version of Up2stream Mini. It has all features from Up2stream Mini plus an analog input and a LAN port for accepting more audio sources and more stable network performance.

The official audio quality figure of Up2stream Pro is 44.1khz/16 bits which already achieves the CD quality standard. You can add their Up2stream DAC board to your cart for better sound performance if you pursue better quality.

Do not underestimate the DAC board. There is the famous ESS Sabre 9023 DAC chip on the board, which may upgrade your listening experience to the next level. Again, it is a ready-to-use system where the connector cables are included.

Suppose you like to listen to different styles of music. In that case, there is an ACPWorkbench tuning tool for Up2stream Pro to find different tunes when you listen to different types of music.


Flexible Audio

Engineer Pick



Without Airplay 2

Without Tidal Connect

3. Best Sound Quality DIY Wireless Audio

Up2stream HD DAC aptX HD Hi-res Streaming Board $249 

Airplay 2 streaming Board

The Up2stream HD DAC is the best audio receiver board of the Up2stream series. Compared to other Up2stream audio receiver boards, it has Airplay 2, and Tidal connect, which is not currently supported on other Up2stream boards. Regarding the sound quality, It has an ESS 9038Q2M DAC chip and can stream up to 192khz/24bits Hi-res audio quality.

More funny points to DIY lovers is that Up2stream HD DAC has a complete package with the Acrylic case and OLED display Board. You will get a device like a finished product by putting these accessories together, which is very practical and stylish for your home stereo system!


Hi-Res Audio

Airplay 2

Spotify Connect & Tidal Connect



Doesn't support the ACPWorkbench tuning tool

Without standard audio input.

4. Best DIY Wireless Audio Amplifier Board For DIY Bluetooth speaker And Wireless Speaker

Up2stream Plate Amp $169

Wireless Plate Amp

The Up2stream Plate Amp is your perfect all-in-one solution for building wireless stereo speakers. It makes your speaker building structure easier to insert the plate amp into your speaker boxes directly. Connect to your passive speakers, and you are done.

The Up2stream Plate Amp has almost all wireless streaming features like WiFi, Airplay, Spotify Connect, and Bluetooth 5.0. It also accepts ACPWorkbench tuning tools for customizing your favorite audio effect.

The sound quality part is also worth mentioning. Up2stream Plate Amp uses a ma12070p chip to drive the system. If you don't worry, your speaker project will have a good design but lose sound quality.


Effortless Speaker Building

Knob Button Control


Slightly less power(40W x2)

5. Best DIY Wireless Subwoofer Amplifier Board For Wireless 2.1 Speaker

Up2stream Plate Amp 2.1  $189

Wireless Plate Amp 2.1

To build a 2.1 wireless speaker system, you must try the Up2stream Plate Amp 2.1. The ready-to-use plate amp can let you have a powerful boombox at ease, which has 50W x 2 on the stereo channel and 100W on the subwoofer channel. There is 3 physical knob button on the plate amp for Treble, Bass, and volume control, which is pretty friendly to bass lovers.

What's more, the Up2stream Plate amp supports the ACPWorkbench tuning tool I mentioned above. An ACPWorkbench tuning tool is a valuable tool for the boombox that you can enhance the performance on Bass. So, make a deep bass boombox for your next summer party!


Ready To Use 2.1 Plate Amp



Without Common Audio Output


Today we looked at the best DIY Speaker Kits for building your wireless speaker. We considered various factors, including price, quality, and features. We hope you found our recommendations and buying guide helpful and that you will choose the best DIY electronic Kit for you.

Now, please tell us what DIY speaker kits may be the best for your wireless speaker soldering projects. Welcome to leave your comments below to share with us.

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