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Wireless Mini Stereo System

Mini Stereo System

The traditional stereo system is always designed large and sophisticated for the sake of sound performance and retro fashion. Although it looked exquisite, it takes up a lot of space. With the evolution of time, it's now time for compact and sophisticated design. A mini stereo system is a perfect choice if you want to enjoy high-quality sound without taking up a lot of space. There are quite a few options in the market to consider, so let us take you through and help you to make your decision easier.

What is a mini stereo system?

Before choosing one, let us give you a little basic idea of the concept. A mini stereo system is a micro stereo sound system, or mini stereo system, that provides an integrated digital amplifier or audio receiver and speakers. You also need a sound source. Combining the above, you have everything you need to produce sound. Some system audio sources maybe a CD player, radio, cell phone, computer, or even a TV. Others can only use Bluetooth, USB, and other inputs, and now the most popular audio source is wireless streaming over the Internet. Combine this with home theater equipment, such as a projector, and you have your very own home theater. Some also have a microphone input if you want to be able to enjoy karaoke.

How to choose a mini stereo system?

Now that we have a general idea of a mini stereo system, let's get down to the point. One of the most important considerations when choosing a home mini stereo system is space. The more space you have, the more volume you need to be able to cover. And you also need to take the power factor into account when choosing a product. Depending on the space you will be using, this could be the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or home studio, garage. The more space you have, the more power you need to choose, and the power of the product are expressed in watts. With higher wattage, you get more volume. Often you will see digital stereo amplifiers that are either 30W x2 or 50W x2, with 30W representing 30 watts of output power. Why the X2 at the end? X2 represents the 30 watts for each of the left and right channels of the stereo system, and the watts for each channel are usually the same, with a special note that X2 is generally a stereo system. In addition to these factors that affect the output power, the maximum parameters that the product can support, the voltage of your power supply, and the speaker's impedance are also significant factors. You don't need to worry too much about calculating how to match these parameters to get the desired output power. They usually list in the specification. You need to make sure that you have the right audio equipment that is compatible with the product.

After the above explanation, I believe you already have some idea of the power, but maybe you are still unsure how much power my room or living room should use? Don't worry, read on and let us give you some advice!

Choosing the right mini stereo system

The high power option is excellent for larger spaces such as living rooms or hosting a party and want to provide enough volume. For smaller zones such as bedrooms or kitchens, a mini audio system can provide enough power to play background audios.

Smaller Space

The term "small space" here does not refer to an unusually small zone, such as kitchen design or a child's room or a conference room in a company, but all of them apply to what we call a small space. Application in these places you do not need much power, a stereo sound receiver may be enough. Suppose your pursuit of a higher sound vibration 30W*2 digital stereo amplifiers can meet your basic daily needs. In that case, it can be excellent coverage of the audio volume to give you high-quality music enjoyment.

Standard space

You can also use some ingenuity to hide the equipment in the ceiling, where you will need ceiling speakers or in-wall speakers to mount it on the wall, which is often used in living rooms and conference rooms. See, it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also space-saving. Besides the finished product we also have DIY products, if you use the above solution to hide it in the ceiling, then the DIY module series products will be very suitable for you. We also installed the same interfaces as the finished product above, which are the most common audio products in the market. Even if you don't know how to do it yourself, it's still easy to install and use. The more significant advantage is that it is cheap, which can save you a lot of budgets.

Large space

If your house, such as a villa, has a large interior design, you need to consider more power, such as 80W*2 digital audio amplifiers, or even 100W or more. If you want to add more feeling to the party, consider adding a subwoofer, which will make the attendees even more infected by the music and let the music build the atmosphere to the highest!

Build up a Whole House Mini Stereo System

Mini stereo systems come in a variety of sizes and specifications, so you can find a product that fits your needs based on the concept of integrating them into your space. Once you have set up the appropriate audio equipment for each of your rooms, the next step is to consider the experience and convenience of using it. Imagine if you need a remote control for each zone, then missing or not remembering to put it there will cause a lot of trouble, or you want to stream the audio to multiple places, then what to do? A wireless multi-room audio system is a perfect choice for you.

Wireless Multi-Room Stereo System

You might say that Bluetooth wireless connectivity is a convenient option. When you have different Bluetooth devices in each zone, you have to disconnect and reconnect them one at a time, and there are limits to how far out of range you can go without receiving a signal. However, Arylic's products and systems solve the obstacle with Bluetooth connection by allowing you to control your entire house's audio system from your mobile phone via a Wifi connection. For example, while you are preparing tea in the kitchen, you can play music in the kitchen for your guests in the living room and make you feel the warmth and hospitality from hosts. With the 4stream App, you can play different music for each device at the same time or have each device play the same song at the same time. If you still used to use Bluetooth systems for streaming, don't worry. All of the Arylic products equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 or higher Bluetooth versions. And If you are looking for more top quality music but are streaming via Bluetooth systems, we also have aptx HD products to meet your needs.There is also EQ control, alarm setting, and even support for the most popular online streaming media such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, Internet Radio, and many more. You can listen to music and radio stations online without any problems. There are many more exciting features waiting for you to discover!

Our goal is to upgrade the consumer's music experience and make it easier to use, but you don't need to pay a high price to get a high-quality product!

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our services, you can contact us via email, and we'd love to have you as part of our team as we move forward!


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