WiFi audio streaming
Bluetooth is great. But it's not quite up to snuff when it comes to audio quality. While it's fine for a number of casual situations, it's not great for critical listening. If you want the best audio quality and reliability, consider switching to WiFi audio. Here are 6 reasons.
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Multiroom Receiver
What is a multi-room receiver? A Multiroom receiver is a device that lets you watch your favorite content in multiple rooms. You must be mindful of television if you watch it. In this essay, we'll go through every detail of the multi-room system.
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diy airplay 2 receiver
When it comes to playing music on a wireless stereo speaker, the first thing most people think of these days is probably a Bluetooth connection, because almost all phones, tablets, and laptops have Bluetooth capabilities that make it easy to send audio to the stereo speaker. But if you're an Apple device user, you can't miss Apple system's own audio/video wireless streaming technology, Airplay...
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