wireless speaker

Which is Better, Bluetooth or Wireless Speakers?

Speakers are essential for generating sound from computers and audio systems, converting electromagnetic waves into audio through transducers. Bluetooth speakers are portable and ideal for mobile d...

alexa amplifier

Can I Connect Alexa to My Amplifier?

This guide will discuss how to connect your stereo amplifier with an Alexa amplifier and stream your music flawlessly. For those looking to enhance their setup, Arylic offers a range of amplifiers ...

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How do you connect ceiling speakers to a receiver?

This is a step-by-step guide on how to connect your ceiling speakers and amplify your sound experience. Moreover, you'll get some tips to unleash new ways of streaming music. 

Are Ceiling Speakers Good for Surround Sound?

Are Ceiling Speakers Good for Surround Sound?

Ceiling speakers are the best option for audiophiles looking for equal sound distribution throughout. They offer perfect surround sound and eliminate noises. Let's uncover some of the advantages of...

DIY Bluetooth Speaker

What is Needed for DIY Bluetooth Speaker?

The article delves into the developing recognition of Arylic DIY Bluetooth audio systems and suggests how amusing and pleasing it is to create personalised in addition to useful art. We are able to...

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How to Connect a Center Speaker to a Stereo Amplifier?

This guide is your ticket to bridging that gap and diving headfirst into a world of immersive sound. So, let's get your center speaker cozy with your stereo amplifier so that you can get going with...

AV Receivers

6 Differences Between AV Receivers VS. Stereo Amplifiers

Maybe you are familiar with stereo amplifiers and AV receivers, and you may also have them to complete a home theater system. However, you will still be confused about the differences between them ...