Cobblestone New Release WiFi Music System For Speakers


Cobblestone has the shape of pebbles and is a WiFi audio receiver that allows your speaker to be wireless. Now, you can control the music to play your speaker without having to connect your audio cable to your speaker. Cobblestone, easy to install. Simply connect your speaker, speaker or receiver cobblestone, and configure your cobblestone, your home WiFi network, our "4stream" app and start streaming your favorite music. It's as simple as that.

Advantage 1: Setup is Easy

Just power up the Cobblestone, connect it to a powered speaker, download the app and start streaming your music. It's as easy as that. Cobblestone makes your speakers wireless and supports all music formats including lossless audio. 

muzo cobblestone setup wifi

Advantage 2: Streams Directly From Cloud Music Providers

Cobblestone also works as a standalone music player. Smartphone control is optional. It plays all your favorite streaming music to any speaker in lossless sound quality with a press on a button. Cobblestone uses your WiFi network to control speakers in your home.


Advantage 3: "Multi-Module-Melodization"

Cobblestone is a smart device. It memories your favorite songs and will always plays you preferred playlist with a hit of the button. It supports synchronized multi-room play or play different songs in different rooms.  It understands the genre of the music being played and adjusts the EQ automatically for you.


cobblestone 2

Advantage 4: Continuous Music Play At All Times 

Our intuitive app allows you to remote control. Unlike Bluetooth, music doesn't stop when you have phone calls or out of the short range. Now you can enjoy music without any interruptions in every room of your home.

cobblestone multiroom

Why Cobblestone?

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” - Berthold Auerbach

Music plays an important part in our everyday lives. Music gives us joy, energizes us, and sets the mood. But often times our listening solutions do not maximize music to its full potential in high fidelity. We hear music that is often compressed resulting in low quality sound that is nothing like the actual live recording of the artist.

Our goal at Cobblestone is to provide you with HiFi, lossless audio systems so you can play all your music in any surrounding with a hit of a button.


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Hi Clint,
Cobblestone is now stop for sale and not support AirPlay 2, but you can refer to our H50 amplifier👉

Which is support AirPlay 2.



Hello, Nice press on the Cobblestone Airplay adapter, But is it Airplay 2 compatible and if so is it for sale?

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