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A Fantastic Diy Project Done by Denmark Customer with Up2stream Amp&Mini Board

A Fantastic Diy Project Done by Denmark Customer with Up2stream Amp&Mini Board

We'd like to share one of the projects from our Denmark fans Mr. Claus Bach Sørensen with our other customers, hoping that this can give some inspiration to others to create their own projects.

We really appreciate Claus'love and sharing about our products, we also look forward to other customers to share their project with us and join our "review to get refund campaign".

Here are the original words from Claus.

Well, I have been a Sonos fan for many years now, and have had almost all of their stuff, and it's not bad, but at the same time rather expensive.

I like building my own speakers and amps, but it has always been a little difficult to implement streaming audio in it.

I recently decided to try and look again for something that I could use in my current setup, and for a little single speaker project, and I stumbled over Arylic.
I decided to give it a shot, and ordered the amp kit, and a single wifi audio receiver.
It was not very expensive, so why not give it a try?

I received the things within a week here in Denmark.
I won't bother you with an unpacking experience, but everything was packed as it should.
First I decided to give the wifi audio receiver a go, because the single speaker project is not at the right stage at the moment.
Power connected, and audio out from my DSP filter.


up2stream with dsp up2stream with dsp

Closed the amp again. It’s a 4x10 W class A diy, and also diy speakers.up2stream speaker project up2stream speaker project

Installed the 4Stream app on my Iphone, and after...3 minutes I was playing music from my NAS, local radio stations and music from my phone. And playing .flac directly from my MacBook was just as easy.

Well, now it sounds like everything is just fine, but I did have a problem with the wifi receiver, so I wrote an e-mail to Arylic. This was a Friday evening, so I didn’t expect to get any reply until Monday. But also here I was pleasantly surprised: Next morning there was the first reply, and they tried to support me most of Saturday. And it was really support, not the usual “checklist” support. That little board is really doing the trick. I cant wait to get on with the single speaker project.

And the next orders on both another amp and wifi module is for sure on the way, it only the amount Im thinking on.
And after little over a week, the next shipment arrived, so I had to get the single speaker project finished. It was an old Danish made cabinet from around 1930, that I had from some relatives many years ago, that had been in the basement just lying around.

It didn’t look very good, but I decided to see if it could be used for something.up2stream amplifier project up2stream amplifier project

It was taken apart, sanded, the cabinet got a French polish, grill and ring painted in original colors, and new vintage cloth.
The idea was just to make a little “radio”, so the 50 w Arylic amp was perfect for that.
Since I live in Scandinavia, I choose Seas speakers. A 5 inch (12cm) Seas Excel woofer (W12CY003), and a Seas Prestige tweeter (H1406-04),a small crossover and everything an the cabinet, and “Rock on” – Its again amazing how good the Arylic amp works, great sound and so easy to control from the 4strem app, and now I could use the grouping function. That’s rather cool, just “drag and drop” (and wait a little for them to synchronize – just a few seconds of silence) 
The finished build? :

up2stream amplifier speaker project 1up2stream amplifier speaker project 2

I did also buy an A50 – but that is for my son to play with (he has also found a pair of vintage speakers that need a new life). I haven’t tried it, but nice little package with all the stuff you need.

So what is my conclusion?
If you are into streaming, you really don’t need to look anywhere else than at Arylic's website. And yes – I have already sold my Sonos.
Best regards

Claus Denmark.

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