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When it comes to playing music on a wireless stereo speaker, the first thing most people think of these days is probably a Bluetooth connection, because almost all phones, tablets, and laptops have Bluetooth capabilities that make it easy to send audio to the stereo speaker. But if you're an Apple device user, you can't miss Apple system's own audio/video wireless streaming technology, Airplay, and if you're an Android system user, don't get away! We've left some benefits for you in the back.

What is Airplay?

 What is Airplay

Airplay receiver does much more than Bluetooth receiver. Airplay is Apple's proprietary wireless transmission technology designed to make it easy for users to stream audio or video signals from "Device A" to "Device B", including music, videos, photos, or entire screens. Unlike Bluetooth receiver, Airplay receiver transmits data over a WiFi wireless network, so both the "A device" sending audio and the "B device" receiving audio need to be connected to the same WiFi to use Airplay. Airplay receiver uses WiFi technology to transmit, so the performance of the output video and audio is much better than Bluetooth, even over distance.

New Generation - Airplay 2

Cheapest airplay 2 receiver

In 2018, with the arrival of iOS 11.4 for, we finally get to enjoy the full functionality of AirPlay2! While most of its features are based on the previous generation of Airplay, AirPlay2 is not complicated to understand as it is still essentially a technology that enables "over-the-air" playback, but with more upgrades and refinements based on Airplay, such as Multiroom control based on the concept of "location" and multi-user listings for party occasions. At the same time, AirPlay2 also incorporates other areas of Apple's technology and products, it is one of the technical features and selling points of the smart speaker HomePod, and allows the voice assistant Siri to play an important role in the operation and interaction, making the entire connection and operation process like a masterpiece of flow. As the number of third-party brands in the same camp increases and the influence of AirPlay2 expands, more and more AirPlay2-enabled audio products will be "placed" on Apple's smart home platform HomeKit, making Apple's ecosystem more complete, convenient and functional. One of the most anticipated features is the "multiroom control"

Airplay 2 Multiroom

Airplay 2 receiver adapter

The integration of Airplay 2 with HomeKit, the company's smart home platform, allows users to do more with their AirPlay 2 products. One of the most exciting upgrades is the ability to transfer music to multiple AirPlay 2 speakers at the same time or to play audio in a specific room, creating a Multiroom Audio System, something that was not possible with the previous generation of AirPlay. Since AirPlay 2 enabled products are compatible with the Home App on iphone or MacOS (i.e., integrated with HomeKit), you can manage the rooms in which AirPlay 2 smart devices are connected to the Home App. It can even be used with other smart home accessories for "contextual" and "automation" settings. In addition, users can also use Siri Voice Control to stream music to AirPlay 2 smart devices, so it's not a big deal if you want to play a specific song in a specific room, but note that music streaming via Siri Voice Control is currently only available to Apple Music subscribers.

Apple Devices Aren't The Only Option For Airplay 2

The release of the smart speaker HomePod is one of the main purposes of Apple's AirPlay 2 update. With the addition of AirPlay 2 technology, it means that users can buy two HomePods to form a stereo system or buy a few more to put in different rooms to enjoy music anytime, anywhere. But Apple is not satisfied or limited to building its own ecosystem, and from the list of third-party brands constantly updated on the official website, Apple hopes to have more products join the AirPlay 2 support camp. In other words, HomePod is not the only audio device that fans can choose from, they can purchase other AirPlay 2 compatible products to build a more feature-rich multiroom music system. This is certainly great news for consumers, with more choices, they can build a more colorful multiroom music system. So what is the best choice for this multi-product on the market? In this regard, we have selected a product that not only has Airplay 2 but also has sound quality, supports your most popular streaming and home audio devices and gives consumers a lot of flexibility. Let's welcome the lastest members of Airplay 2!

Airplay 2 Streaming Board

The big difference compared to other products is that this product is a DIY series, which is a great blessing for DIY players. If you like the finished product, don't leave yet, you can listen to me explain the benefits of this product before you decide whether to leave.

Up2stream HD DAC


Up2stream HD DAC is a lastest streaming board, in addition to the most popular Airplay 2 for Apple users, there is also a free app for Android users for multiroom, unlimited streaming music and playing multiple audio sources. It also supports a variety of your favorite streaming media, such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Internet Radio, iHeartRadio, Napster, Tune In, iHeartRadio.

Powerful Wireless Streaming

Up2stream HD DAC specifications can definitely be said to dominate the DIY wireless streaming music circle 2022 a whole year, let's take a look at its powerful wireless streaming capabilities: a combination of WiFi, Airplay 2, Bluetooth Aptx HD. Whether you want to use WiFi or Airplay 2 at home, or use the Up2stream HD DAC to make a portable speaker to take to your camping party using Bluetooth playback. You can enjoy WiFi, Airplay 2 and Bluetooth Aptx HD to bring high sound quality, smooth playback, and unprecedented versatility in the playback experience. Not only that, it also comes with Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect, allowing you to push play sound directly through Spotify, or the Tidal App. What's more, it comes with DLNA and UPNP protocols, so if you like to use open source software, you can use it with some third-party software that supports them.

Multi-room streaming(For iOS & Android)

Airplay 2 receiver for tv

We've already mentioned the Airplay 2 multi-room wireless streaming feature, which allows you to control multiple Airplay 2 devices such as speakers, audio amplifiers, audio receivers, and more to your home theater. On your iphone, playing different songs in multiple rooms at the same time or playing the same song in multiple rooms at the same time. Of course, our free iOS & Android App 4STREAM can also do this and more. You can not only do the above basic multi-room control, but also play a variety of different audio sources to achieve multi-room streaming. Or you can use line in or digital input to access your audio devices, and then transmit sound wirelessly via WiFi to achieve multi-room functionality.

Reasonable Price, Extraordinary Sound Quality

Up2stream HD DAC in addition to his versatility, the sound quality is also not under discussion. He can support decoding 192khz/24 bits music, the output is also maintained 192khz/24bits 1:1 Hi-res audio quality. The quality of the hardware is no less impressive, the board itself is equipped with an ESS 9038Q2M. And now it also supports Qobuz HD and Tidal HiFi HD playback, who said the low price will let you sacrifice some enjoyment? This aspect does not seem to be seen on the Up2stream HD DAC.

Support All Your Preference

Spotify Connect & Tidal Connect

All of the Up2stream series under Arylic are compatible with each other for multi-room control. For those who like to listen to radio, there are TuneIn, vtuner, iHeart Radio and QQ FM. No need to take up space on your phone, easily choose your favorite music online anytime, anywhere. It's a great way to spend your free time and relax.

Broad Application

Up2stream HD DAC can be said to be an all in one solution, in addition to the features we just mentioned in one, it also has a lot of rich interfaces, such as RCA Out, Coaxial Out and Optical out to connect your existing audio amplifier, audio receiver or other audio devices to your home theater, and Lan. There are many DIY Pins reserved for you to expand other functions by add-on accessories, such as Digital Input, Aux Input, and Display Panel In (coming in the future). Allows you to access more audio sources and even displays and build an AirPlay 2 amplifier.

Breaking the traditional rumors about DIY products

You may have been turned off when you first saw that the Up2stream HD DAC was a DIY board, but if you're willing to take a second look you'll find that this series of products actually has an extremely high price/performance ratio. In fact, the Up2stream DIY series has long been thought of for you, unlike other DIY products we make DIY products very simple and flexible. For the average player he is very simple to use and relatively affordable, the outward audio port so that you can get your hands on the same as the finished product immediately. We are also equipped with an acrylic case (will release soon) to increase the aesthetics of the case while also increasing the protection. And for DIY users, he also allows you to use more in-depth, flexible expansion accessories to restrain more of their own desired features.

In short, whether you're an iOS user or an Android user looking for a multi-room streamer, trust me this is a great value, so get your Airplay 2 Streaming board and DIY your AirPlay amplifier now!

Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below, and we'll see you in the next post!

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Hi Marty,
Yes our latest H50 amplifier support AirPlay 2👉https://www.arylic.com/products/h50-airplay2-amplifier



Yes, we estimated to publish a new amplifier with Airplay 2 on May called H50.
You can look forward to it:)

Russ Herbelin

Russ Herbelin

I currently have A50+ and utilize the airplay. I’d like to upgrade to airplay 2 so I can easily integrate with my multiroom setup that uses my Denon receiver and Sonos One speakers. Do you make an airplay 2 device in a chassis like the A59+?
Thank you.



Do you have any amplifier or pre-amplifier ready-to-use products that use this board or offer Airplay2 functionality?



Do you have any amplifier or pre-amplifier ready-to-use products that use this board or offer Airplay2 functionality?

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