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A50+ 50W x 2 Wireless Stereo Amplifier

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Stream Whole House Audio Wirelessly

The A50+ is a multi-functional wireless stereo amplifier that can stream a variety of sources to your passive speakers and active subwoofers.

The powerful 50W x2 output lets you enjoy striking music at home anytime, in any room. Set up an A50+ in each of your rooms, and you'll have a multi-room system that easily combines all of your audio gear into one system!

multiroom amplifier

Multiroom Audio System

Mix and match any combination of Arylic products to create a custom multiroom system and play the same music throughout your home, send different sources to each room at the same time, or create your own custom-defined multiroom zones... All are controlled via our 4stream App.

wireless streaming amplifier

Powerful Stereo Amplifier

A50+ wireless stereo amplifier has powerful 50W*2 output with 4Ω passive speakers at 24V, with Sub Out for powered subwoofers. Hear and feel the striking, powerful stereo sound all around your house. *Accept 12V-24V power input and 4Ω-8Ω speaker.

Spotify Amplifier

Brilliant Sound Streamed Directly From Your Favorite Providers

Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Napster, TuneIn, Internet Radio, iHeart Radio, QQ Music, QQ FM.
The A50+ connects directly to your online streaming providers to play high quality audio, avoiding Bluetooth bottlenecks and compression.

wireless amplifier system

All The Sources You Love In One System

Send audio via Airplay from iOS or Bluetooth 5.0 from any device. Stream from iTunes, Musicbee, and other DLNA/UPnP compliant 3rd party software on a PC or NAS, connect your CD Player, Phono Preamp, Tuner, TV, or other audio hardware, output your computer audio, play music off USB sticks... Multiple interfaces make the A50+ highly flexible.

best stereo amplifier under $200

Variety Of Interfaces

The A50+ Wireless Stereo Amplifier includes Stereo RCA Line In, Optical In, Micro USB, USB A, RJ45 Lan (Ethernet), Speaker Out (4-Wire Phoenix Connector included), Sub Out, WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0

amplifier tool

Tune Like An Expert

Fine tune your listening experience with our exclusive ACPWorkbench tuning tool. Find the perfect sound for each channel with EQ, Bass Enhancement, Advanced DSP effects, Gain, Pregain and more.


Powerful 4stream App

Choose your music source and control playback, set EQ, control multiroom/independent playback, manage playlists, control alarm clock, WiFi settings, update firmware and more... All the useful features you need in our free 4STREAM App for iOS & Android.

  • amplifier with remote control

    Remote Control

    The included remote can control all your Arylic models within a ~15 meter/50 foot range.

  • audio amplifier with web control

    Web & PC Control

    Control your devices via browser from any PC, tablet, or other device, no app required. Or stream music using any software that supports Airplay, Spotify Connect, UPNP or DLNA protocols, including iTunes, Spotify, Musicbee and more.

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Package Includes

A50+, User Manual, Remote, 24V 4.16A DC Power Adapter, External Antennas (Bluetooth & WiFi), 2-1 RCA Cable, 2-2 RCA Cable, Screw Driver, 4 Pin Phoenix Connector (for speakers).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Rob K
Great Amplifier! Highly Recommended

This device works perfectly and is pretty simply to install. The app is straightforward and integration with various media is seamless. Would highly recommend

Completely Impressed

I saw like 10 reviews for the unit, it came extremely recommended from all of them, so I was a bit skeptical at the beginning, but setting it up was a breeze and there's league of difference between them and I'm happy, surprised and satisfied. Recommended for anyone interested in the A50+

Jordan Loi
Product Review

Product received recently. Small package packs a punch. Features are intensive and easy to use. Sound quality is very good indeed for the price. Only deal breaker here is the hiss sound that is considered louder than other amps I have tested. The hiss is very noticeable at low volume and at night time when all other electronics are powered down. I will not recommend for near field listening because of this. I wish Arylic can sort this issue.

Never showed up

Customer service said to just wait. Tracking # still says it’s at the original location. Asked for a refund and cancel and haven’t heard back yet.

We receive a lot of emails every day, but we promise to reply to all our customers ASAP. I have already sent you feedback to our customer service department and we will reply to soon!


O A50+ tem uma qualidade de som surpreendente. O APP é bom, funciona bem e bem responsivo. Infelizmente, no meu projeto em particular, continuei tendo o problema do som com baixa potência quando alimentado pela entrada auxiliar. Quando se utiliza o A50 isolado, funciona bem. Mas, se precisar usar sua entrada auxiliar, o som perde muita potência. Tenho outros amplificadores de menor qualidade que funcionam bem. Talvez seja um ponto de melhora para o A50.

Olá Senhor, obrigado por seu valioso feedback. A potência de entrada RCA de A50+ é de 2V. Se a potência auxiliar de seu dispositivo for menor, o que pode causar o som baixo.