Multi zone Amplifier

Do you need a Multi Zone Amplifier?

For better music enjoyment, we usually have some audio amplifiers or audio preamplifiers to improve our home stereo system. The common audio amplifiers that we often see are bluetooth audio amplifiers or vintage audio amplifiers. These may need complicated diagrams to wire the connection. Although controlled by Bluetooth can eliminate the wire between audio input sources and audio amplifiers, there is still a distance limitation that is hard to control when you are not near your audio system. 

And it is common to have several sets of sound systems in the home nowadays, but when controlling different audio amplifiers, audio receivers, even speakers, you need multiple remotes or connect to different Bluetooth every time.

Yes, you may come up with a mult-ichannel amp on your mind if you have time to wire and wire your whole house audio systems. So if you have multiple different home stereo systems in your house and control by one system, then you’ll need a multi zone amplifier.

By adding a multi-zone amplifier to each audio system in your house, you can stream sounds in every corner you want in your house and control just by an App.

In summary, multi zone amplifiers keep the original features from audio amplifiers with powering passive speakers, but allow you group your whole house different audio system by one controller. Like cellphones, tablets or PCs. So if you have multiple audio system sets in your home, I think the answer is obviously. “YES.”

What do I need to prepare with a Multi zone Amplifier?

Take Arylic A50 multi zone amplifier for instance, you need power sources to power your multi-zone amplifiers and wire to your compatible speakers. Finally controlled by 4stream App for all features.

How Many zones can I group at once?

Actually there is no limitation, but we recommend you connect 10 units at once.

How is our Multi zone Amplifier

We support decode up to 192khz/24bit, and the maximum is 44.1khz/16bits CD quality. 

And check our customers true feedbacks below:


  • George review for wireless stereo amplifier

    George from US

    "Great integrated amplifier for size and price. I currently have in my office next to my desk and worktable. Am currently using it with an old iphone 7 to Edifier speakers to produce a great sound. I also have used it with old Realistic passive speakers with good results."

  • ReaganDad review for wireless stereo amplifier

    ReagansDad from US

    "I extensively researched all the streaming amps. I ended up getting seven of these for a complete home streaming audio experience. I am not an audiophile. But I like all kinds of music. Myself, my wife, and my kids couldn't be happier with these. They were extremely easy to setup. "

  • Ted review for wireless stereo amplifier

    Ted from US

    "I purchased the A50 stereo amplifier from Amazon on September 13th 2019 because of its combination of WiFi, Bluetooth AND Airplay connectivity. After 8 months of use, I am still very impressed with the Arylic A50 and would recommend it to anyone who wants the convenience of all the services, quality of music output and the small size it takes up."