ACPWorkbench Tuning Tool

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Customize your Favorite Tune

The ACPWorkbench Audio Effect Tool is a program developed by Arylic for adjusting L/R balance, EQ for each channel, DSP settings, system settings, redefine pin assignments and more.

You can customize multiple music styles for your whole house audio with different configurations for different units. Discover your best sound with easy sliding!

ACPWorkbench tuning tool

Fine Tune Each Channel

Separate EQ, gain and DSP adjustments for each channel allow you to compensate for environmental and hardware factors.

The Parametric EQ allows you to make dramatic adjustments to tone across the full spectrum, while various DSP effects shape the sound to fully meet your taste.

A Tool For Developers And DIY Enthusiasts

A Tool For Developers And DIY Enthusiasts

Not only for advanced audio adjustment, the ACPWorkbench Tuning Tool is also a powerful tool for the DIY enthusiast, allowing you to redefine pin usage, configure system settings, manually upgrade firmware, and more.


Hear the Dynamic Changes Instantly

Real time adjustments let you immediately hear the difference as you adjust the parameters so you can match your favorite music style with ease.

Get ACPWorkbench Tuning Tool Instantly


Package Includes

ACPWorkbench Tuning Tool Download File x1, User Manual x1, License Key x1

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Iordache George

ACPWorkbench Tuning Tool

Michael Nowell
I like it for the kids room

It’s a great product. Plays loudly. Enough to watch a movie. I did get the optional program. Some features really enhance the audio but does not stay clean. The exciter is great if static didn’t pop up when turned on. It’s still a fun toy and for the price I’m always reminding myself it was $150. At that point I smile. Sad part is I’m always thinking about the price instead of just enjoying it. Good stuff imo. Keep up the great job! 👏

Ingemar Eek
Up2Stream Plate Amp 2.1

Quick delivery, but the unit was dead on arrivel. No problem to return the unit and the replacement was working fine. I am happy with the product and the service from Arylic.

Jean-Baptise DELBOS

really nice power amplifier together with a really complete software package which drives a powerfull integrated DSP. Thanks to this package, you can optimize the sound to the room. The result is a great sound stage with a good dynamic. Perfect !

Jarkko Laine
Arylin H50

The device did not work as advertised, I would have liked a software update for the device if it had fixed the ARC connection problems. I had to return the device.

The only thing that works great is the customer service.

I can't praise the performance of the technical support because I've realized that I'm not the only one who suffers from the ARC problem.

Philipp Gumplmayr

Its a very good product but unfortunately with a not complete manual about required settings for using in RCA and optical Mode. With several conversations of the friendly and fast acting Support the Problem could be solved. With better manual it would be 5 stars