How to Use Up2stream Amp Board to Make WiFi&Bluetooth Speaker?

DIY Arylic Up2steam WiFi &Bluetooth Amplifier Board

At present, more and more people like to DIY to make unique audio that belongs to their own. Or to make their old speakers become active, you can use WIFI or Bluetooth connected audio. 

But there are too many friends don't know how to make, so let's share a video.
How to use our Up2stream WiFi&Bluetooth AMP Board to make a unique and very cool stereo. Hope that more people can DIY unique and sound quality audio and share with us.

Thank you very much for the wonderful video that Tech Innovator made for us. Let's take a look at how one of Tech Innovator's great audio production experts uses our Up2stream Amplifier Board to make a WiFi&Bluetooth stereo at home:

 If there is any unclear information about our Arylic Up2stream AMP Board, please feel free to email us: info@arylic.com

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