Personalize your daily beats: Introducing the B50SE - your audio companion!

Personalize your daily beats: Introducing the B50SE - your audio companion!

In the ever-changing world of audio technology, Arylic has always been committed to listening to the user. That's exactly what we've been able to provide with our newest product, the B50SE, which is audiophile-centric and meets user standards for power, sound quality, customizability, and seamless integration. Let's explore the fascinating features of the B50SE and fulfill your sound needs.

1. Strong Sound Performance: The B50SE produces a powerful sound that dominates the space with a massive 50W*2 of power. Experience 2.0 with stereo audio that has incredible clarity and depth and captures the subtleties of your favorite music.

2. Discover Your Favorite Tunes Again: With the 2.0 stereo sound effect of the B50SE, listen to music like never before. Every song comes to life, bringing you right into the center of the music. The B50SE makes sure you hear every nuance, whether it's the heartfelt melodies of a ballad or the energetic speed of your favorite pop smash.

3. DIY Your Sound: Leverage the B50SE's programmable sound features to unleash your creative sonic potential. With the integrated EQ (Equalizer) and ACP (Active Crossover Points) capability, you may fine-tune your audio experience. Adjust the sound to reflect your tastes and the particular musical genres you enjoy. The B50SE makes sure you hear every nuance, whether it's the heartfelt melodies of a ballad or the energetic speed of your favorite pop smash.

4. Advanced Bluetooth 5.0: Bluetooth 5.0 technology brings wireless audio to a new level. In addition to receiving high-quality audio, the B50SE also features minimal latency, distant interference prevention playback, and support for AAC and SBC codecs. Effortlessly stream audio from your smart devices.

5. Versatile Interfaces: Put an end to disorganized setups. Your audio system is made simpler by the multi-device integration of the B50SE. The B50SE can easily handle a variety of audio sources thanks to its RCA Input, Optical Input, USB Host, USB Type-C, Subwoofer Out, and Speaker Outports.

6. You have full authority over your audio experience at your fingertips: To adjust your EQ settings, match your music scenes, and manage Bluetooth connectivity, use our user-friendly mobile app. By altering the app's user interface, you can truly make the B50SE your own.

7. Convenient Remote Control: The remote control that comes with the TV is packed with features and is made to be simple to use. You may easily switch between settings, adjust the treble and bass, and enjoy preset EQ options.

8. Customizable Immersive Sound: The B50SE gives you the ability to manipulate your sound like an expert. With the EQ tool, you can precisely adjust every audio component and produce a sonic profile that perfectly suits your individual taste. The B50SE enables you to adjust the sound to match your state of mind, the kind of music, or the particular ambiance you want, from bass-heavy tracks to singers that soar.

9. Free App control: Free Go control APP download, you can use it to control your device and preset EQ by Bluetooth at any time, you can switch the theme of the APP, and there are Dark mode, and light mode, you can also customize the theme color according to your own preferences, design your own unique APP interface.

The B50SE proudly incorporates the advanced TPA3116D2 chip, a powerhouse capable of delivering an impressive 50W* of power. Not only does this chip bring forth remarkable potency, but it also comes fortified with a shield against short circuits, over-currents, and overloads. With this technology at its core, the B50SE fearlessly propels your home stereos to a whole new level, adapting seamlessly to diverse home environments and a wide array of speaker setups.

The B50SE incorporates Bluetooth 5.0's cutting-edge features, ushering in a new age of outstanding wireless audio. Your audio playback becomes an immersive experience with the trifecta of reduced latency, long-distance anti-interference prowess, and solid stability. As the B50SE seamlessly syncs with diverse audio sources, you can unleash the full power of your smart gadgets. This is more than simply Bluetooth; it's a seamless connectivity symphony that puts you in charge.

The B50SE boasts a diverse array of interfaces, seamlessly integrating multiple devices into a single powerhouse. This amalgamation of interfaces isn't just about practicality; it's about transforming your creative visions into reality. Imagine the possibilities as the B50SE turns your multiple building ideas into tangible, harmonious audio experiences. Your world of audio has just expanded, and the B50SE is your key to unlocking limitless potential.

What's the difference between B50SE and B50?

The B50SE and its predecessor, the B50, are quite similar since the B50SE was developed in response to the desires expressed by ardent B50 users. Although it provides a more affordable option, it differentiates itself by a nuanced selection of features.

Both models have flawless Bluetooth connectivity, although the B50SE excels at Bluetooth 5.0 aptX HD while the B50 model thrives on Bluetooth 5.2 aptX HD. It demonstrates our dedication to providing seamless wireless audio experiences, despite subtle variances.

Analog & Digital Dance: The B50 and B50SE both accept RCA input with open arms and embrace your personal audio preferences. By providing fewer Phono inputs, the B50SE modestly reduces its feature set. They offer alternatives for USB Type-C and Optical when it comes to digital connectivity, which is equally excellent. However, it's important to remember that the B50SE does not provide a more convenient alternative by supporting HDMI ARC.

Audio Formats Revealed: If you're interested in exploring the world of audio formats, the B50 invites you to enjoy sound perfection at up to 192kHz/24-bit. Contrarily, the B50SE offers an exceptional audio experience with compatibility limited to 48kHz/16bits. The idea is to personalize your sonic experience according to your tastes while still enjoying high-quality audio.

In essence, the B50SE isn't just the B50's brother; it's a sophisticated replacement created to meet your unique acoustic needs. No matter which path you take, your aural adventures will be nothing short of exceptional because it is the personification of decisions made with your audio enjoyment in mind.

Conclusion: Your B50SE Begins Now

The B50SE isn't just a Bluetooth amplifier; it's a testament to the evolving nature of sound technology. It's a fusion of power, precision, and personalization that opens the gateway to a world where audio isn't just heard; it's felt, experienced, and cherished. Whether you're a casual listener seeking an upgrade or an audiophile in pursuit of sonic perfection, the B50SE is your partner in this journey. It's about immersing yourself in the magic of music and letting the B50SE orchestrate the symphony of your life.

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