Amplifier for Turntable? Do You Need It?

amplifier for turntable

When it comes to listening to vinyl records, there's an obvious charm and warmth that captivates audiophiles all around the world.

Vinyl has come back in recent years and most people will pay more attention to the audio setup in their home. You may hear the word " amplifier" once you decided to have a turntable. In this post, we will discuss what is an amplifier and whether you really need it for your turntable.

Understanding the Basics: What is an Amplifier?

What is an Amplifier?

Let's have a discussion about the basics before delving into whether you need an amplifier for your turntable. An amplifier, often known as a stereo receiver or integrated amplifier, is a necessary component of any audio system. Its principal function is to amplify a weak audio signal, making it louder and capable of driving speakers.

How Do I Use An Amplifier?

There are a few simple steps to using an amplifier. To begin, connect your audio sources, such as a CD player, turntable, or media player, to the amplifier's input ports.

To accommodate various audio sources, most amplifiers include several inputs. Connect your speakers to the output terminals of the amplifier. Make that the polarity (+/-) of the speaker wires matches the polarity (+/-) of the amplifier terminals.

After you've finished connecting everything, turn on the amplifier and adjust the volume to your liking. Many amplifiers also have tone controls, which allow you to modify the bass, treble, and balance to your liking. Experiment with these parameters to get the sound quality you want.

It is vital to remember that amplifiers are classified into several varieties, including integrated amplifiers, stereo receivers, and power amplifiers.

Integrated amplifiers come with the function of a preamplifier and a power amplifier, whereas stereo receivers have an AM/FM tuner. 

Power amplifiers are only intended to amplify audio signals and must be used in conjunction with a preamplifier or control device.

An amplifier amplifies and improves audio signals. After you connected your audio devices and speaker to an amplifier, you can enjoy the improved sound.

The Role of an Amplifier in a Turntable Setup:

Turntables generate an extremely low-level audio signal known as a phono signal.

Turntables require a preamplifier or phono stage to enhance the signal to a level. In this way, it can be amplified and broadcast through speakers. This is where an amplifier can help.

An amplifier can amplify the phono signal and can make it louder. As a stereo receiver or integrated amplifier, it is suitable for driving speakers. It links the turntable and the speakers, supplying the necessary power to reproduce the music perfectly.

Most current amplifiers and receivers do not include a phono stage because they are designed to function with line-level inputs. As a result, if you use a turntable without an amplifier, the sound may be low or scarcely discernible.

In a turntable setup, an amplifier will amplify the phono signal and give the necessary power to drive speakers. So it will result in a straightforward and satisfying listening experience.

After connecting the turntable to the amplifier's phono input, the weak phono signal will be amplified and sent to the speakers. Then it will be resulting in a clear and delightful listening experience.

The amplifier perfectly reproduces the intricacies and richness of vinyl records, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the analog sound.

The amplifier is an important part of any turntable setup. It amplifies the low-level phono signal and presents the full beauty of vinyl music.

Let's check the Arylic newly released H50 amplifier. It comes with the phono in port and has MM/MC setting.

Do You Really Need an Amplifier for Turntable?

The requirement for an amplifier for your turntable is determined by the specific setup you have or want to have. Some turntables include a phono preamplifier, often known as a "phono stage," which eliminates the need for an external amplifier.

If your turntable includes an integrated phono stage, all you'll need are a pair of powered or active speakers. These speakers have an amplifier, allowing you to connect your turntable straight and enjoy your vinyl collection without any effort.

The necessity for an amplifier for your turntable is determined by your individual arrangement. Some turntables include a phono preamplifier, often known as a "phono stage," which eliminates the need for an external amplifier. If your turntable includes an integrated phono stage, all you'll need are a pair of powered or active speakers.

You need to make sure the following two things.

First, you do not need another amplifier if your turntable already comes with a built-in phono preamplifier.

Second, if not, you need to purchase an additional preamplifier. With the additional preamplifier, the phono signal will be boosted and it can also drive your passive speakers.

However, if there is no such capability with your turntable, you need to use another amplifier to boost the phono signal. And you also need to supply the necessary power for the speaker to play.

Examine the specifications of your turntable to see if an amplifier is required for the best sound quality.


If you do not have a built-in phono preamplifier with your turntable, you need to purchase a separate external amplifier or receiver with phono in.

After you connected it to your turntable, it will amplify the signal for playback via passive speakers. Keep in mind that passive speakers lack built-in amplifiers and must be powered by an external amplifier.

It is not a must behavior to own an amplifier for your turntable setup. But you may make sure whether you want to have an upgraded and unique setup. Also, it is crucial to make certain that the audio signal is boosted enough to produce the highest sound quality.

The main goal is to recreate a wonderful vinyl music world and have a nice music-listening experience.

After you know the importance of an stereo amplifier in your turntable setup, you can embark on the voyage of audio joy.

Also, you can immerse yourself in the world of vinyl music and will have many unforgettable memories.

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