What is a Multi Zone Amplifier?
A multi zone (or multi room) amplifier is often ideal for residential audio system that requires different volume levels in different rooms, allowing different or same audio sources to be played in different rooms simultaneously and able to remotely control...
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Switching Power Supply Usage Tutorial
In this tutorial we will show you how to connect the switching power supply to Up2Stream amplifier board. Here we are going to use SPS-350 and Up2Stream AMP 2.0 v3. Other combinations are possible, SPS-350 can provide 350Watts and you...
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Wireless 2.1 Amplifier Board - Up2stream Amp 2.1
Wireless 2.1 Amplifier Board Up2Stream AMP 2.1 is the latest model in Up2Stream series, it is a wireless stereo amplifier board with subwoofer output. This Class D amplifier outputs a maximum of 50W+50W+100W and can deliver excellent performance from low impedance speakers....
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