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Your Christmas Gift Pick. Affordable & Useful.

Customizable Audio
Makes Gift Differently

Build a handmade wireless speaker, stream your love throughout whole house.

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1 year warranty

1 Year Warranty

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Lifetime Maintainance

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Easy To Get Going
Simplest Wireless Audio System

Arylic offers a friendly wireless audio system that is easy to set up & running. Throw your music on every speakers like you do on your Bluetooth speaker but with longer range and without pairing every time by our 4STREAM APP.

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Play All In One System

Make Whole House Audio Versatile

Play with different audio sources like online music, internet radio, local audio device, NAS & USB and manage all sources in one system to your whole house audio.

Home Audio & DIY Audio Experts Words On Arylic

Great products, great value. Highly recommended!

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Cheap Audio Man

Home Audio System Expert/102K subscribers on Youtube

The Best DIY Multiroom Audio

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Toids DIY Audio

DIY HiFi Audio Expert/63.8K subscribers on Youtube

Arylic's DIY audio boards are compact, yet very powerful and packed full of features for every builder's needs.

DIY Audio Expert
Donny Terek

Pro DIY Speaker Expert/ 108K subscribers on YouTube

ACPWorkbench Tuning Tool


Tune Your Audio

Customize your favorite tune with EQ control, L/R balance, Frequency Range, I/O definition by our ACPWorkbench tuning tool in real time to your wireless audio system.

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About Arylic

Arylic was founded by experts of home audio, home theater, multiroom system and network technology. With over 10 years of experience to develop audio products that fit every situations, we're proud to offer an industry-leading wireless streaming audio product line that combines quality, value and excellence for audio enthusiasts who always expect more.

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Have Fun With DIY Audio

Build Your Own WiFi Speaker Like A Master Craftsman

Design for DIY Audio, Up2Stream DIY boards are flexible and easy to add new features to your home audio device or build new multiroom audio system project with.

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