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GESEN Karaoke Machine Player With Touch Screen and 3TB HDD Built in Android System

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15.6 inch 1080P touch screen home karaoke player machine with HDMI output to big screen

home karaoke machine with touch screen

Song menu by star, language, popularity, famous show

Main Menu Multi-Language Support: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russia, Japanese, Korea, Vietnamese, Thai, Mongolian

home karaoke system with touch screen

The Karaoke System with Multi-language MTV songs, including English, Chinese, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean and Others.

multi language home karaoke system

Professional KTV system modified for home use.

home karaoke player with HDMI output

EQ Setting: EQ and tunes effect setting to have a satisfying effect.

best professional home karaoke system for sale

Song Search: By letters, by write, by stroke, smart mixed phrase.

singing machine karaoke

Song Management: Song Queue, Song Priority, Song Favorite, Repeat, Fast Forward, Back Forward,Remove human voice.

home karaoke system price

Interaction: Clap&Cheer Effect, Scrolling text, DIY text and sending to screen.

karaoke music system

Wireless control by Android &iOS smart device

professional karaoke machine with songs

It’s also a media player, music player and more ….. Movie, Music, Gaming, TV …..

best karaoke player

220,000 MTV with songs with tracks in the cloud and free download.

best karaoke system with 20000+ songs

3TB HDD Built-in with 65000 MTV songs all with tracks with the human voice or without a human voice.

home karaoke machine with large hard disc

Top AV Chipset from Hisilicon

home karaoke player
digital karaoke system

Others Features

home karaoke player

Top Hardware Specification Screen, chipset, Port

vietnamese karaoke player wireless karaoke machine 
HDMI karaoke system home karaoke player home karaoke player


how to connect karaoke machine



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