BP50 Bluetooth Preamplifier With ESS ES9023P DAC

Sale price$99.00

  • ESS ES9023P DAC 192kHz/24bits.
  • Bluetooth 5.2, aptX HD, aptX LL, aptX Adaptive, AAC, SBC.
  • Transmit and receive music with aptX HD.
  • Transmit to 2 Bluetooth headphones simultaneously.
  • HDMI ARC in, Phono in, Optical in, RCA in, Sub out, Optical Out, Coax Out, RCA Out and more.
  • Free APP and Remote Control
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    Upgrade Your TV Experience

    Stream TV Sound to Your Speakers

    BP50 is a preamplifier with HDMI ARC and CEC features. It can decode up to 192kHz/24-bit TV Audio with PCM format.

    *CEC supports TV and the BP50 sync power on/off and volume control.

    ESS ES9023P DAC

    ESS Sabre ES9023P DAC

    The BP50 utilizes the ESS Sabre ES9023P DAC, the DAC supports decoding up to 192kHz/24bits, and offers a dynamic range of 112db.

    By high resolution and high dynamics, the BP50 can reproduce more music details and bring better sound performance with your audio gears.

    Wireless Convenience without   Compromising Sound

    Wireless Convenience without Compromising Sound

    Upgrade Your Sound System to Wireless

    You can use your phone to connect the BP50 wirelessly and play music through it to speakers.
    You only need to use your phone to control it and get a wireless home audio system.

    Smoothly and Stable Listening Experience

    Supported by Bluetooth 5.2, and low latency when you are playing music, audiobooks, and radio stations.
    Within a 10-meter range, you can connect to the BP50 preamplifier via Bluetooth easily and enjoy music.

    HD Bluetooth Audio

    Built-in ESS ES9023P DAC and QCC3040 Bluetooth chip, BP50 supports aptx HD, aptX LL, aptX Adaptive, and AAC high-quality Bluetooth codec.
    You can use the BP50 to transmit and receive HD music audio with your audio gears.

    Transmit to 2 Bluetooth Headphones Simultaneously

    Transmit to 2 Bluetooth Headphones Simultaneously

    You can switch the BP50 to Bluetooth transmitter mode, and connect 2 sets of Bluetooth headphones at the same time.
    After that, both of them will play the same sound from TV, Turntable, and other input sources Simultaneously.

    Enjoy high-quality movies, music, and gaming sessions without disturbing your family's peace.

    All-in-one Preamplifier

    BP50 has various interfaces with Bluetooth transmitter and receiver features.
    5 inputs and 4 outputs: HDMI ARC Input, Phono Input, RCA Input, Optical Input, USB input, Sub Output, Type-c DAC Output, Optical Output, Coax Output.

    All-in-one Preamplifier


    Convenient wireless control and custom settings

    Tune Your Own Sound

    Customized EQ with ACPWorkbench

    BP50 is compatible with the ACPWorkbench software, and you can adjust the EQ settings.

    You can adjust the frequency of each channel, balanced sound, and more configurations.

    With this ACPWorkbench tunning tool, you can adjust different EQ details and meet your music listening habits.

    Small, But Handles All Your Needs

    Package Includes


    Bluetooth Standard

    5.2, 15m

    Bluetooth Transmit

    2x Bluetooth TX, able to connect up to 2 Bluetoothspeaker or earbuds.

    Bluetooth Receiver

    2x Bluetooth RX, able to connect up to 2 Bluetoothtransmitter device

    Bluetooth Codec

    TX: aptX HD, aptX, aptX AD, aptX LL, AAC, SBC

    RX: aptX HD, aptX, aptX AD, AAC, SBC

    Newest Firmware Version



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    Wireless Capability

    Bluetooth 5.2 aptX HD, aptX, aptX LL, aptX AD, AAC, SBC
    Bluetooth transmitter and receiver

    Bluetooth 5.2 aptX HD, aptX, aptX LL, aptX AD, AAC, SBC,Bluetooth transmitter and receiver

    WiFi, AirPlay, Bluetooth 5.2 aptX HD, aptX AD, AAC, SBC

    Analog Input

    RCA in
    Phono in

    RCA in
    Phono in

    RCA in

    Analog Output

    RCA Out
    Sub out

    Sub out
    Speaker Out

    RCA Out
    Sub Out

    Digital Input

    Optical in
    USB Type - C

    Optical in
    USB Type - C

    Optical in

    Digital Output

    Coaxial Out
    Optical Out


    Coaxial Out
    Optical Out


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 84 reviews
    Rick Kilbrai Rick Kilbrai
    For the price, it's a great product!

    This is a great little box for what it does. I'm using it basically as a preamp for bluetooth.

    The phono pre amp is decent. No, it's not a really expensive preamp, but I return the Art DJ II since it really didn't make too much difference. That's probably due to the DAC, which is the next point.

    The DAC to ADC isn't wonderful. I wish there was a pure analog pass through. Since it's not great, I have my turntable going to a manual switch so I can use my other preamp for the main system - because running it through the Arylic greatly reduces quality.

    So, I enjoy for bluetooth listening, but that's about it. They advertise the DAC model and all, but that's probably it's week point.

    I got mine for 15% off and at that price, very much worth it.

    simon bloom
    Hisses and pops

    Hisses and pops and not in a good way. Low volumes there is a loud hissing. Large nasty pooing sound on channel change on TV optical input. And popping when changing source. Shame because seams like a good product otherwise. Will be sending back


    Very nice

    Nic Esser
    Excellent Bluetooth sender/receiver for home usage

    Everything just works, up to two devices can pair with the receiver (only one can playback though). However, switching between the devices really is a breeze. Considering the low price point, I highly recommend this device!

    Everything you could ever need

    This thing has hdmi arc, that's all I need to say. Has a sub out that is configured over an app, you sit down in your favourite spot, then adjust the crossover over your phone. Easy. The app is responsive too, no complaints there. Has a plethora of other inputs, digital and analog. It also has a phono preamp. All for a really really good price

    New Arylic BP50 replacement of Yamaha WXC-50 Preamplifier

    The new Arylic BP50 Bluetooth Preamplifier With ESS ES9023P DAC is installed to replace my old Yamaha WXC50 B Music Cast Audio Component Preamplifier which I bought from Amazon.ca 6 years ago. I decided to try on this Arylic BP50 because it uses the latest ESS sound processor family, the ES9023P DAC, instead of the ES9006 being used by the Yamaha WXC-50. In addition, this new Arylic BP50 provides a HDMI (ARC) connection to my TV as an audio extractor so the TV performs like a HiFi stereo system with a subwoofer.

    Replacement is easy and straightforward, just remove the audio and subwoofer cables from the WXC-50 and directly connect to the same labelled audio sockets of the BP50, connect the HDMI cable to TV ARC HDMI. Then turn on the power of the BP50, you can hear the music and voice from YouTube, Blu-ray or TV box as selected by using the TV control. It is so wonderful that you can also control the volume outputs of the speakers with your TV control.

    I am using my old JBL LS40 stereo speakers and one JBL LS120 subwoofer (this subwoofer was repaired and replaced with the Dayton SPA500DSP 500W Class-D Subwoofer Plate Amplifiers with DSP), an Samsung QN800B 8K 75in TV. The Crown DriveCore XLS-1002 200W Class-D Professional Power Amplifier, the 3 RCA male to XLR male balanced audio cables, the Panasonic DP-UB820 Blu-ray and the Nvidia Shield TV box were bought from Amazon.ca.

    I tried to buy from the Arylic Store of Amazon, but this new version of BP50 Bluetooth Preamplifier With ESS ES9023P DAC, was shipped from Arylic directly.

    The High Pass Filter of the Crown DriveCore XLS-1002 200W Class-D PA Power Amplifier is set to 80Hz using its internal DSP, while the Low Pass Filter of the Dayton SPA500DSP 500W Class-D Subwoofer is set to 80Hz with its internal DSP. The TV, the Nvidia Shield and the Panasonic DP-UB820 Blu-ray are wire connected to 1G Fibre Internet.

    This new Arylic BP50 can be controlled by a Go Control Apps. It was downloaded from Google Play to my Android phone. Registered with my own account, then paired BP50 with Bluetooth. I keep all original factory settings except that, I changed crossover frequency to 80Hz then deactivated it and also changed heavy bass to 0% and then deactivated it. This is a very handy Apps that you can select input, control volumes, and also the frequencies equalizer for your favorite tone settings through Bluetooth of your mobile phone anywhere within 10 to 15 Meters from your Arylic BP50.

    It is so wonderful when I first power up my Arylic BP50 and 8K TV settings. Before I order this BP50, I hope that it will be as good as my old Yamaha WXC-50 Preamplifier. When I turned to YouTube showing the “House of the Rising Sun” by Athens Creek, see attached photo, the music was so great, the vocals of the two singers were so focused. The music instruments and vocals of the two singers showed their positions with very clear and detailed sounds and depth of field and wide atmosphere. Then I turned to string music with big drums, WOW, drums bases were punching and the string sounded so detailed. There is an advancement in the whole sounds of my Crown power amplifier and JBL speakers settings with the convenience of the HDMI (ARC) audio extraction through my TV in handling of my Blu-ray player and TV box. See attached photos for wiring connection.

    It is highly recommended to use this new Arylic BP50 Bluetooth Preamplifier With ESS ES9023P DAC as a HiFi Preamplifier for 2.1 stereo system especially with TV HDMI (ARC). Sure, the combined features of the ESS ES9023P and the HDMI (ARC) will not make you disappointed.

    When turning off the power of this Arylic BP50 Preamplifier, there are some popping sounds, hoping that Arylic could upgrade the firmware to improve and eliminate these issues. In general, this BP50 is an excellent DAC Preamplifier.

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