BP50 Bluetooth Preamplifier With ESS ES9023P DAC

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  • ESS ES9023P DAC 192kHz/24bits.
  • Bluetooth 5.2, aptX HD, aptX LL, aptX Adaptive, AAC, SBC.
  • Transmit and receive music with aptX HD.
  • Transmit to 2 Bluetooth headphones simultaneously.
  • HDMI ARC in, Phono in, Optical in, RCA in, Sub out, Optical Out, Coax Out, RCA Out and more.
  • Free APP and Remote Control
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    Upgrade Your TV Experience

    Upgrade Your TV Experience

    BP50 is a Bluetooth preamplifier with HDMI ARC and CEC control. Support decoding up to 192kHz/24bits TV Audio with PCM format.

    *CEC supports TV sync power on/off and volume control.

    ESS ES9023P DAC

    ESS Sabre ES9023P DAC

    The BP50 utilizes the ESS Sabre ES9023P DAC, the DAC supports decoding up to 192kHz/24bits, and offers a dynamic range of 112db.

    By high resolution and high dynamics, the BP50 can reproduce more music details and bring better sound performance with your audio gears.

    Wireless Convenience without   Compromising Sound

    Wireless Convenience without Compromising Sound

    Upgrade Your Sound System to Wireless

    You can play music from your phone, tablet, and laptop to your Hi-Fi stereo system. Experience the wireless convenience with BP50.

    Smoothly and Stable Listening Experience

    Powered by our Bluetooth 5.2 technology, featuring low latency and an extended range of over 10 meters. Playing music, movies, audiobooks, podcasts, and radio stations without disruptions, choppiness, or cut-offs.

    HD Bluetooth Audio

    BP50 is built-in with ESS ES9023P DAC and QCC3040 Bluetooth chip. Which supports aptx HD, aptX LL, aptX Adaptive, and AAC high quality Bluetooth codec, transmit and receive HD music with your audio gears.

    Transmit to 2 Bluetooth Headphones Simultaneously

    Transmit to 2 Bluetooth Headphones Simultaneously

    Whether it's a movie from your TV, the classic turntable, the clarity of CDs, or the game sound of your laptop, BP50 enables you to effortlessly transmit these sources to your headphones by Bluetooth.

    Enjoy high-quality movies, music, and gaming sessions without disturbing your family's peace.

    All-in-one Preamplifier

    BP50 has rich interfaces with Bluetooth transmitter and receiver features. HDMI ARC Input, Phono Input, RCA Input, Optical Input, USB input, Sub Output, Type-c DAC Output, Optical Output, Coax Output.

    All-in-one Preamplifier


    Convenient wireless control and custom settings

    Tune Your Own Sound

    Tune Your Own Sound

    The ACPWorkbench tuning tool allows you to customize your audio experience.

    With this tool, you can adjust the frequency on each channel, adjust the left and right audio channels' balance, customize indepth EQ settings, and more.

    Discover the full range of possibilities with our tuning tool and start defining your perfect sound.

    Small, But Handles All Your Needs

    Package Includes


    Bluetooth Standard

    5.2, 15m

    Bluetooth Transmit

    2x Bluetooth TX, able to connect up to 2 Bluetoothspeaker or earbuds.

    Bluetooth Receiver

    2x Bluetooth RX, able to connect up to 2 Bluetoothtransmitter device

    Bluetooth Codec

    TX: aptX HD, aptX, aptX AD, aptX LL, AAC, SBC

    RX: aptX HD, aptX, aptX AD, AAC, SBC

    Newest Firmware Version



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    Wireless Capability

    Bluetooth 5.2 aptX HD, aptX, aptX LL, aptX AD, AAC, SBC
    Bluetooth transmitter and receiver

    Bluetooth 5.2 aptX HD, aptX, aptX LL, aptX AD, AAC, SBC,Bluetooth transmitter and receiver

    WiFi, AirPlay, Bluetooth 5.2 aptX HD, aptX AD, AAC, SBC

    Analog Input

    RCA in
    Phono in

    RCA in
    Phono in

    RCA in

    Analog Output

    RCA Out
    Sub out

    Sub out
    Speaker Out

    RCA Out
    Sub Out

    Digital Input

    Optical in
    USB Type - C

    Optical in
    USB Type - C

    Optical in

    Digital Output

    Coaxial Out
    Optical Out


    Coaxial Out
    Optical Out


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 76 reviews
    Michael Ellis
    Great device but having an issue

    The design of this device is exactly what I was looking for. I want the freedom to swap the amplifier and the versatility to connect a wide range of sources.

    The challenge I am having is that the line out signals to my amplifier occasionally go silent while the sub out continues to function. The only way to correct the issue is to power cycle the bp50. I don't know if this is a firmware issue that can be corrected? perhaps a faulty unit? I am currently working the issue with support.

    Manfred Walder
    Nice product, nice Features

    I am very pleased with the BP50, i use it all the time. From TV to Bluetooth and Vinyls. My old amplifier is now Back to Life.

    Erick R
    Arylic BP50

    Works as advertised and I have not experienced any issues so far after 1 month of use. I bought this for its HDMI ARC capability and it works like a charm with my active speakers.

    Paul Nagi
    You get what you pay for - and sometimes more...

    This unit is a little more expensive than all the other Bluetooth amps and preamps, but it's worth every penny, plus some. You know how when you're searching for a BT amp or preamp there are a zillion out there, and they all say that they have Bluetooth? I've never shopped for Bluetooth so I assumed if something like this states that it has Bluetooth then it can transmit and receive Bluetooth - like cell phones. It turns out that most other units only have BT in or BT out, but not both, and most don't state that clearly in their specs. This preamp has two BT input, and two BT output connections, with the ability to use them all at the same time. When shopping for these boxes, BT in/out, line in and line out, and a remote control were the features I required. This one had them all, plus you can use your cell phone as remote control too. Perfect! It's very well built and the controls all work nicely - definitely a winner. Highly recommended!

    Lord Ronaldo Mauldin
    Need One More Input BT Option.

    It would be nice if I could use BT Receive to connect my iPhone and use BT at same time to connect as Tx my BT EAR PODS. Now input must be a wired connection to get BT recieve for a Headset or Ear Pods.

    I actually did get iPhone as input and EarPods as output with BT but sound was horrible. Then I read instructions and it said input must be from optical, phono,etc. wired input.

    Now I use iPhone TX TO THIS SYSTEM AND USE BOSE V35 to Receive. It sounds Great.

    Lord Ronaldo Mauldin

    Luigi Guida
    Arylic BP50

    Tutto ok, spedizione veloce dall'Europa, sarebbe opportuno un'imballaggio del prodotto con protezione maggiore del prodotto.

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