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WiFi Audio Receiver Module DLNA AIRPLAY Analog Output With I2S Up2Stream Mini V2
Up2Stream Mini V2 WiFi Audio Receiver Module, Circuit Board DLNA AIRPLAY Analog Output - arylic
Up2Stream Mini V2 WiFi Audio Receiver Module, Circuit Board DLNA AIRPLAY Analog Output - arylic
Up2Stream Mini V2 WiFi Audio Receiver Module, Circuit Board DLNA AIRPLAY Analog Output - arylic
Up2Stream Mini V2 WiFi Audio Receiver Module, Circuit Board DLNA AIRPLAY Analog Output - arylic
Up2Stream Mini V2 WiFi Audio Receiver Module, Circuit Board DLNA AIRPLAY Analog Output - arylic

WiFi Audio Receiver Module DLNA AIRPLAY Analog Output With I2S Up2Stream Mini V2Audio Receiver Board Up2stream Mini V2

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 WiFi Audio Receiver Module, Circuit Board With Spotify Connect, DLNA, AIRPLAY Support And Analog Output, I2S Equipped

WiFi Audio Receiver Circuit Board With I2S

WiFi HiFi Audio Receiver Board

A receiver support play music from Spotify,Airplay, DLNA, USB,NAS,Phone Storage.

Stream music wirelessly via network from all kinds of sources and without distance limitation and in high quality.Up2stream Mini V2 is a perfect hardware for music lovers to build or upgrade a traditional stereo audio system into a modern hifi smart wireless audio system.

- Stream via WiFi

- Airplay,DLNA, Spotify Connect Supported

- 24bit,192khz Decoding, Flac,Wav,Ape supported

- Multiroom&Multizone with multiple units

- Free Android&iOS app

- Spotify,Deezer,Tidal,Qobuz,Napster,iHeartRadio available

- Stream music from NAS,USB

- IIS for external DAC use

- IR Sensor

- Diversified interface for extension

- Power supply: 5V,1A

- Network: WiFi or LAN

- Audio Output: 3.5mm aux and I2S

- Audio Input: 3.5mm aux in

- SNR: 91db

- THD: 0.03%

- Sample rate: 24bit,192kHZ

- Demensions: 55mm*42mm*12mm

- App name: 4STREAM

- IIS,led pin for extension


Stream Music via Network

Stream music via network by WiFi with the app without distance limitation

Stream Music Without Compression

Stream music file up to 24bit,192kHz without compression via network.flac,ape,wave files supported


Besides using apps,you can also stream by Spotify,Airplay or DLNA

Massive Streaming Music

Spotify,Tidal,Deezer,Qobuz,Internet Radio and more by online update

Diversified interface for extension

IIS,led pin for extension


Multiroom and Multizone features is supported if using with multiple units .Play same or different music in each room

UP2STREAM Mini V2 Specifications

Connectivity WiFi IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4G
Extension 4 pin 4 pin line out (L, GND, R, RESET)
Freqneucy Response 20Hz-20kHz
Power Input Micro USB
Green terminal connector
Audio Output 3.5mm aux out (0dB @ 1Vrms)
4 pin line out (L, GND, GND, R)(0dB @ 1Vrms)
IR IR to work with our remote controller(optional)
SNR 91dB
THD 0.03%
Music Format FLAC, MP3, AAC, AAC+, ALAC, APE, WAVE
Sample Rate Decoding upto 24bit, 192kHZ
Protocol Airplay, DLNA, Spotify Connect, Qplay, UPnP
Streaming Sources Spotify, Deezer,Tidal, Qobuz, iHeartRadio, Napster, Internet Radio
App 4STREAM available in App Store and Google Play store
Control Devices iOS and Android based devices, PC(iTunes or Foobar2000), Remote Controller
Key Software Features Multiroom & Multizone streaming supported
All sources support restream to other unit in sync
Stereo Pair
Network Reset WiFi Reset Button
LED LED indicator for work status
Accessory Power cable, 5PIN IIS cable, 4PIN Line output cable and user manual
Dimension 55 * 42 * 12mm
Weight 60g
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Ask a Question
  • I'm looking into setting up a DLNA server, can you recommend software that would setup well with this?
    You can try using foobar2000 with their UPnP/DLNA plugin, which is a freeware and works with our products.
    There is also Serviio media streaming server that will work with our products. They have a free version and a Pro version.
  • Can spotify play on more than one device at a time? Can you explain briefly how it is configured to support this.

    For spotify to do that ,it require family account, then you can stream like that. 

    It's multiroom technology builit in ,similar to SONOS technology. 

  • Are there plans to have native integration to support YouTube Music without using Bluetooth the same way you have support for Spotify?
    Yes, it's on the plan .but maybe Q3,Q4 of this year .
  • If I purchase two can I use them to create a stereo pair with good synchronization? If yes how good is the synchronization?
    yes, you can. You can set one as left one as the right channel very simple in our app.
    Almost no latency with wifi streaming when playing the music.
  • Does it work with airfoil?
    We just test and it can work with our system.
  • How can I stream music from site like https://moov.hk/intro/index.jsp ?

    You can only do that via bluetooth or airplay .

    if it's radio link ,you can stream via web browser with command below : 

  • Hi, can it play stream from Plex server?
    Sir not ,our system support streaming from our android,ios app ,bluetooth ,external input source ,such as line in . You can also used ituenes or 3rd party app support DLNA and UPNP.
  • I like to listen to radio stations that are not in apps. I like to listen to URLs directly, such as https://80s80s.hoerradar.de/80s80s-mweb-aac-mq. Is there a way to enter these streaming radio URLs directly into the app in order to get the music stream without using Tunein or another service to find these stations?

    you can use this command to play your own radio :


    URL is the link for the radio .

  • Is it compatible with the new Airplay 2 protocol (successor of Airplay)?
    our system only support airplay1 right now ,by itunes, you can still do multiroom control .for mobile device, pls use our android or ios app .
    Airplay2 will add the cost 100~200+ ,we may think about add it in future highend products .
  • 3.5mm line out also functions as line in?
    no .Pls check pro ,it have line in and line out .
  • Do this board could also work as a squeezebox server client.
    No .but we will check .we have apps integrate lot of streaming services already .
    Besides that ,support airplay,dlna, upnp ,spotify connect ,bluetooth .
  • Can a Google Home stream to this over wifi?
    Currently ,connecting google home to us via bluetooth ,you can make it work .
  • Hi, i recently purchased two Up2Stream Pro modules, and they are working wonderful up to about 45 feet inside the house with lot of obstructions. Due to the very long size of my house, i am not able to get the range at the last point. So i want to use an Up2Stream mini (v2) as an intermediate receiver-transmitter in between the existing two Up2Stream Pro modules. Also Is it possible to use these two differently types of modules with same 4stream app. Or is there any other way i can do it.
    Our system is similar to SONOS, all device is connecting to your home router including your cellphone .so the place you control with your cellphone ,if your cellphone is connecting to router well and our device is connected with router well ,then you can control . the only issue ,if somewhere ,the wifi signal is not well there ,you just need to buy some network device ,such wireless AP to cover there well .
    Then you can control well. 

    One app support control all units to play music. 
  • Can I use it with HEOS? I have Denon axr2400 with HEOS out. will this allow remote wireless speaker from Denon HEOS?
    Our system is not compatiable with HEOS wireless control ,but if you using our system as an input source to their system ,it's ok .
    We 're working on home assistant right now .
  • Its work with Deezer on android?
    Yes, both our android&iOS intergrated deezer inside. you can use it right away .
    Pls note Cobblestone is not available for this feature right now .
  • Can I cast youtube music through it ?
    For youtube, you have to buy our models with bluetooth ,using BT to stream that .
  • Is there any plan on adding google cast support?
    Googlecast ,google require using very expensive chipset, so we do not have plan to implement googlecast yet.
    But you can control by Google home with voice through BT connection(up2stream pro have BT Mini doesn't),you can account for this video:https://youtu.be/n7uFCqxQh00
  • Hi, This module is good to integrate a Hifi stereo system connect to the AUX and/or connect for example to a 2.1 sound system? Thanks
    yes,we support line in(3.5mm),bluetooth,lan.
    And our system is 2.1stereo pair sound system.
  • Hi, do you have a complete documentation ? a technical documentation, for pinout, perhaps add a button. I don't see in dropbox. Thanks
    pls download the manula or read the product page pictures, we have full description there. We already upload the manual to the dropbox.

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