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Expansion Boards

DIY Speaker Kits

  • DAC Board

    This DAC board can let you add a digital to analog output to your Up2Stream Mini v3 and Pro v3. Due to the DAC chip used in this board, the sound quality is much better than the one onboard.

  • Button Board

    This Button board is an external board that contains multiple control buttons including play/pause, volume up, volume down, previous song, next song, standby and switch mode, on board IR receiver, connector for IR Extension Board and 4 mode indicator LED including WiFi, BT, AUX and USB. It is perfect to use as the control panel for your DIY device.

  • SPDIF In Board

    Lacking a digital input for your DIY board and is too complicate to add it yourself? Here is the SPDIF input board that can let you easily add SPDIF input to your device. It contains an Optical input and Coaxial input jack. With this board, you can connect any device with SPDIF output as digital audio input source.

  • SPDIF Out Board

    The long waited Digital output is finally here. This SPDIF output board can add digital output to your device, which contains an optical output and coaxial output jack. With this board, you can output digital audio data to other devices like a DAC or digital amplifier.

  • IR Extension Board

    So the on board IR receiver does not fit your DIY case? You need to position it somewhere else? This IR extension board can let you connect an external IR receiver so you can position the IR receiver to fit your DIY needs. *Need to use with Button board

  • Volume Knob Board

    Need a volume knob on your DIY project? Then this is perfect for you! You can use this Volume board to add a volume knob to your device.It is an encoder and you can use it to turn volume up or down, and for Mini v3, press the volume knob can switch input mode.


DAC Board Sample Rate up to: 24bit/192KHz
Dynamic Range: 112dB
Interchannel Isolation: 100dB
THD+N: 0dB FS 0.002%
Power supply: 3.3V ± 5%, 23mA 5.0V ± 5%, 31 mA
Size: 40x38mm
Package Included: Main Unit*1, PH2.0 6 Pin cable*1, Manual*1
Button Board Size: 68x64mm
Package Included:
Main Unit*1, PH2.0 7 Pin cable*1, PH2.0 9 Pin cable*1, PH2.0 11 Pin cable*1, PH2.0 13 Pin cable*1, Manual*1
SPDIF In Board Sample Rate up to: 16bit/176.4MHz
Size: 52x24mm
Package Included:
Main Unit*1, PH2.0 2 Pin cable*1, XH2.54 2 Pin cable*1, XH2.54 4 Pin cable*1, PH2.0 7 Pin cable*1, Manual*1
SPDIF Out Board Sample Rate is same as the connected board
Size: 52x24mm
Package Included:
Main Unit*1, PH2.0 2 Pin cable*1, XH2.54 2 Pin cable*1, XH2.54 4 Pin cable*1, PH2.0 7 Pin cable*1, Manual*1
IR Extension Board Size: 18x10mm
Package Included:
Main Unit*1, IR Sensor*1, PH2.0 3 Pin cable*1, Manual*1
Volume Knob Board Size: 22x17mm
Package Included:
Main Unit*1, Knob Cover*1, Metal Nuts*1, Gasket*1, PH2.0 4 Pin cable*1, PH2.0 7 Pin cable*1, Manual*1

About Us

Arylic is founded by groups of expert people with different skills from home audio and lifestyle new technology products. With more than 10 years of experience designing the product behind the scenes, we made the decision to make some products of our own team with our specialty, to make them good, value for money, good quality, maintain and update.

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Ask a Question
  • Hello. I have the Up2Stream V4 amp board and I purchased the DAC board as well. I see on the DAC board it has a 2 pin for power (5V and GND) and a 7 pin connector as well. The Up2Stream V4 amp board has a 5 pin for DAC output. Do I use the 7 pin connector on the DAC board and connect it to the 7 pin Digital lls ouput? I'm a bit confused because I cannot get the DAC to work. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
             The DAC expansion board is plugged in the seven pins jack,  you can check in the imgae link:
  • I saved more than 6 presets on S50 Pro+. How can I play preset 7-8-9 from app ? I also marked as favourite (heart icon) some presets (internet radio stations), but they are non shown in the favourite list, which is always empty. Why?
    Sorry , the max presets  you can set is 6 currently, the empty  list  may be caused  by the  network's  quality ,etc web server
  • Do you have a face plate for the button expansion board?
    we don't  have  face  plate currently
  • Hi. I’d like to add DAC board to my current S10 device. If I order the DAC board, 7 pin connecting cable will be shipped together with the DAC board? Do I need anything else to connect the DAC board?
    yes, the 7 pin connecting able will be shipped together with dac board, you don't need anything
  • Is there a front panel for the button board?
    sorry, there is no special front panel for button board, you can consider acrylic
  • How to set the 10 presets in 4Stream? I have ACP Workbench and thought I could add from there?
    Sorry, the presets number is default, can not adjust in acpworkbench
  • I have an Up2stream V4 DYI Board as well as an Upstream Amp 2.1. Can I add the Up2Stream DAC Board as well as the SPDIF Out board to both of these AmpBoards?
    The board play part as DAC, you don't need to add other DAC Board, as for spdif out board , because the direction of the spdif is input in default, you need to reverse the direction through acpworkbench
  • Is there a way to use the press function of the volume knob to change the input on a 2.0 amp v4?
    Sorry, we don't define the press function in volume knob expansion
  • Hi, i bought the pro v3 and it works fine. All connections are working fast and safe. I also ordered the DAC Board for a better quality of sound. Like one costumer before there is a problem with heavy distortions and wow and flutter. Only the streamed audio file is concerned. And it ends in that moment, when i touch the 7pin interconnect cable with my hand. Only then does the expected sound quality arise. So the DAC cannot be used with this problem.
    You can reduce interference by forming an electromagnetic shield by using clips to hold the wires together, this is the experience from our customers
    this is a url link
  • What is the difference between SPDIF-IN and SPDIF-OUT board? It seems to be the same. To select the working direction (IN/OUT) you need to change seetings in the ACP. Correct? But the hardware is the same?
    the coax is the same, but optical hardware is different,
  • Is it possible more than one DAC-board to connect with the V4 and control them with the Bottom Board or via App ?
    Sorry, it can support one DAC input, in the same point, you can just contorl that you select music source
  • Can the SPDIF in board powered directly from the amp 2.1 board or needs external power connection?
    the SPDIF In can be powered directly from amp2.1 , but you need connect both data cable and power cable, the power is privoded by amp2.1 
    other you can refer to the url :https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0072/6899/1049/files/SPDIF_Input_Board_Manual.pdf?v=1603348048
  • Can I use the SPDIF in board with the mini V3? Can the direction be changed from the ACP?
    yes, you can change the direction through ACP
  • Can I connect DAC board and Volume knob board and SPDIF Out board to Up2Stream Pro v3 at the same time? Will the Button Board help me?
    DAC board and the SPDIF IN/OUT can not be used int the same time
  • Hi! I have connected the SPDIF in board to a PRO V3 board. I am not able to activate it or to select in the 4STREAM app. Can you help me???
    because, the PRO v3 is SPDIF OUT in default, if you want to change the port to IN, you should make use of acpworkbench to change the port direction
  • Can i connect the "SPDIF out board" to the Up2stream Pro V3 without programming it over ACPWorkbench
    yes, the spdif out board is output in default in pro v3
  • Would it be possible to extend to cable to the volume knob. I want to put it about 6 feet away.
    you can  purchase our volume knob expansion board, and extend the cable, but we don't suggest you to extend 6 feet away, because of the wireless interfence
  • Is "SPDIF Out Board" compatible with "2.1 Amplifier for DIY Speaker Up2stream Amp 2.1"?
    you can  define the  direction  of  SPDIF  in or out  by acpworkbench , it needs you to  install the software
  • Can I use the volume knob board and the DAC board at the same time on a mini v3?
    Yes, you can use volume knob board and DAC board at the same time on Mini v3.
  • Hi, is there a possibility to use the “button board” to select the favorites? Like on the IR remote?
    We try to add it ,but it will the board have too many buttons and size bigger. We may think about it in future button board version .
  • Does the SPDIF In Board come with the cables to hook it up?
    Yes, it comes with the cables you need to connect to our device.
  • Hi, can I connect at the same time a spdif-in and a dac-board to Up2stream Amp 2.1?
    From our current design ,you can only get one :(
  • Is it possible to connect the IR extention to the WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier Board Up2Stream amp V3 without the button board?
    With button board ,you can plug and use .
    If use with mainboard ,you have to find the pin and jump the cable, for the pin definition ,we have words on the bottom
  • Is the SPDIF In Board compatible with WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier Board Up2Stream amp V3?
    Yes, it works with amp 2.0 V3
  • Hi, I have a question about the DAC Board. It comes with a lead to connect to the Up2stream Pro V3. On the DAC the voltage marked is 3.3V and the corresponding pin on Pro 3 is marked as 5V. Is this correct? Should the DAC separate power socket be powered with 5V. There is no mention of it in the manual. I have plugged it in and it sounds very distorted unless you hold the interconnect cable. It sounds dreadful. Can you help me?
    Hi, the DAC board accepts 3.3V~5V voltage, so the power is OK. And for the noise you encountered, please make sure you used the 7 PINs wire accompanyed with the DAC board. It is copper core cable. The I2S signal is a bit sensitive to the wires. And another point to check, the DAC output will be 2Vrms when powered with 5V voltage. Make sure the input of the AMP can accept such voltage to avoid distortion.
  • Is it possible to create my own volume Knob board? Can you provide a schematic for this?
    Hi, sure, and it would be easy to make your own volume knob. We support coding key knob. And you just need to connect the GND to device, and the PIN A/B to the GPIO1/2 (for example MINI, and switch PINs when you found direction wrong). The board has internal pull-up to drive the coding key. And you should add 104 capacitors for these 2 PINs also to get better experience.
  • Regarding the SPDIF input board - how are inputs selected? Does it automatically pick the active input, or does each input (coaxial or optical) need to be selected each time from the app? Especially between the two inputs - coaxial and optical, versus wireless in (Bluetooth/wi-fi). Thanks!

    You have to swtich from app . our system will remember your last input source . 

    I guess you won't change source all the time ,swtich by app or our remote controller should be quite easy thing .

  • About DAC. (1) Can output volume of DAC be regulated by the 4Stream App the same way as the Up2Stream Pro V3? (2) When would this board be available in the EU warehouse? Thanks!

    Yes, app can control the volume as well .

    EU stock around end of Oct. 

  • Why this DAC extension board is better than on the up2stream pro v3 and up2stream mini v3 boards. The up2stream pro and mini boards uses the same internal DAC?
    Up2stream Mini and pro use the DAC integrated by the MCU . Sound good as most of user feedback .
    The new DAC board is using ESS9023,which has it's own sound style ,also loved by many audio users .
  • Which Up2Sream Boards are compatible with the new SPDIF In Board?
    Up2Stream AMP V3 and Up2Stream AMP2.1 support the SPDIF IN board, and we will release the new firmware with OPTICAL source enabled soon
  • Could you please provide some further infos about the DAC board, like which DA chipset is used, how and why performances are improved using it (instead of the the one already included on the Up2Stream) and if the onboard DAC is bypassed adding the DAC board to the Up2stream, thanks
    We will prepare specification for the accessories. And for a quick answer, the DAC board used chipset ES9023, and it benifits from ESS technology and considered to be starter HIFI. The onboard DAC is integrated in the main chip, it's functional and have nice signal to noise ratio, but just a normal one. 

    With the extra DAC board installed, it will not affect the onboard DAC output, they will both have outputs.
  • Is it possible to use the SPDIF Out module combined with the Volume Knob and/or the Button Board to send digital audio (without any previous DA/AD conversion) with the "correct volume" to a DSP? Or in this case the Volume Knob is no longer functional? Or is there still DA/AD conversion even with the SPDIF Out module?

    Volume Knob is encoding key, so it will adjust the digital volume ,so your answer is yes ,so volume knob is still in function .so all signal is digital .

  • Can the DAC 'upgrade' the onboard DAC in the amp? Can it feed the onboard amplifier for output?
    This DAC is mainly desgined as output and connect with amp .



●It is extendable by expansion boards.

*5G WiFi compatiable means users could control our system when your smartphone connected to your router's 5G channel.

* About Spidif Pins, Up2stream Mini/Pro is default as Spdif out. Up2stream Amp/Mono is default as Spdif in. You can switch to Spdif In/Out by ACPWorkbench Tool. The 2 spdif pins are the same funtion, can't change seperately.

*Up2stream Amp SUB and S50 Pro+ Preamp is our coming up new products.

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Turnau, Austria
super Erweiterungsmodule

Ich habe schon 5 SPDIF IN BOARD und ein OUT OF BOARD in V3 und V4 Amps verbaut, alle funktionieren super und die Integration ist sehr einfach. Toslink Eingang für den Tv ist einfach wichtig. Wireless ist hier keine Option und 3,5mm AUX auch nicht. Nur der Klang via Toslink ist super!